Revolutionizing Parking: ZipBy Introduces Ticketless Parking at World Square, Sydney

November 15, 2023

Revolutionizing Parking: ZipBy Introduces Ticketless Parking at World Square, Sydney





Sydney, NSW AUSTRALIA: In a bid to transform the parking experience for visitors at World Square, ZipBy proudly announces the launch of their innovative ticketless parking service. World Square customers can now seamlessly prebook their parking spots online via the ZipBy app or via the web, unlocking substantial savings and an effortless entry and exit process at World Square’sbustling car park.


World Square, one of Sydney’s vibrant shopping, dining, residential, and commercial hub, now offers an enhancedand convenient parking solution, courtesy of ZipBy. This groundbreaking service aims to streamline the parkingexperience, eliminating the hassle of traditional ticket systems.


ZipBy has strategically implemented cutting-edge equipment across 11 lanes within the World Square car park, allowing drivers to access the premises and exit with unprecedented ease using either the ZipBy mobile app or a simple QRcode.


The key features of the ZipBy ticketless parking at World Square include:


Huge Savings: Customers can enjoy significant savings by prebooking their parking space online, either through theZipBy app or via the web, providing a cost-effective and efficient parking solution.


Seamless Entry and Exit: With the installation of ZipBy’s equipment, drivers can effortlessly enter and exit the World Square car park by simply using the ZipBy app or a quick QR code scan.


Driving Sustainability: In addition to revolutionizing convenience, ZipBy’s ticketless parking is part of thecommitment to environmental sustainability. By minimizing paper usage through the elimination of traditional paper tickets,the service contributes to reducing waste and supporting eco-friendly practices.


The introduction of this groundbreaking service by ZipBy marks a significant leap in the parking landscape, offering a hassle-free and tech-driven solution for visitors to World Square. With this integration, World Square patrons willexperience a streamlined and efficient parking process, further enriching their overall visit to this premier destination.


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Media Contact: Nelson Luc MarketingManager ZipBy Pty Ltd


About ZipBy:


ZipBy is the only parking technology globally that offers a combination of On Street, Off Street and Surface Lot parking and building access control, through one mobile app. ZipBy is head quartered in Sydney, Australia with offices in the USA and Canada. For more information, please visit

About World Square:


World Square stands as a central destination in Sydney, offering a diverse array of shopping, dining, residential, and commercial experiences. Boasting a prime location, World Square is a dynamic hub for locals and tourists, providing a vibrant and comprehensive lifestyle experience.