T2 Systems Releases T2 Velocity Frictionless Parking Solution

July 14, 2022


T2 Systems Releases T2 Velocity Frictionless Parking Solution



The all-in-one access and revenue control solution is designed to help operators increase compliance, improve enforcement efficiency, automate the citation lifecycle, and make data-driven decisions.



Parking technology leader T2 Systems has released T2 Velocity, a frictionless parking access and revenue control solution that combines LPR, transient payments, permits, enforcement, and collections into a single, integrated, gateless system.

Velocity helps smaller municipalities and private operators manage access and revenue control in a more efficient and cost-effective way. The seamless, automated solution has minimal capital investment and maintenance costs, while also delivering a low- to zero-touch experience for the parker.

“Simply put, we want parkers to have an enjoyable experience while increasing efficiency for operations by enabling them to gain insights and manage enforcement without having to have the right staff, in the right place, at the right time,” said Zack Harmeyer, Head of Product for T2 Systems.

Velocity uses fixed license plate recognition (LPR) cameras at the entry of a parking facility to record the license plate number and time of entry for all vehicles that enter. Customers are then directed to purchase time at a pay station or using their mobile device before leaving the facility. As vehicles exit, another set of LPR cameras captures the license plate number and time. If a customer did not pay for parking or exceeded their purchased time, a ticket is automatically generated and sent to the registered owner.

Velocity also offers the option to enforce in real time with handheld devices and paper tickets for operators with mandates or a preference to print and place notices on vehicle windshields.

“Velocity has greatly reduced wait times at entrance and exit, which has been the prevailing complaint from our customers. It has also reduced our maintenance costs. And the auto-enforcement of violations has created a new revenue stream, which offsets the cost of the entire system,” said Nathan Matz, Executive Director of the Reading Parking Authority.

On the back end, Velocity provides a wealth of real-time data to operators, including occupancy, dwell time/duration of stay, parking transaction type, and more. This data can be used to optimize pricing based on demand, maximizing revenue. Additionally, comprehensive reporting capabilities help drive insights and create business value.

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