Parking Vet Writes Another Book from Behind the Scenes of a Parking Authority!

September 22, 2023


Parking Vet Writes Another Book from Behind the Scenes of a Parking Authority!




Following his successful and groundbreaking first book, which is commonly described as “a parking -cult classic memoir”, The Quirky World of Parking, Larry J. Cohen, CAPP, a certified parking professional (yes, there is such athing) and 40-year veteran of the industry, has unearthed even more outrageous and crazy stories. Among the many stories:

  • You will findout why Cohen was featured on the HBO show, How to with John
  • Is there really a meter fairy?
  • The partnership between pickle ball and parking
  • Who is the three-finger man?

The book is loaded with tons of interesting and crazy stories in this $100 billion a year industry.

As Cohen says, “My goal is to provide a fascinating look into the business of parking from an industry insider perspective and share the many crazy, funny and sad encounters we deal with every day,”

When you drive your car and have trouble finding a space, or hate paying for parking, or get a parking ticket, or worseyet, towed, this quirky – as the title says – book on parking will give you a whole new perspective on something you probablycan’t live without, but know very little about.

Cohen’s been responsible for parking at universities, hospitals, and municipalities during his long career in major cities along the East Coast. He has served on the Boards of the International Parking and Mobility Institute, Middle AtlanticParking Association, and Pennsylvania Parking Association and is currently the Executive Director of the Lancaster ParkingAuthority in bucolic Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

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