Alchemco’s DuraTite Temporary Roof System Proving Invaluable to Construction Industry as Supply Chain Issues Delay Roofing Materials

May 09, 2022




Alchemco’s DuraTite Temporary Roof System Proving Invaluable to Construction Industry as Supply Chain Issues Delay Roofing Materials

Alchemco’s Temporary Roof System Allows Workers to Proceed

with Interior Construction Without Fear of Leaks 


HENRICO, Va.  – Alchemco, a world leader in innovative concrete waterproofing systems, has introduced a revolutionary new product that is helping to alleviate troublesome construction delays as a result of ongoing supply chain issues. With the delivery of roofing materials being delayed in many cases six to nine months, the company’s new DuraTite Temporary Roof System is allowing construction workers to confidently proceed with interior construction work while they await the arrival of the permanent roofing materials.

Alchemco’s DuraTite product line is known industry-wide as a best-in-class waterproofing and surface protection solution, whether the need is to plug an existing construction leak or lay new concrete. The company’s new Temporary Roof System takes that several steps further, providing a very quick and inexpensive way for concrete roof decks to be ‘dried in’ for up to a year so framers, electricians, plumbers, and other construction workers can continue work inside the building while they wait for permanent roofing materials to arrive.


“Alchemco is proud to have developed an effective solution that is proving invaluable for the construction industry considering lengthy material delays,” said Alchemco CEO Mario Baggio. “Our DuraTite Temporary Roof System allows critical building projects to proceed to the next phase while workers await necessary roofing materials, so they can stay on schedule. We’re pleased to serve as a solution provider for the construction industry, not only while supply chain issues continue to disrupt their workflow, but as their go-to waterproofing products that promise to extend the life of any construction project.”

In addition to the new DuraTite Temporary Roof System, the product line includes Crystalline Admix to effectively blocks the passage of water when added to concrete or mortar; DuraTite Foundation which blocks water when applied to the surface and ensures permanent water tightness; DuraTite Plug, a fast-acting hydraulic cement plug that stops actively-flowing water so leaks can be repaired; and DuraTite Repair Mortar, a quick-setting, ready-to-use repair mortar for vertical and overhead applications.

Originally developed more than 45 years ago, Alchemco’s unique technology has positioned the company as the dominant world leader in concrete waterproofing systems. Its products have been proven to help building owners avoid ongoing maintenance issues and structural problems typical of concrete structures, such as corrosion, spalling and carbonation. Compared to competing products, Alchemco’s waterproofing systems help owners save on application labor as well as the volume of materials needed to waterproof a structure, while protecting the concrete structure for decades.

Additional information about Alchemco’s DuraTite product line can be found online at Learn more about the company and its waterproofing products at the May 15-18, 2022 Parking Industry Expo (PIE) in Reno, Nev., where Alchemco can be found in Booth 426. Alchemco will also be present at the June 15-17, 2022 Northeast Bridge Preservation Partnership (NEBPP) Annual Meeting in Harrisburg, Pa.


About Alchemco

Alchemco is a global manufacturer of high-quality concrete waterproofing systems, as well as a variety of cleaning and repair products. Its TechCrete 2500 Waterproofing System was voted ‘Most Innovative Product’ at the 2020 World of Concrete Convention held in Las Vegas, NV.  Over the years, Alchemco’s portfolio has grown to include the following brands: TechCrete, BridgeDeck, CretePro, DuraTite and Alchemco Clean & Repair (ACR). The company’s biochemically-modified waterproofing technology has been adopted globally, leading to the company’s current position as one of the world’s most innovative providers of concrete waterproofing systems.