TripShot Announces New Parking Management Feature

October 28, 2022




TripShot Announces New Parking Management Feature




The mobility technology company’s new feature will connect transit and parking management on corporate and higher education campuses.




SAN JOSE, Calif. – TripShot, an industry-leading transportation management solution for companies, higher education, cities and more has announced their latest feature, Parking. TripShot is a SaaS platform for powering campus mobility and is the chosen provider of top-tier tech companies as well as other types of campus-based transit programs.


TripShot’s announcement marks the first time a TDM solution has connected parking and transit management on campus within one platform. Transportation administrators can now use TripShot to automatically aggregate parking utilization data, empowering their teams to make data-driven decisions about their parking facilities. This data and reporting can be accessed in the same platform as transit operations, streamlining parking data collection and opening new possibilities for campus-based transportation.


“The future of transportation demand management must meet the challenges of hybrid schedules, new commute patterns, new commuter demands and more,” said Patrick Le, Co-Founder and Chief Product and Strategy Officer at TripShot. “Our Parking feature allows transportation professionals to collect more data and find new transportation efficiencies on their campuses.”


A longtime leader in the corporate commute world, TripShot now allows users to manage parking alongside fixed route, on demand, reservations, micromobility, payments and additional transportation modes. This meets an important need as commuting trends continue to evolve and allows organizations to better plan their transportation offerings and parking facilities.


The Parking feature folds yet another transportation mode into the company’s all-in-one solution for campuses. Campus transportation leaders can now use one app to provide transportation subsidies to employees, students and others.


“This feature includes parking reservations, allowing administrators to make certain spaces reservable and app users to make a parking reservation before starting their trip. The depth of this new feature supports transportation administrators to begin or improve parking data utilization at their campuses.” – Patrick Le, Co-Founder and Chief Product and Strategy Officer at TripShot


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