ProParking Named US Distributor by UbiPark to Sell, Install, and Service UbiPark’s Groundbreaking Accounts Receivable, Monthly Parking, and Permit Management Platform

June 07, 2023





ProParking Named US Distributor by UbiPark to Sell, Install, and Service UbiPark’s Groundbreaking Accounts Receivable, Monthly Parking, and Permit Management Platform



Dallas, TX (June 7, 2023)—Professional Parking Technologies LLC ( today announced a partnership with UbiPark, becoming UbiPark’s sales, installation, and servicing representative across the UnitedStates. Based in Melbourne, Australia, UbiPark has revolutionized parking in Australia with the introduction of its proprietary technology. ProParking is an innovative technology company that delivers multi-tech solutions thatparking owners and operators need to meet their unique needs.


“We are excited to be partnering with UbiPark as their US agent,” said Brent Van Loggerenberg, ProParking’s managing Partner. “UbiPark’s technology provides an extraordinarily seamless parking experience, while giving cities, owners,and operators incredible amounts of utilization and customer

data. This technology is going to take the American parking community by storm, just as it already has in Australia.”


UbiPark’s groundbreaking zero contact platform gives cities, owners, and operators a uniquely tailored connection to their parkers and permit holders. The UbiPark smartphone app provides a true windows- up parking solution.Flexible & smart, the solution can integrate with any existing equipment in your car park or building. When drivers open theapp, they see a map listing the location and cost of available parking. After they select a parking garage or lot, a guidance program pops up to offer turn-by-turn directions to that garage. The platform can even connect drivers to available on-streetparking spaces.


The platform also provides online bookings and customized access to parking facilities. When the driver arrives at the designated garage or lot, an entrance prompt appears on the driver’s phone or dash. When the driver pushes the button, or their license plate is recognized, the access gate raises, and the driver can enter the facility. The same process happens upon exiting, and the driver associated with the account is automatically charged for theparking session. The platform provides a smooth, contactless parking experience.


The platform also collects valuable utilization and user data for owners and operators, which can be used to operate the garage or lot more efficiently and effectively. The platform also has a comprehensive accounting backend providing billing, aging analysis and reports providing data about revenue and garage utilization.


“We are excited to be working with ProParking in the United States,” said Mosstyn Howell, UbiPark Founder & CEO. “In this era of automated parking and parking management, UbiPark offers a simple, elegant solution that dramatically improves the parking experience and provides numerous benefits to owners and operators.”


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UbiPark is a leading provider of smart parking solutions, leveraging cutting-edge technology to optimize parking operations, reduce congestion, and enhance convenience for businesses, parking operators, and drivers. With itsreal-time data, integration capabilities and seamless mobile applications, UbiPark transforms the parking experience, making it smarter, more sustainable, and user-friendly. More information about UbiPark can be found at