Cleverciti and Trojan Energy Team Up to Help London EV Drivers Find Available On-Street Charging

April 12, 2023


Cleverciti and Trojan Energy Team Up to Help London EV Drivers Find Available On-Street Charging




Cleverciti has partnered with Trojan Energy to provide electric vehicle drivers with real-time EV parking space availability. The initiative integrates Trojan’s electric vehicle charging stations with Cleverciti parking occupancy sensors to monitor on-street parking spaces throughout the London Boroughs of Barnet and Camden, and notify local EV users when a charging space is available near their residence.

Scottish-based Trojan Energy develops, manufactures, deploys, and operates “the next generation of electric vehicle charging points.” Trojan is committed to providing on-street vehicle charging to the millions of drivers throughout the UK who do not have private parking spaces at their residences. Each Trojan Energy charging hub adds up to 15 on-street EV charging spaces. This allows neighborhoods to equip entire blocks with EV charging stations, while not reducing the availability of parking spaces for existing gas-powered vehicles.

Trojan is also dedicated to reducing instances of “ICE-ing” in which electric vehicle drivers are “ICEd” out of potential charging spaces by internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. The goal is to “DE-ICE” street parking while creating a more convenient parking experience for local EV drivers.

In London (and throughout the UK) it is becoming more difficult to zone off ever-increasing numbers of charging spaces exclusively for EV users. All on-street parking spaces, even if equipped with Trojan EV charging stations, are available to all drivers. This project integrated the Cleverciti Sensor with Trojan’s network to notify local EV users via mobile app immediately when a parking space becomes available on their street. The system removes the tension between EV drivers and ICE vehicle drivers, offering everyone the same access to on-street parking, yet giving EV drivers the advantage in the search for parking.

Trojan retained Cleverciti to incorporate its innovative sensor technology. The sensors monitor on-street parking spaces and deliver real-time parking availability to registered EV users. With a range of up to 220 degrees, each Cleverciti Sensor can cover up to 100 parking spaces (depending on its mounting height) and can measure the exact GPS position and size of open parking spaces.

Cleverciti worked with Trojan to install the sensors on existing street infrastructure. Parking availability information is updated in real-time, providing drivers with trustworthy insight into available spaces and notifying them as soon as a charging-capable parking space becomes free in their neighborhood.

Mark Constable, Trojan’s Head of Marketing & Public Affairs stated, “The Cleverciti solution has been an extremely powerful tool to allow us to maximize the utilization of Trojan EV spaces throughout the Boroughs of Camden and Barnet. Our ability to provide parking availability data to our EV users significantly improves their parking experience, while creating a more equitable solution for everyone.”

The initiative between Trojan and Cleverciti will continue to have a significant impact on the future integration and success of EVs throughout London and beyond. This approach improves EV charging utilization, allows municipalities to introduce EV charging spaces on a larger scale, and increases consumer confidence to commit to an electric vehicle.

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