Parkopedia partners with Valtech Mobility to provide end-to-end parking, charging and in-car commerce solutions

June 02, 2023

Parkopedia partners with Valtech Mobility to provide end-to-end parking, charging and in-car commerce solutions





  • Parkopedia and Valtech Mobility collaborate to integrate parking and EV charging services within vehicle infotainment systems
  • This partnership brings together Parkopedia’s data and payment processing platform and Valtech Mobility’s connected car software expertise
  • Together the companies enable automakers to support their drivers to find and pay for parking, charging, fuelling and road tolls from within their vehicles


02 June 2023 – London, UK / Munich, Germany


Parkopedia and Valtech Mobility have partnered to provide vehicle-centric digital services to drivers, combining Parkopedia’s extensive parking, charging and payment processing expertise with Valtech Mobility’s app creation, integration and backend development experience.


This agreement sees Parkopedia and Valtech Mobility – a joint venture of the Volkswagen group and the digital agency Valtech – work together to best support drivers in finding and paying for some of the most commonly requested vehicle use cases – parking, charging, fuelling and road tolls.


Together, the companies offer an end-to-end service for automakers that covers the complete in-car transaction process, from individual point of interest data, to user registration and payment processing, enabling automakers tooffer a frictionless in-car commerce experience.


The new partnership with Valtech Mobility means that vehicles with the associated software fitted will benefit from integrated in-car services that simplify and heighten the driving experience. This is achieved by providing accurate parking, charging and cost information, along with Parkopedia’s integrated Payment Platform that makes it possible to pay for services without having to exit the vehicle or pull out a smartphone.


Thanks to this partnership, auto manufacturers can benefit from a quicker and easier process of supplying parking and charging data together with in-vehicle payments for services such as fuelling and road tolls. This will offer a deeper integration with in-vehicle systems and sensors superior to a detached white-label app-only offering, andenable automakers to tailor the user experience to suit their individual drivers.


The standard format enables the Parkopedia and Valtech services to be accessed within Google AutomotiveServices (GAS) – with other environments to be added in the near future – which can be accessed through voice commands to ensure the greatest ease of use for drivers. Parkopedia and Valtech Mobility both have global reach, operating across Europe, North America, China and Japan, among other markets.


Markus Dohl, Parkopedia’s VP of Sales & Business Development Europe, said: “Parkopedia prides itself on simplifying everyday vehicle-based tasks for both automakers and their drivers. This partnership with ValtechMobility enables us to provide an integrated end-to-end parking, charging and payment solution to an even greater audience.


Norman Palmhof, Business Director Valtech Mobility, added: “Already during the first workshop we could see that our teams and portfolios complement each other very well. We are very pleased to have found a partner inParkopedia that has similar ambitions to ours and the ability to deliver consistently excellent data quality even at such scales.

About Parkopedia

Parkopedia is the leading connected car services provider used by automakers, organisations and millions of drivers around the world. Parkopedia helps drivers find and pay for parking, EV charging, fuel and tolls across 90 countries. Parkopedia is also developing highly detailed parking maps and corresponding algorithms to help drivers and self-driving vehicles navigate to an open parking space indoors. Visit for more information.

About Valtech Mobility

Valtech Mobility is a joint venture company of the Volkswagen group and the digital agency Valtech. Valtech Mobility is a leading global supplier of connected services with a specific focus on the cloud and software development for the connected car. Valtech Mobility has a large team of automotive experts that work in the area of vehicle software, cloud software and related products and services such as e-mobility, business process re-engineering, UI-UX development, cloud management etc. Valtech Mobility manages more than 50 services in 370 versions – in an ecosystem with more than 28 million connected cars in 64 markets and over 20 device generations. More information:

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