Tattile chosen in Basque tender to equip main roads with traffic control cameras

June 07, 2022


Tattile chosen in Basque tender to equip main roads with traffic control cameras





Traffic flow statistics can be helpful and essential for different aims.




First of all, knowing precisely the peak times, it is possible to optimise the traffic flows, implementing real-time adaptive solutions like intelligent traffic light management. Another option is to recognize the typology of the passing vehicles, which allows you to plan the maintenance activities: the heavier vehicles pass, the more the asphalt is worn, so more frequent maintenance will be needed. Furthermore, knowing the intensity of the traffic flow through the vehicles’ counting, it is possible to define the peak hours of traffic and consequently implement strategies such as dynamic lanes (the opening or closing of a specific lane according to the traffic situation). And many more.


In this context, at the beginning of 2022, the Smart 2HD from Tattile was chosen as the best suitable ANPR camera in a tender issued by the Basque Government in Spain to be installed along the main roads in the region. Local Basque authorities aim to create traffic flow statistics, including an origin/destination matrix to obtain information on how and where vehicles are moving in the area.

For these purposes, 40 Smart 2HD have been installed on the main roads. The traffic monitoring cameras are additionally equipped with the embedded Tattile classification algorithm that enables identifying the vehicle class (trucks, cars, motorbikes, etc.) of the road users, allowing the traffic profiling in real-time.