Seeing things from another’s perspective: March 22nd – 28th, 2022

March 28, 2022




Seeing things from another’s perspective: March 22nd – 28th, 2022



“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.” – Plato




The headline on this week is a glimpse into a day’s work of the Lancaster Parking Authority officer during street sweeping. March 28, 2022 – A glimpse of a Lancaster Parking Authority officer’s shift during street sweeping


The author of the article, Kevin Stairiker, says: “To better understand the perspective of the Lancaster Parking Authority (LPA), I took a ride-along on the first part of a morning shift of street sweeping on Wednesday, Mar. 23, with enforcer Joe Yarnell and executive director Larry Cohen. “

He talks further, how it is our human nature, to feel indignant when we get a parking ticket, or in this case, street sweeping parking ticket.  Be it if we are guilty of breaking the rules or not.  He also states: “Outside of a few other select professions, it is difficult to fathom a job that regularly unites all levels of society against it. Everyone hates getting tickets, of course, but it is hard to watch even a stranger getting a ticket without thinking that they are somehow in the right. against these alleged ticket tyrants.”

As in Lancaster and other cities, my neighborhood parking enforcement officers were much hated.  Now, however, in the aftermath of Los Angeles outrageous rise in crime, the same parking enforcement officers are much welcome and appreciated.  Our perceptions of them or of ourselves, have changed.  From punishers to protectors.  I for one, feel much more comfortable going for my walk or a run, seeing these officers.  If for no other reason then being able to call them for help.  Or since they wear their enforcement uniforms, they possibly deter the ubiquitous robberies or attacks.

Living in still thankfully peaceful United States, with celebrities prancing and slapping one another on the Oscars’ stage, it is hard to imagine 90% destroyed Mariupol, Ukraine and its agony.  The people who got killed and the people who got taken by the Russians and the people still wanting to escape.  It is hard to imagine the war in Ukraine period, when we still must go on about our daily lives in our country.  Yet, it is going on.  With 160,000 people in Mariupol, now in the hands of occupiers, without water, food, electricity and connection to the outside world.

We rarely see or hear others with their perspective.  From their background, experiences and battles.  Be it at work, in friendships, or in the stories we hear through the news.

Sadly, we live in the age social media influenced narcissism.  We think it is our way or the highway.  We don’t communicate because we are “know it all” or it doesn’t affect me directly, so why should I care.  Communication is something we must work for the rest of our lives.  And the first step is listening with new fresh ears.  Not through the prism of our arrogant knowing.

Steve Jobs supposedly wasn’t a natural born leader, yet, he has become one and has developed the most intuitive easy to use products as iPhone via his determination to work on his communication skills.  Read further about it here: March 28, 2022 – Steve Wozniak: Steve Jobs wasn’t a natural-born leader, he worked to ‘develop his communication’ skills

” … according to Wozniak, Jobs’ wasn’t a natural communicator. In 2020, Wozniak told “Guy Kawasaki’s Remarkable People” podcast that Jobs’ intense, relentless drive to become a successful communicator and leader came from his desire to ultimately be remembered as an important historical figure — and that motivation drove him to develop the appropriate skills for it. Sometimes motivation, wanting something, is a lot more important than having the real skill,” Wozniak said.”

We are excited to see you all in Reno, NV for PIE 2022 in about 6 weeks.  We can’t wait for you especially, to attend our keynote with the amazing Cindy Campbell, International Parking & Mobility Institute, on Monday morning 9 am: Understanding the Impact and Influence of Your Communication Style.  Read about it further here:

We might not be able to change the world,  and even more so, we might not be willing to change ourselves, yet, with effort and determination, we can create more peace and compassion by learning how to communicate.  And thus, see that others are fighting their own tough battles as important as our own.

See you in Reno, NV, May 15-18th, 2022 for PIE 2022.

Thank you.

Have a blessed new week.


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