Indect wins Patent Infringement Case against Park Assist (Now TKH Security LLC)

October 03, 2022

Indect wins Patent Infringement Case against Park Assist (Now TKH Security LLC)



DENVER, Oct. 3, 2022  —  INDECT USA, Corp. a division of INDECT Electronics & Distribution GmbH recently announced  that it has won its patent infringement case against  TKH Security LLC. This verdict ended four years of legal sparring between the two companies according to Stephen Evans, INDECT USA General Manager.

“For our team, it was beautiful day in San Diego, one that might not have felt any different for the seven jurors who  were part of the Intellectual Property lawsuit,” stated Evans. “This was a special day indeed for us as we are very proud to announce that Indect came out of this case victorious.”

No infringement confirmed and unfair competition practice evidence by defendant found

A federal jury found INDECT does not infringe Park Assist’s manual correction of detection errors in their ‘956 patent.  In addition to the patent not being infringed upon by INDECT USA and its customers, the jury also found evidence that Park Assist was competing unfairly in the marketplace by overstating their patent and accusing INDECT of infringing the patent, among other reasons.

“Having to endure this false claim for so many years, we feel vindicated by the jury’s verdict. It’s what we have known the whole time, there was and never will be any infringement of the ‘956 Patent. Park Assist simply made false claims about the scope of their intellectual property, specifically against Indect,” added Evans.

INDECT USA can now continue manufacture, sell and support current and future customers with its innovative parking guidance systems around the world, without the threat of further litigation.

INDECT Electronics & Distribution GmbH, based in Vienna, Austria, is the world leader in manufacturing sensors for the parking guidance industry with more than one million sensors provided globally.