Phoenix Parking Solutions Teams with Developers to Make Smart Parking Decisions

January 24, 2023


Phoenix Parking Solutions Teams with Developers to Make Smart Parking Decisions


Phoenix Parking, photo credit: Brandon Amato




ATLANTA (Jan. 24, 2023) – Phoenix Parking Solutions, a full-service parking management and consulting company based in Atlanta that optimizes gateless service with technology-driven tactics, offers its consulting services to developers who are looking to secure funding, optimize revenue and elevate the guest parking experience.


Phoenix owner Jeff Patterson, a leader in the digital conversion of the parking industry, presents a more efficient, profitable, sustainable and safer approach to parking by consulting on mixed-use developments, office buildings, apartments and retail centers before they are even built.


Patterson, who has a successful history of educating property owners and management companies on how to replace antiquated parking systems with cloud-based parking methods, provides developers guidance from the moment they are looking to build a project. At this initial stage, his company can help generate a pro forma statement to help sell the project to investors and creditors. This financial projection justifies the amount to be spent on concrete and space so investors can get an idea of their ROI.


The next stage involves developmental consulting on the infrastructure of the garage, including any necessary referrals to architectural firms. Phoenix consults on smart city planning and sustainability options including curb cuts, lighting, camera coverage and nested gate areas. Patterson and his team lend their expertise to offer complete systems that combine strategic light placement, motion sensors and solutions to save money on additional wiring. Phoenix is also responsible for determining whether the city requires private property owners to have a certain amount of electric vehicle charging stations and how quickly these needs will grow.


The third and final stage involves consultation on the parking garage design elements such as the placement, verbiage and material of elevator, floor and wayfinding signs. Phoenix is well versed on sign ordinances and other nuances that garage operators don’t always consider.


Knowing the types of tenants that will be in these developments ahead of time also helps Phoenix determine infrastructure elements that can reduce insurance claims, such as placing rounded curbs near restaurants, so guests and valet drivers don’t scrape front bumpers or curb wheels when pulling up to the valet stand.


Being able to finalize plans for a parking facility is much easier to do before the garage is built. Having to tear up concrete to replace antiquated systems or to upgrade and reposition lighting and camera systems creates added costs that have a negative impact on ROI. The latest security measures that Phoenix recommends allow parking garage operators to monitor cameras in real time and make guests feel safer when walking to their cars thanks to motion sensors and LED lighting.


Patterson is one of less than 500 Certified Parking Professionals in the country, which he says has prepared him to be a better consultant. Earning this certification calls for a mastery of parking industry knowledge and best practices including ADA regulations, facility design and signage.


“By being a very forward-thinking company, we stay in the know with webinars and expos, and by checking out existing installations of new products,” says Patterson. “Phoenix is always looking into more sustainable options to recommend to clients, and we don’t rely on the cookie-cutter models of old. We’re here to save help our clients save money with an efficient garage that utilizes new and proven solutions.”


Ultimately, Phoenix guides developers toward cost savings from day one, which results in a better return on investment down the road. “We consult on city requirements, but beyond that, we want to prepare our clients for future growth,” Patterson adds. “It’s important to think about what the market will look like by the time the building is done.”



About Phoenix Parking Solutions

Phoenix Parking Solutions is an Atlanta-based company specializing in a range of parking services for restaurants, hotels, country clubs, shopping centers, and community events, in addition to parking management, logistics, and consulting services. Currently parking tens of thousands of cars per week at dozens of premium locations throughout the city, Phoenix has established itself as one of the largest parking providers across downtown and Midtown Atlanta. Phoenix president Jeff Patterson, an active member of the National Parking Association (NPA) and one of less than 500 Certified Parking Professionals in the country, has been named to NPA’s 40 Under 40 – Class of 2021 that recognizes the positive impact of the best and brightest young professionals in the parking industry. For more information, call 678-412-0505 or visit