Amano McGann Launches Amano ONE – The Most Simplified, Powerful and Reliable Cloud-based Parking Access and Revenue Control System

July 14, 2022



Amano McGann Launches Amano ONE – 

The Most Simplified, Powerful and Reliable Cloud-based Parking Access and Revenue Control System



New System Efficiently Optimizes Parking Operations



MINNEAPOLIS, MN  – Amano McGann, the world’s leading parking technology company, announced Amano ONE today, the most simplified, powerful, and reliable parking access and revenue control system that efficiently optimizes parking operations. Amano ONE’s cloud-based platform is designed to be easy to install and manage with lower maintenance costs, seamless updates, and intuitive onboarding.

With a powerful, responsive design, Amano ONE allows users to manage parking operations from any device with best-in-class reporting, expedited access, and rapid system processing speeds. The system features the latest in cloud security to deliver an intuitive solution that combines advanced technology and 24/7 AWS monitoring for the utmost in reliability.

“We designed Amano ONE to really work for operators and owners with facilities of any size,” said Greg Brewer, Senior VP of Sales and Operations for Amano McGann.  “From the scalability of the platform, hardware, and software to the responsive design, it’s all meant to fine-tune operational performance while giving the end-user an exceptional parking experience. Plain and simple, it just works better.”

The system features Auto-Scale which monitors the traffic at all sites and can add more resources, such as memory, during peak demand. Alternately, the system can also scale resources down when traffic is lower during overnight hours and weekends.

Key features include:

  • Easy/Fast installation with cloud-based/Quick Scan on-boarding and pre-installation hot-staging
  • Seamless software updates managed automatically via the cloud
  • Lower maintenance costs due to fewer moving parts than traditional PARCS and a larger ticket roll that includes 5,500 standard tickets
  • Dynamic dashboards allow users to customize their data view
  • Ability to easily manage all parking locations in a portfolio with detailed insight into one location or the entire enterprise
  • Enhanced reporting allows for easy filtering of data from Amano McGann’s growing list of comprehensive reports to obtain the information needed to better manage operations
  • Accelerated processing and transaction speeds that mean faster onboarding, credential acknowledgement, payments, throughput, and facility management
  • Safe & Secure/Designed with data privacy in mind. At no point will a customer’s data ever be sold or disseminated
  • One-Click Navigation to simplify the user experience
  • Responsive design lets you monitor your operation from any device, anywhere – no apps needed
  • 24/7 support organization with call center + remote maintenance service

For more information and to order Amano ONE for a parking operation, please visit:

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Amano McGann, Inc. is a member of the Amano Group, a worldwide organization with annual revenues in excess of $1 billion. As world leaders in the manufacturing and distribution of hardware and software solutions for the parking industry, Amano McGann distributes nationally through branch offices and an authorized distribution network and provides a level of local service and experience unmatched in the industry. For more information about Amano McGann’s integrated solutions visit

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