omniQ Corp (OMQS) Announces AI Parking Solution Deployed at 3 Additional Airports

June 14, 2023


omniQ Corp (OMQS) Announces AI Parking Solution Deployed at 3 Additional Airports



OMNIQ Corp. (NASDAQ: OMQS) today announced that the Company is deploying its AI enhanced parking and security solution to three (3) additional airports bringing its total deployment to 60 Airports across the US.

CEO Shai Lustgarten stated “We are thrilled to announce that we have been chosen once again to implement our cutting-edge AI-based Machine Vision solution in three major airports, further expanding our reach in Michigan, Virginia, and Hawaii. With this development, our solution will now be deployed in a total of 60 airports, marking another significant milestone for our organization.”

Lustgarten continued “The increasing demand for our AI-based solution has been a driving force behind our growth in new airports. Our esteemed customers are harnessing the power of our fixed, mobile and handheld technologies to enhance accuracy, streamlining operations, and boost revenue generation. Additionally, the implementation of our seamless solution has significantly improved the overall customer experience. We take great pride in welcoming these new locations to our ever-expanding list of airports served by our company and esteemed partners. Notable airports such as JFK, EWR, PHL, ATL, MIA, DFW, CMH, KCI and LAX have already joined our network, and the addition of Michigan, Virginia and Hawaii airports further strengthens our position as a leader in the industry.”

omniQ’s Machine Vision AI based patented proprietary technology is based on a Neural Network algorithm developed by omniQ’s scientists and selected time after time to serve strategic missions for public security, increasing automation and improving quality of life in the most sensitive areas of transportation.

About OMNIQ Corp:

OMNIQ Corp. provides computerized and machine vision image processing solutions that use patented and proprietary AI technology to deliver data collection, real-time surveillance and monitoring for supply chain management, homeland security, public safety, traffic & parking management, and access control applications. The technology and services provided by the Company help clients move people, assets, and data safely and securely through airports, warehouses, schools, national borders, and many other applications and environments.

OMNIQ’s customers include government agencies and leading Fortune 500 companies from several sectors, including manufacturing, retail, distribution, food and beverage, transportation and logistics, healthcare, oil, gas, and chemicals.

The Company currently addresses several billion-dollar markets, including the Global Safe City market, forecast to grow to $29 billion by 2022, and the Ticketless Safe Parking market, forecast to grow to $5.2 billion by 2023 and the fast casual restaurant sector expected to reach $209 billion by 2027.

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