Zevtron Completes EV Charging Installation in Culver City

January 31, 2024




Zevtron Completes EV Charging Installation in Culver City




Culver City, CA —Zevtron, a Carlsbad, California-based smart EV charging software and hardware solutions provider, announced today that it has completed the installation of a new EV charging project in a Culver City, California business complex. This innovative project allows the complex owner to manage or restrict access to the chargers by tenant. Currently, the EV chargers are utilized by a state agency to recharge employee and fleet vehicles.

“This was a very innovative project, and I think it illustrates what the future of EV charging will look like at complexes with multiple tenants or user types,” said Zevtron founder Bob Andrews. “Our software permits the owner to manage who is authorized to use the EV chargers and when they can use them. In the future, the owner will be able to add additional authorized users or further limit use, based on individual tenant agreements. This can be great strategy for building and complex owners wishing to monetize EV charging.”

The installation featured five stations of 30-amp dual port chargers. The chargers are controlled by leveraging Zevtron’s industry leading software, which provides the flexibility to manage unique use cases on each individual charger.

“Use case management is a game changer,” said Andrews. “Say you have five tenants using your chargers, and some pay a flat rate for charging in their leases while others pay by kilowatt hour as needed. Or say some tenants want EV charging included in their leases and others don’t. The software allows you to create those different use cases and manage the charging relationship exactly how you and your tenants wish. For owners who monetize their EV charging, the software also allows you to establish different rates and process payment. This is an extraordinary level of control for owners.”

About Zevtron

Zevtron is a leading national EV software and hardware provider based in Carlsbad, California. The company’s products and services are designed to provide flexibility, manageability, and profitability to building owners, institutions, and parking owners who offer EV charging. Zevtron is the only leading EV provider to integrate its technology with leading parking access and revenue control equipment for easy and convenient EV charging management, and its hardware agnostic software platform allows owners to keep 100% of EV charging revenues. Zevtron can be found online at www.Zevton.com.