TagMaster NA & DESIGNA Mexico Deploy 57 AVI Lanes for Miyana in Heart of Mexico City 

November 15, 2023


TagMaster NA & DESIGNA Mexico Deploy 57 AVI Lanes for Miyana in Heart of Mexico City




Tacoma, WA – TagMaster North America, Inc. (TMNA) proudly announces the successful deployment of its Long-Range RFID solution in collaboration with DESIGNA Mexico at Miyana, a massive 5,600,000 square feet mixed-use development in Mexico City’s Nuevo Polanco district. Miyana boasts three state-of-the-art residential towers housing over 800 apartments and one of the largest commercial centers in Mexico City.

TagMaster NA’s advanced UHF RFID technology, integrated with DESIGNA Mexico and the DESIGNA PARCS system, optimizes vehicle throughput in transient and paid parking lanes. The solution ensures maximum availability, revenue capture, and security for Miyana. TagMaster’s Long-Range RFID technology excels in capturing vehicles at varying speeds and angles, offering high accuracy through passive (battery-free) tags and an IP-based interface with easy adjustments for read lobe and antenna. As space optimization is paramount, TagMaster NA’s advanced UHF RFID technology, seamlessly integrated with DESIGNA Mexico and the DESIGNA PARCS system, emerges as a critical solution. This state-of-the-art system ensures streamlined vehicle throughput and enhanced security and visibility of vehicle traffic. The selection of DESIGNA Mexico for PARCS and TagMaster NA AVI for Miyana underscores the importance of reliability and seamless integration in high-rise environments. This deployment signifies more than just a parking solution; it’s a step towards a future-ready Parking Access and Revenue Control system, catering to the unique needs of contemporary urban living spaces.

 As a leader in the industry, TagMaster NA continues to uphold its reputation by consistently innovating and adapting to evolving industry standards and user expectations. As a leader in the PARCS industry DESIGNA Mexico is able to provide a digital and modern revenue system for the facility. This collaboration represents more than just a parking solution; it embodies a commitment to enhancing urban living experiences. The future-ready system not only meets but exceeds the unique demands of modern high-rise living, reflecting the dedication of both companies to providing residents and visitors at Miyana with a hassle-free and convenient parking experience. TagMaster NA and DESIGNA Mexico stand as a beacon of innovation and efficiency in the realm of parking access and revenue control systems. The successful deployment of the UHF Long-Range RFID solution at Miyana, one of Mexico City’s premier high-rise developments, showcases a seamless integration of innovative technology and urban practicality. With three state-of-the-art residential towers, a bustling commercial mall, and the need for an intelligent parking system, Miyana demanded the best – and that’s precisely what TagMaster NA and DESIGNA Mexico delivered.

Alex Gmora: DESIGNA Mexico, CEO: “The projects we implement in Mexico and Latin America often combine multiple technologies that coexist in the same ecosystem, making them extremely complex and robust. The only way to excel in these projects is by using top-tier technology. When we implement technology, we have only one opportunity to do things right. Tag Master’s technology is an incredible companion that is part of a story of quality and service, we thank the team for such a great deployment.”¨

DESIGNA MEXICO – For over 70 years, DESIGNA has been a global leader in fully automated parking systems, providing innovative solutions for individual garages to city-wide networks. With over 500 employees across 60 countries, we redefine parking management technology through carefully tailored, all-in-one solutions. From development to production, everything is in-house in Germany, making DESIGNA products uniquely comprehensive and seamlessly integrated. Our experience over the last 50 years ensures that customers receive fully comprehensive solutions, from design and planning to installation and service of automatic parking systems. alex.gmora@designa.com

TagMaster North America, Inc. is a leading provider of Intelligent Identification solutions across many different markets and verticals, offering dual technologies including long-range Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and License Plate Recognition (LPR). TagMaster NA addresses a wide range of challenges in the parking, rail bound, access, industrial and security industries with 25 years of experience and technical knowledge. The diverse family of hardware and software solutions ensures maximum adaptability and versatility. sales@TagMasterNA.com  | P: 866-615-5299