Amano McGann: The Port of Galveston Terminal 10 Project Wins Big at TPTA Awards

April 13, 2023





The Port of Galveston Terminal 10 Project Wins Big at TPTA Awards




April 13, 2023 – Dallas, TX – Amano McGann, the leading provider of Parking Access and Revenue Control Systems (PARCS) in North America, collaborated closely with The Port of Galveston, WGI Professional Services, Parking Guidance Systems, LLC, TranSystems, and dealer partner PSX to deliver a state-of-the-art PARCS ecosystem for the Port of Galveston’s Terminal 10 in Galveston, TX. The collaboration, implementation, and final functionality has secured the team the Texas Parking & Transportation Association (TPTA) 2023 Award for Parking Equipment and Technology. The TPTA Awards recognize outstanding parking-related projects, and the TPTA seeks to promote an appreciation of excellence in parking design, equipment, operations, and construction.


Julio De Leon, CCP and Director of Mobility at the Port of Galveston, was the project lead and visionary for the project. “We are thrilled to receive recognition from the Texas Parking & Transportation Association for the Cruise Terminal 10 project,” he said. “We envisioned an operation that enhanced the cruise guest experience arriving and departing the cruise terminal. The project also included variable message signs and a wayfinding sign package that allows us to better manage vehicular and pedestrian traffic at the cruise terminal. This team was able to deliver what we envisioned, so kudos to everyone involved with the project.”

The Port of Galveston Terminal 10 project is a leap forward in integrated parking technologies. It is the first 100% LEED Zero-Energy cruise facility in the world with power generated from solar canopies installed over a portion of the parking area. The project includes Amano ONE PARCS equipment and software, and an integration with the Port of Galveston’s reservation system, ResPort. Parking can be purchased when a passenger is securing their cruise reservation or in the lane at the entry device.

Daily cruise schedules are communicated between ResPort and Amano ONE. Passenger-selectable options, which include cruise-specific images and labeling, are displayed on the entry device’s interactive touchscreen. License Plate Recognition (LPR) cameras capture license plate information during the entry process or verify prepaid parking when the user provides their license plate information during the reservation process. That information is then used for frictionless egress from the facility. The Port wanted a solution that incorporated reservations, pay-on-entry, and LPR technology to ease congestion during entry and expedite the exit process. If a patron overstays their parking session, additional fees will be collected at the exit device for full revenue accountability.

Thomas Perkins, Parking Division Manager at PSX says, “PSX is humbled to play a part in realizing Julio De Leon’s vision for the Port.” He continues, “Inspired projects are rare but, from day one, I was elated to be part of something truly unique. From online reservations, pushing license plate credentials to the lanes, to multiple graphic pay-on-entry touchscreen buttons, it has been a privilege to see this project through fruition. Amano McGann delivered a reliable product to accommodate the Port’s current and future needs. I am excited to see where we go next!”

The Port is taking advantage of Amano ONE’s user-friendly interface, robust suite of tools, and comprehensive reporting. Authorized staff can assist patrons in the lane with Amano ONE’s built-in Call Center. Staff can also remotely vend gates, push rates, apply validations, and see the in-lane device screen. Simplified dashboards clearly communicate parking data for informed business decisions and alerts keep The Port’s team apprised of situations that require action.

Additional customer-facing features include clear communication via a dynamic, fully programmable roadway display. The display communicates in real-time with Amano ONE and displays parking availability, a daily list of scheduled cruise departures, and their associated assigned parking locations. Local weather for cruise destinations is also displayed. Each entry and exit device features custom graphics with a nautical, on-brand theme for another layer of communication in the lane.

“Amano McGann was very excited to work with Julio De Leon and the Port of Galveston,” said Jeff Becker, VP of Strategic Partnerships at Amano McGann. “We are proud of the solution we provided and the spirit of teamwork that made this vision a reality. It is humbling to see what this team created being recognized by the parking industry and the cruise industry as well.”

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