Parker Technology Closes $2.2 Million Seed Round led by Elevate Ventures

July 11, 2022


Parker Technology Closes $2.2 Million Seed Round led by Elevate Ventures



INDIANAPOLIS (July 11, 2022)  – Parker Technology today announced a series seed round of $2.2 million, led by Elevate Ventures and several other investors. The influx of capital will be used for accelerating sales and marketing, and scaling operations to support the brand they’ve built. The capital will support Parker’s ability to sustain high growth and maintain the quality and innovation it’s known for.

Elevate Ventures first became an investor in 2018 and appointed Chris LaMothe to serve as its representative on Parker’s board of directors.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Parker Technology since 2018 and have seen firsthand the company’s focus on customer success and commitment to continual innovation,” said LaMothe. “I’m excited to continue working with Parker as it expands its reach and impact.”

Brian Wolff, President & CEO of Parker Technology added “It’s humbling to have such enthusiastic and tangible support from existing and new shareholders for the future of our business. This capital infusion is critical to enabling Parker to accelerate our already stellar growth and solidify our position as an innovative leader in the digital transformation of the parking industry.”

Data suggests that the challenge for parking operators is not to make machines or technology more reliable. The fact is that only 15% of requests for help in parking facilities are driven by equipment malfunction. 85% of the time, a human is confused or has failed in some other way, and the only way to save that customer experience is with a patient, well trained, knowledgeable human being. That is exactly what Parker did over 100,000 times last month and more than three million times in the past four years.

To date, Parker Technology does business with 160 management companies, in over 590 facilities across the US and Canada. Parker has carved out a unique niche and attracted numerous important and recognizable customers, including: Indiana University, University of Houston, Wayne State University, University of Michigan, Penn State University, Arizona State University, UT Health San Antonio, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, City of Las Vegas, City of Durham, Downtown Tempe, City of Tuscon, City of Asheville, City of Lansing, Allpro Parking, Platinum Parking, Peak Parking, Diamond Parking, Secure Parking and Park-Rite, to name just a few.


About Parker Technology

For parking operators who have limited resources to manage intercom and inbound customer service calls, Parker Technology combines parking domain expertise, a flexible software platform and their professional customer service center, or your staff, to ensure customer problems are resolved efficiently and according to the facility’s business rules. Parker helps clients create a better customer experience, while collecting more revenue, keeping traffic moving, freeing up internal staff to focus on higher-priority on-site tasks, and gathering data insights to run operations more effectively. Learn more at