Survision was chosen by HUB PARKING for a unique frictionless experience at LEGOLAND USA

April 27, 2023




Survision was chosen by HUB PARKING for a unique frictionless experience at LEGOLAND USA.




Amusement parks often mean an unforgettable day of fun but also endless long waiting lines from the beginning to the end of the visit.

Merlin Entertainments’s Legoland amusement parks (starting with New York and California) decided to face one of their most critical caveats: the frustration and inconvenience for visitors caused by long waiting lines at the parking lot.

That is why the Legoland team upgraded visitors’ experience while getting the most out of their parking assets.

Legoland needed the parking user experience to be easy, quick, and efficient while reducing potential lost revenue.

A Solution based on LPR

HUB Parking is the Parking system in charge of creating the new Legoland Pre-booking / Gateless / Free-Flow Ticketless Parking based on LPR, using Survision Micropak cameras.

Now Legoland entry lanes are fully free flow while exiting lanes gates are equipped with gates and License plate recognition to decide to open the gate if prepaid or to activate a pay station otherwise.

These are the Legoland Parking System’s new features:

Pre-Booking / Prepaid Parking: You can pre-book parking in other amusement parks, but you still have to wait in line like everybody else to validate the payment. In the new Legoland Free-Flow parking, you can Prepay your ticket and the LPR system will associate your license plate with your payment, so there is no need to perform any manual check.

Gateless free-flow entrance: No lines to access the park  (and no impatient kids screaming in the back of the car!). One LPR camera per lane catches the visitor’s license plates on the go while driving at any speed to the Parking lots.

Fast Exit for Prepaid Customers: When exiting the park, LPR system  will check your payment status and if Prepaid, it will open the barrier and let you go without stopping

On-site Pay Station: If your plate couldn’t be read at the entrance or if you didn’t Pre-book, the system  will instruct you to make payment at the Pay Station

Advanced data gathering and statistics: This digitalization process allows for collecting behavioral and transactional information on every visit, giving the company a better understanding of its customers and an opportunity to tune up its service.

An amusement park without Parking waiting lines?

Yes, this is the happy truth for Legoland and their new enhanced Parking customer experience: visitors can now skip the parking line step and go straight to the fun part!

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