V2 Composites Introduces The Next Generation T-Biscuit®,  The Revolutionary Solution For Shear Connection Failures  in Parking Structures

August 17, 2022

V2 Composites Introduces The Next Generation T-Biscuit®, 

The Revolutionary Solution For Shear Connection Failures 

in Parking Structures


The Custom-Engineered Product for Existing and New Concrete Parking Garages



AUBURN, AL — August 17, 2022 — V2 Composites, the industry leader in Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) repair solutions in precast concrete, introduces the new and improved T-Biscuit, a premier product and go-to solution for the repair of failed shear connections in concrete parking structures.

V2’s proprietary carbon fiber T-Biscuit has proven to be the simplest and most economical solution on the market today to repair failed flange-to-flange shear connectors of pre-cast double tee beams, which often fail as a result of fatigue and/or corrosion.

Im excited and proud to introduce the next generation of this revolutionary product,” said Kevin Horne, CEO of V2 Composites. Over the last four years, our engineers and composite experts have been in constant contact with our customers, listening to their recommendations and their needs. The result is a new and improved product that will not only remedy shear connection failures in existing structures but the new T-Biscuit can be utilized in new construction projects as well.”

The next generation product, fabricated from custom-engineered CFRP laminate, meets or exceeds all the demanding capacities of the original T-Biscuit, and it accommodates the loads and fatigue increasingly associated with shear connection failure.

Understanding the additional specifications dictated by the newer, thinner, and wider double tee beam designs, company engineers consulted with V2 customers to ensure the redesigned T-Biscuit met the new requirements and was more user-friendly for installers.

The New and Improved T-Biscuit

•           Meets or exceeds precast concrete code requirements published by ACI and PCI.

•           Increases in-plane bending capacity by 330% over the previous product.

•           Closely mirrors the joint deflection characteristics of a standard welded connection.

•           Significantly reduces stress in the tee flange during reverse bending and in-plane movements resulting from thermal volume change.

•           Sports a new geometry that allows for the installation in all currently produced double tee beam thicknesses, and accommodates a deeper depression for the backer rod and joint sealant.

V2 Composites, Inc.®, established in 1999, designs and fabricates some of the industrys strongest and most versatile composite reinforcement solutions. For more than 20 years, it has served small and large general construction, design, and precast concrete companies in North America. V2 offers custom-stitched products for use in high-rise development, bridge-building, parking garage construction, cooling towers, and wind turbines. Through innovative technology and improved manufacturing processes, V2 produces cost-effective, time-saving composite solutions tailored to achieve the unique performance requirements of every project. V2 Composites, headquartered in Auburn, Alabama, is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

For more information on T-Biscuit and V2 Composites Structural Systems line, visit https://www.v2composites.com.