PIE 2023: The Park Tank is Looking for Participants! 

February 14, 2023



PIE 2023: The Park Tank is Looking for Participants!




Welcome to the Park Tank!



Do you have an innovative product or service that will revolutionize the parking industry?

This is your chance to pitch a panel of parking experts at PIE 2023.

Up to 10 start-up vendors will be invited to present their parking/mobility solutions to PIE attendees and a team of parking experts.

Will you be able to entice the parking experts to turn their chairs? This mash-up of several popular television programs will provide each selected vendor with 4 minutes to pitch their solution.  The experts and live audience will only hear the pitch (no slide decks). Each parking expert will have the chance to turn their chair if they like what they hear.

The vendors are vying for a 6-month mentorship with a parking expert along with the opportunity to showcase their parking solution to the PIE audience.

If you are interested in being considered for this unique opportunity, please send an email to ParkTank@dixonresourcesunlimited.com with your contact information.

Submissions must be received by March 10th for consideration. Participation is not guaranteed and those selected must comply with the conference/session guidelines. Presentations will be in person on March 28th. There will be no compensation for travel or conference expenses.

If you have any questions, please email ParkTank@dixonresourcesunlimited.com.