February 07, 2023


The longest range and fastest charging EV shuttle on the market, Endera’s built-in-the-USA buses are now available (as the lowest bid price) to 300+ California transit fleets.


LOS ANGELES, CA [February 7th, 2023] Basin Transit Authority (MBTA) has authorized, on behalf of the California Association for Coordinated Transportation (CALACT), Endera for their B-Series all-electric buses in the largest statewide purchasing contract in US history. Endera was awarded the contract for up to 1,000 electric shuttles through its distribution partner, Coachwest Luxury & Performance Motorcars (Coachwest).


CALACT association’s membership of transit agencies, as well as city and county governments, can now purchase Endera’s B-Series all-electric shuttles through a streamlined process which complies with federal and state purchasing regulations.


CALACT is the largest state transit association in the United States and helps fleet operators avoid lengthy and expensive individual procurement efforts. With over 300 members, CALACT works to promote professional excellence, stimulate ideas for effective community transit, and advocate for improved public transportation in all parts of California.

Endera’s All-Electric B-Series Shuttle


An estimated 1,000 electric shuttles are expected to be purchased from the CALACT contract by 2025, with additional electric buses procured over the entire 5-year contract period, making it the most of any state purchasing contracts for electric buses in the United States.


As the industry’s only vertically integrated mid-sized EV bus maker in the United States, Endera’s electric powertrains and vehicle bodies are built under one roof at the company’s 250,000 sq ft manufacturing facility in Ottawa, Ohio.


Endera’s electric shuttles and associated service partnerships support California’s clean air and climate goals. Endera’s proprietary electric powertrains are developed at the company’s Research and Development (R&D) headquartered in Los Angeles, California. With a focus on quality and service, Endera offers state-wide service capability throughout California with its R&D facility and service partners.


“Endera was awarded the CALACT contract as the lowest priced vendor and the only vertically integrated one-stop-shop. We listen to our clients to learn about the problems they face and understand the solutions they need, which is why we have a superior offering in virtually every category,” said John Walsh, Founder & CEO of Endera.


“All of our models have a fast-charging option, increasing up-time for operators, while also providing significant range capability. We have developed a fully integrated software ecosystem that makes it easier and less expensive to adopt electric buses, so fleet operators can focus on running their business.” Walsh continued.


“Whether a fleet is large or small, finding reliable, affordable electric shuttles can be a tough proposition. Endera is honored to be one of the select few to successfully complete the rigorous CALACT vetting process, allowing us to offer our best-in-class electric buses to transit fleet operators throughout the state,” said Don White, Sales Manager at Endera.


Jay Real, Manager, Sales at Coachwest added, “Coachwest is pleased to offer Endera products under the CALACT contract. These cutting-edge vehicles are also eligible for Hybrid and Zero Emission Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive Project (HVIP) point-of-sale vouchers.”


Endera’s electric buses feature smart technology, including proprietary dispatch software that tracks vehicles and routes, automates records and energy management, and streamlines reporting and vehicle service. The platform also integrates with Endera GO, a consumer app designed to improve riders’ experience.


The B-Series offers a 12-passenger + 2 and a 16-passenger + 2 wheelchair seating option, with additional floorplans available to meet each agency’s requirements. The series has a lightweight body design to maximize range efficiency and can charge in as little as 45 minutes, making it the fastest charging electric bus of its class on the market in the U.S.


About Endera

Endera is a technology company, specializing in electric specialty vehicles, charging solutions and software products. As an end-to-end electric vehicle maker, Endera provides vehicle design, manufacturing, and service. Made in America, Endera delivers one of the lowest total costs of ownership and provides sustainable solutions that rival its fossil fuel counterparts in price, technology, longevity, profitability, and service. To learn more, visit www.enderamotors.com.


About Coachwest

Coachwest Luxury Performance & Motorcars has been serving the California community for over thirty years, and it has built a loyal consumer-base in the industry. Coachwest delivers the best vehicles, products, and services, ensuring customers are satisfied with their choice of transportation.