Hailo’s Leading Edge AI Processor Helps WiseSight Technologies Develop Fully Automated Parking Enforcement Solution

August 10, 2023




Hailo’s Leading Edge AI Processor Helps WiseSight Technologies Develop Fully Automated Parking Enforcement Solution



Parking fees are a significant part of many modern municipalities’ budgets, especially ones that operate entire parking lots on public property. The catch is that they often have to pay people to enforce the parking fees, even including expensive law enforcement actions, which can negate some of the revenue and leave city officials wishing for a more efficient, profitable solution.

That’s now changing thanks to an innovative new solution from WiseSight Technologies, which has leveraged the powerful Hailo-8™ AI processor into a smart surveillance system that collects and processes video from multiple cameras with automated vehicle tracking and billing by mail. According to the company, Hailo’s revolutionary processor was exactly what they needed to support and enhance the parking solution’s capabilities.

“It took us some time to begin evaluating the Hailo-8 due to our doubts about its promised performance,” said Shalom Dimant, WiseSight Head of AI Engineering. “However, as soon as we gave it a try, we quickly realized that there was no turning back. The chip surpassed our expectations in all measured parameters, outperforming even with complex NN models and real-life conditions.”

The automated solution uses License Plate Recognition (LPR), which creates a unique identifier for every vehicle upon entering the lot, then tracks all movement and determines if payment is made. The system also enables post-parking remote enforcement by generating data required for ticket-by-mail, increasing municipalities’ ability to capture the appropriate fees for their parking services.


The Hailo-8 processor delivers up to 26 tera operations per second (TOPS), significantly outperforming all other edge processors in a smaller physical format with much higher energy efficiency. By designing an architecture that relies on the core properties of neural networks, edge devices can now run deep learning applications at full scale more efficiently, effectively, and sustainably than traditional solutions.

By collecting and processing all parking video on the edge, WiseSight offers enhanced speed, efficiency and outcomes compared to cloud systems that require data to be processed off-site and can introduce additional security vulnerabilities.

WiseSight’s parking enforcement solution, featuring the Hailo-8 processor, has successfully achieved accurate tracking and management of thousands of parking spots using hundreds of connected cameras in a pilot implementation in Israel. WiseSight is now expanding into new markets, beginning in North America.

“With the integration of Hailo-8, WiseSight is giving municipalities a more affordable solution to address up to 100 percent of parking violations to improve enforcement and revenue,” Yaron Ofer, Hailo Regional General Manager said. “The cost, performance and efficiency gains delivered by our AI chip exemplify how our edge AI solutions can revolutionize product development across a wide range of industries and needs.”

For more information about Hailo’s AI processors for edge devices, visit hailo.ai. For a media kit with high-resolution imagery, click here.