SKIDATA Introduces Parking Solution Subscription Solution

July 11, 2023





SKIDATA Introduces Parking Solution Subscription Solution



Van Nuys, CA (July 11, 2023)— SKIDATA, the world leader in parking access and revenue management, today announced the introduction of a groundbreaking new parking solution subscription solution. With SKIDATA’s new subscription solution, parking owners and operators never have to worry about the software running their parking systems becoming obsolete. Owners and operators get access to industry-leading systems for a modest monthly fee, and as new innovations and capabilities are introduced they are provided for no additional fee.

“SKIDATA’s subscription solution is the perfect choice for parking owners and operators,” said Chris McKenty, Senior Vice President for Sales & Marketing for SKIDATA. “They get the latest versions of all of SKIDATA’s industry-leading solutions, constantly updated, with no hidden fees. Owners and operators enjoy a fixed budget, and there are never additional costs for software replacement or upgrades.”

Subscribers to SKIDATA’s Parking Solution Subscription Solution get the parking industry’s most innovative and proven solutions, including:

  • Access control and license plate recognition software
  • Full-scale management, monitoring, and task management solutions
  • Parking utilization reporting
  • Mobile and onsite payment solutions
  • Parking validation solutions

“Traditionally, parking owners have had to pay for costly upgrades when their solutions become dated or obsolete,” said McKenty. “Now, owners and operators don’t have to worry that they’ll have to repeatedly pay to update their solutions. With SKIDATA’s subscription service there are never any surprises and owners and operators always have access to the latest, most advanced systems.”

Subsribers’ data is stored on the cloud in a highly secure setting, but SKIDATA also maintains the data locally, on servers that SKIDATA keeps and manages. This assures that if the cloud ever experiences a service outage, the data will still be available and parking services won’t be impacted.

“As much as owners and operators love the convenience of the cloud, they also worry about outages that could impact their operations,” said McKenty. “Most want locally hosted back-ups, but they don’t want the hassle and expense of maintaining those servers. SKIDATA takes care of the servers for them.”

For more information, please visit SKIDATA Parking Solution Subscription Service.


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