Organisation of the Year – EasyPark wins top Australian Industry Parking Award

October 18, 2023





Organisation of the Year – EasyPark wins top Australian Industry Parking Award




EasyPark has been recognized by the Australian Parking Industry as the 2023 Organisation of the Year.

The Award is recognition for EasyPark’s rapid growth during an incredibly busy 18 months in which the Cities of Melbourne, Canberra and Perth andmany others, adopted the EasyPark Digital Parking Solutions including the award winning Pay via Phone for parking App as an alternative to parkingmeters and also the introduction of ticketless digital permits.

Over the last 8 years more than 70 Councils and Parking Operators across the country have introduced EasyPark Pay via Phone for parking and Digital Permit Solutions.

More than 3.1 Million Australians have downloaded the EasyPark App to dateand there are close to 100 000 new downloads each month. EasyPark was the38th* most downloaded app on the app store in September 2023!

EasyPark CEO Eli Grossinger Binshtok said receiving the industry’s top accolade at the prestigious Parking Industry Awards event, inSydney was reward for the team’s determination to make the parking experience easier for clients (councils and parking operators) and ourcustomers (end users).

“The best compliment that we get is that EasyPark is – Easy.

“People say it is easy to use and we are easy to do business with. But, as we all know, it’s not that easy to make it easy. We worked very hardbehind the scenes to achieve this outcome for our clients and customers and for this I thank our wonderful team who show great effort andcommitment every day to build this amazing organisation to make it easy for everyone else.

“We strive to go above and beyond and deliver WOW in everything we do, both internally and externally. Now for us this is a WOW moment in the history of our company.”

The EasyPark Pay via Phone App is the most used in Australia (in fact it is the most used service of its kind globally). EasyPark was established inAustralia in 2012 and has grown to become the leading Pay via Phone/App for parking service. Our 3.1 Million customers are able to use theEasyPark service in almost every State and Territory in Australia.

Beyond our shores the wider EasyPark Group has a similar growth trajectory with rapid expansion in Europe and the US. Collectively thereare now more than 80 million EasyPark App customers in over 25 countries and nearing 4,000 cities. And these numbers continue to grow rapidly asEasyPark expands.

The EasyPark App enables drivers to control their parking. Vehicle owners set their start and end time from their mobile device, and if their meeting,appointment or catch up finishes early or overruns, they simply change the timings from their phone, without having to return to the car. Unlikesome apps which are pre-loaded with money, EasyPark users only pay for the exact time they use and on the day that they use the service.

EasyPark General Manager Craig Logan said more and more Councils and Commercial Parking Operators are adopting the EasyPark digital parking services to reduce and replace physical parking meters and old outdated parking permit systems.

“Increasingly, digital options for parking are being adopted. Cloud based technology-led solutions are always the latest and most up to date, and are easily integrated with other cloud-based solutions.

“The 3G network, which many physical parking meters still utilise for communications and payment processing, will be cut off next year, and as a result, Councils and Parking Operators are considering additional digital payment options, including EasyPark as a viable alternative to upgrading their entire fleet of aging on-street parking meters.

“This Award not only reflects the amazing work from our team over the last 12 to 18 months, but it also reinforces our goal of growing the companyand consolidating our position as the market leader in digital parking solutions,” Mr Logan said.

EasyPark was also the Finalist for Outstanding Customer Service and Arjun Nambiar was named Finalist for the Young Achiever Award.

“The Australian Parking Industry is full of very dedicated hard working people and as a result is a very competitive but genial industry. This year’sAwards event was well attended and a great opportunity to come together, mix and discuss potential integrations, collaborations and partnerships allgeared toward providing great choice for clients.

“We would like to thank the CEO and the entire board of Parking Australia and all the sponsors for a well organised event and we also thank members of the Australia Parking Industry for voting EasyPark Organisation of the Year 2023,” Mr Grossinger Binshtok said.

Photo (left to right) Arjun Nambiar, Paul Sullivan, Craig Logan, Eli Grossinger Binshtok, Jason Marks Media Contact

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EasyPark Group is a leading global parking tech company with the vision to make cities more livable. With award-winning technology, EasyPark Group has eased parking since 2001 and today, the company helps drivers save time and money by finding and managing parking and electric vehicle charging. It allows businesses, parking operators, property owners and cities toadministrate, plan and take data-driven decisions. EasyPark Group owns and develops the apps EasyPark, ParkMobile, RingGo and Park-line and operates in nearly 4,000 cities across more than 25 countries.

Since entering the Australian market in 2012, EasyPark ANZ has grown to be the largest Pay via Phone parking App provider in Australia and the only operator available in all States and Territories. To date, more than 3 million Australians have downloaded the App.