INRIX Parking Delivers New, Innovative Solutions for Automakers, Businesses and Urban City Planners to Understand Parking Demand

May 02, 2022

INRIX Parking Delivers New, Innovative Solutions for Automakers, Businesses and Urban City Planners to Understand Parking Demand



Leveraging accurate and up-to-date on-street and off-street parking data and driving behaviors,
Parking Demand helps predict parking usage, reduce last-mile congestion, and cut emissions



KIRKLAND, Wash., May 2, 2022  — Today, INRIX, Inc., a world leader in mobility analytics and connected car services, announced INRIX Parking Demand, a first-of-its-kind innovation to identify exact areas in each city experiencing high parking demand and predict future needs. By combining up-to-date parking and vehicle data, automakers, businesses, and cities now have access to accurate parking predictions to help reduce congestion, stress, and tail pipe emissions.

INRIX Parking Demand combines insights from INRIX Parking and INRIX Trips to better understand driving behavior by incorporating historical, real-time, and predictive parking availability information along with trip insights to provide a complete picture of the local parking demand. Automakers, public sector, and businesses can integrate Parking Demand into existing systems and easily scale to meet evolving needs, unlike alternative solutions that require hardware and are expensive to purchase, install, and maintain.

“Parking is a complex equation and historically it’s challenging to provide drivers with an accurate prediction of parking availability at their destination,” said Greg Corley, senior vice president of automotive at INRIX. “INRIX Parking Demand improves the driver experience by identifying the parking hot spots near their destination. We help our customers tap into reliable, high-quality data to optimize parking operations from end-to-end without new costly hardware.”

Automakers, businesses, and cities can tap into Parking Demand to identify parking hot spots, improve product experience and address parking pain for customers, for example:

  • Automakers can now direct drivers to the most appropriate parking lots, even in high-demand areas
  • Urban planners can accurately predict parking demand in congested areas to manage availability, improve traffic flow, and make routing decisions
  • Curbside management solutions can create data-driven models to predict parking trends and understand patterns and behaviors that enable effective decision making

“The unique combination of our Trips and Parking data allows us to more accurately predict demand and deliver the best experience for drivers,” added Corley. “It’s not just being able to list a number of parking spots in a city but it’s about leveraging real intelligence to know where the highest parking need is in order to ensure the best coverage and guide the driver to the right location.”

INRIX leverages big data and innovative technologies to provide a future-proof parking management solution, with customers having access to both on-street and off-street parking data that covers over 312,000 locations, in nearly 20,000 cities and over 150 countries.

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