Parker Technology Enjoys Unprecedented Success in 2023

January 03, 2024




Parker Technology Enjoys Unprecedented Success in 2023


Indianapolis, IN (January 3, 2023) — Parker Technology, the parking industry’s leading customer service technology company, enjoyed unprecedented success in 2023. In addition to adding 40% more new customers in 2023, Parker also expanded its technology offerings with the introduction of three new APIs with other industry-leading technology partners. Overall, Parker Technology’s customer service platform handled more than two million calls in 2023 from drivers across North America who had difficulty while parking.

“2023 was an extraordinarily successful year for Parker Technology,” said Brian Wolff, the company’s President & CEO. “Parking has become nearly universally automated, and customer service technology has become the indispensable tool for assuring the best customer experience possible. In addition to nearly doubling the number of new clients we serve, we also introduced three new PARCS APIs that give parking owners and operators more control than ever over their customer service programs.”

2023 Highlights Included:

  • 40% more installations of Parker Technology’s customer service solution versus 2022
  • Installation of Parker’s solution in 218 new locations
  • Installations were performed in a wide range of facilities, including:
    • 7 cities
    • 5 airports
    • 4 hospitals
    • 4 universities
    • Nearly 200 privately owned parking facilities
  • Over 2 million calls resolved on Parker Technology’s customer service platform
  • Completion of a national partnership with Ocra

“One of the most exciting things about 2023 was the introduction of three new APIs and our focus on providing greater flexibility to parking owners and operators,” said Wolff. “We can now offer owners and operators a choice between using our trained customer service representatives or managing customer service with their own staff, utilizing our platform. We can even now offer a hybrid solution where owners and operators provide customer service with their own staff during business hours and turn to our trained professionals during off-hours.”

About Parker Technology

For parking operators who have limited resources to manage intercom and inbound customer service calls, Parker Technology combines parking domain expertise, a flexible software platform and their professional customer service center, or your staff, to ensure customer problems are resolved efficiently and according to the facility’s business rules. Parker Technology helps clients create a better customer experience, while collecting more revenue, keeping traffic moving, freeing up internal staff to focus on higher-priority on-site tasks, and gathering data insights to run operations more effectively. Learn more at