PayByCar Launches Off-Street Parking Pilot in Four States across the United States

March 20, 2024





PayByCar Launches Off-Street Parking Pilot in Four States across the United States



Company seeking next financing round to continue expansion


Boston, MA. PayByCar, Inc., the mobile payments company responsible for providing pay-by-text payments for in-vehicle fueling payments, along with the help of “Driven by E-ZPass™”, continues expansion into the off-street parking industry where the technology will be tested in at least four states in the United States throughout 2024. 


“PayByCar enables millions of drivers with an E-ZPass transponder to effortlessly park and pay without the need for cumbersome cash transactions, scanning QR codes, inserting tickets, or paying with phone apps, which not only optimizes convenience and efficiency but also addresses the increasing demand for more efficient contactless payment solutions,” said Anand Raman, President and Chief Operating Officer of PayByCar.


The company is currently testing its payments management platform for drivers in several major markets in the Eastern United States rolling out pilot projects at commercial parking locations and transportation centers. The company is looking to reshape the parking experience for garage owners, operators, and customers with continued investor partnerships. 

Following PayByCar’s innovative implementation of mobile payments technology responsible for providing pay-by-text payments at gas stations across Massachusetts, the company has made waves in the fintech and fueling industry following successful partnerships with organizations like the 19-state E-ZPass Group, Alltown Mobil, and others. 

“The upcoming financing round will support PayByCar’s rapid expansion throughout the East Coast this next 12 months to hundreds of additional fueling stations and parking facilities, and to accelerate our growth in consumer membership to upwards of a million people,” Raman said. 

By simplifying the on-arrival ticketing & subsequent payment experience, PayByCar can dramatically improve traffic flow during peak times, improving customer satisfaction by eliminating logjams that often occur when multiple vehicles leave a parking garage simultaneously. Over time PayByCar expects the impact on through-put in event parking to be every bit as dramatic as electronic tolling has been in eliminating long toll lines on highways.


With the trend towards frictionless, contactless payments, the company’s payment orchestration platform has the potential to simplify the overall parking experience for drivers while increasing authorizations and minimizing lost revenue for parking operators.


PayByCar is currently available for use in select gas stations throughout Massachusetts where it has proven its technology streamlines the overall gas purchase experience. The technology offers users a secure and convenient pay-by-text mobile payment method for gas purchases.

To learn more about PayByCar and how it can streamline parking operations while boosting customer satisfaction, interested parties can visit or contact David Clark at