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EVPassport and Equity Sales and Marketing Announce Partnership to Deliver New, Innovative Line of DieHard® EV Chargers

April 21, 2023


EVPassport and Equity Sales and Marketing Announce Partnership to Deliver New, Innovative Line of DieHard® EV Chargers


Companies to Deploy More Than 20,000 Chargers Across North America



VENICE, Calif. & BENTONVILLE, Ark.—-EVPassport, a leading electric vehicle (EV) charging network, announced today a partnership with ESM, the licensee manufacturer for DieHard brand EV Charging Stations. The companies will work together to make it easy for drivers to find and access the new DieHard Level 2 and DC Fast chargers and intend to deploy over 20,000 chargers across North America.

“DieHard revolutionized the automotive replacement battery category when it launched in 1967 and continues to deliver innovative products that provide power and performance. The collaboration and partnership of this iconic American brand will help drive the adoption of electric vehicles, and its rich history of reliability will be carried on through the deployment of thousands of EV charging stations that will be activated and running on the EVPassport platform,” said Hooman Shahidi, President and Co-CEO, EVPassport.

“EVPassport is a leading charging network in North America, and their commitment to sustainable mobility makes the partnership a perfect fit for our customers and our business,” said Terry Marquardt, CEO of Equity Sales and Marketing, Inc (ESM). “This partnership is driven by our shared mission to create the world’s most reliable, durable and sustainable EV infrastructure in North America.”

EVPassport’s software, firmware and hardware provide drivers with the easiest charging experience possible, requiring no apps, fobs or cards, just a simple QR code scan. EVPassport’s lowest cost of entry and lucrative revenue share model delivers the fastest ROI in the market. The company’s API-driven, cloud-based software provides endless integration possibilities and is the only truly open, interoperable EV charging platform.

About Equity Sales & Marketing (ESM)

ESM a diverse team of cross-functional leaders with over 200 years of combined experience in global sourcing, product development, branding, marketing, and selling across multiple channels. The Equity Sales & Marketing Team leads the way in new product offerings, overcoming supply chain disruptions and diminished margins. For more information, visit or connect with us at LinkedIn for upcoming product line announcements and additional information.

About KCD Brands and DieHard Licensed Products

KCD Brands operates iconic American consumer brands, including Kenmore and as a licensee for DieHard. DieHard revolutionized the automotive replacement battery category when the brand launched in 1967. The DieHard brand is owned by Advance Auto Parts, a leading automotive aftermarket parts provider. Advance acquired the DieHard brand from Transform SR Brands LLC (“Transform”) in 2019. Consumers can purchase DieHard automotive batteries and other DieHard branded products in its stores and online. Today, the DieHard licensed product portfolio includes a broad offering of reliable, durable and power items such as EV chargers, compressors, air tools, flashlights, alkaline batteries, portable power tools, wet/dry vacuum cleaners, lawn & garden tools, workwear, footwear and more. For additional information, contact KCD Brands/DieHard at;

About EV Passport

In a fast-growing market, EVPassport is establishing a strong reputation for its durable hardware, 24/7 customer service, and API-driven cloud-based portfolio of software products. Product differentiators include:

  • EVPassport’s open network, and cloud software technology make it the ‘most discoverable’ and the easiest to manage. With open APIs, it’s also integration-ready with existing and future technologies.
  • EVPassport has the simplest and most intuitive driver experience. The brand’s exclusive “scan and charge” QR code technology is the simplest and fastest way for EV drivers to charge. Unlike other chargers, there are no fobs, apps, or cards required. It’s also compatible with all-electric vehicle makes and models (not just Tesla, for instance).
  • EVPassport’s customer service is unparalleled and its exclusive “60-second heartbeat” monitors every chargers operational health remotely, every 60 seconds, responding on demand.

For more information, visit, and follow EVPassport on Twitter (@EVPassport), Instagram (@EVPassport), and LinkedIn.


Hooman Shahidi CEO

Terry Marquardt CEO

KCD Brands

ZipBy launches automatic gated off-street site at Lot 19 EasyPark in Vancouver 

April 14, 2023



ZipBy launches automatic gated off-street site at Lot 19 EasyPark in Vancouver 



Pompano Beach, FL, April 13, 2023:  ZipBy and EasyPark have collaborated to launch automatic payment and gate entry parking at Lot 19 @ 900 West Cordova St, Vancouver BC, Canada. ZipBy’s technology enables drivers to enter the parking lot through the app and exit automatically without the need to touch their cellphone or wind down the window. If there is a parking fee it is charged to their credit card, and a receipt is emailed to them, eliminating the need to wait in line at the pay station. 

“The benefits of this partnership are numerous: a faster and easier user experience, increased turnover with reduced queuing, savings on administration, hardware, and consumer costs, and 100% revenue capture.” Says ZipBy President Shirley Rodriguez. “As a leader in parking technology, ZipBy has already been offering drivers at Harvard University in Boston, and Grant MacEwan University in Alberta this same ticketless, wireless Bluetooth experience. With this latest launch, drivers in Vancouver can now have the same option, we are pleased that EasyPark are the first to launch in Vancouver.” 

EasyPark’s CEO Nigel Bullers says ‘The first time I drove through a gated lot with ZipBy, I knew that we had to bring this experience to Vancouver. The gate opened without touching my cell phone as I approached. The product is invisible, you simply drive in and out. Everything happens in the background, just like magic. We have been searching for a gated parking solution for over 7 years and nothing comes close to what ZipBy can deliver. We are a long-standing member of BC Tech Association, and that is no coincidence, Over the past few years we have been inspired to search for ways to use technology to improve the lives of drivers with an eye on quick, seamless, and safe solutions. We have installed several LPR (license Plate Recognition) systems in garages, and they help to some extent, however they all need drivers to do some manual process, and it all falls apart when drivers are in a different vehicle. The ZipBy solution using the driver’s phone, ensures that entry and payment are all seamless, and safer than any other method because the driver doesn’t touch the phone or the parking equipment while operating the vehicle. 

“Driver safety and sustainable solutions are really important to both our clients and their customers” says Gary Khor V.P. of technology and I.T. “ZipBy is the safest way for people to enter a garage, and we remove the need to line up at a pay station. We also eliminate the need for paper and tickets and the wear and tear that comes with paper.” 

“A really important consideration as we searched for a solution like this was that we would not have to have two systems for the customer” says Ravinder Bains, Director of client services.” We did not want to have customers use one system to enter gated lots and then another system when parking at open lots, beaches, parks etc. With ZipBy drivers get the best of both worlds – a Bluetooth, wireless hands-free solution at a gate, and the same app can be used to make payments on our other 150 lots around the city. To help promote this new solution, customers get 10% off the price of parking at Lot 19, and most other lots around the city also have up to 10% off. We are looking forward to rolling out more gated sites with ZipBy to provide a truly contactless experience for EasyPark customers.” 

This launch is the first of many gated sites to come for ZipBy and EasyPark. 

About ZipBy: 

ZipBy is the only parking technology globally that offers a combination of On Street, Off Street and Surface Lot parking, all in one mobile app. The ZipBy app becomes the parking meter. ZipBy is head quartered in Sydney, Australia with offices in the USA and Canada. For more information, please visit 

About EasyPark: 

Formed in 1947, EasyPark is dedicated to making parking easy. The company redesigns and reinvents parking services for clients such as public-sector organizations, including the City of Vancouver and Vancouver Park Board, and some of Vancouver’s largest property management companies, including Cadillac Fairview and Bentall Green Oak. For more information, please visit 

For Immediate Release 

Cleverciti and Trojan Energy Team Up to Help London EV Drivers Find Available On-Street Charging

April 12, 2023


Cleverciti and Trojan Energy Team Up to Help London EV Drivers Find Available On-Street Charging




Cleverciti has partnered with Trojan Energy to provide electric vehicle drivers with real-time EV parking space availability. The initiative integrates Trojan’s electric vehicle charging stations with Cleverciti parking occupancy sensors to monitor on-street parking spaces throughout the London Boroughs of Barnet and Camden, and notify local EV users when a charging space is available near their residence.

Scottish-based Trojan Energy develops, manufactures, deploys, and operates “the next generation of electric vehicle charging points.” Trojan is committed to providing on-street vehicle charging to the millions of drivers throughout the UK who do not have private parking spaces at their residences. Each Trojan Energy charging hub adds up to 15 on-street EV charging spaces. This allows neighborhoods to equip entire blocks with EV charging stations, while not reducing the availability of parking spaces for existing gas-powered vehicles.

Trojan is also dedicated to reducing instances of “ICE-ing” in which electric vehicle drivers are “ICEd” out of potential charging spaces by internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. The goal is to “DE-ICE” street parking while creating a more convenient parking experience for local EV drivers.

In London (and throughout the UK) it is becoming more difficult to zone off ever-increasing numbers of charging spaces exclusively for EV users. All on-street parking spaces, even if equipped with Trojan EV charging stations, are available to all drivers. This project integrated the Cleverciti Sensor with Trojan’s network to notify local EV users via mobile app immediately when a parking space becomes available on their street. The system removes the tension between EV drivers and ICE vehicle drivers, offering everyone the same access to on-street parking, yet giving EV drivers the advantage in the search for parking.

Trojan retained Cleverciti to incorporate its innovative sensor technology. The sensors monitor on-street parking spaces and deliver real-time parking availability to registered EV users. With a range of up to 220 degrees, each Cleverciti Sensor can cover up to 100 parking spaces (depending on its mounting height) and can measure the exact GPS position and size of open parking spaces.

Cleverciti worked with Trojan to install the sensors on existing street infrastructure. Parking availability information is updated in real-time, providing drivers with trustworthy insight into available spaces and notifying them as soon as a charging-capable parking space becomes free in their neighborhood.

Mark Constable, Trojan’s Head of Marketing & Public Affairs stated, “The Cleverciti solution has been an extremely powerful tool to allow us to maximize the utilization of Trojan EV spaces throughout the Boroughs of Camden and Barnet. Our ability to provide parking availability data to our EV users significantly improves their parking experience, while creating a more equitable solution for everyone.”

The initiative between Trojan and Cleverciti will continue to have a significant impact on the future integration and success of EVs throughout London and beyond. This approach improves EV charging utilization, allows municipalities to introduce EV charging spaces on a larger scale, and increases consumer confidence to commit to an electric vehicle.

To learn more about Trojan Energy, visit

To learn more about Cleverciti, visit

ABM Enhances Air Traveler Experience at U.S. Airports with its Integrated Smart Parking Solution

April 07, 2023

ABM Enhances Air Traveler Experience at U.S. Airports with its Integrated Smart Parking Solution


NEW YORK  — ABM (NYSE: ABM), a leading provider of facility services, infrastructure solutions, and parking management, is evolving its innovative data-enabled smart parking solution, ABM Vantage, through the introduction and expansion of services tailored to the aviation industry. Through this new offering, ABM is revolutionizing the guest parking experience, which has not historically benefited from technology.


According to the U.S. Travel Association, over 50% of Americans have or will travel for leisure in the first half of 2023, adding to the already filled airways of business travelers who have largely returned to pre-pandemic levels, making the need for a seamless and simple airport parking solution even more crucial to traveler satisfaction.


“America’s relationship with air travel is notoriously stressful, and parking at airports has historically been no different,” said Sean Bromfield, President of Aviation at ABM. “We are changing airport parking by offering an enhanced, more frictionless experience through customized airport terminal smart parking services.”

Unlike other parking technology within the ever-changing aviation space, ABM Vantage is the only solution to work under one connected ecosystem with the ability to leverage existing equipment while integrating with new platforms and infrastructure. By interconnecting and centralizing parking technology, ABM Vantage creates an open-system accelerator and a full suite of professional services for the enhanced parking experience, including electric charging stations, valet, shuttle, curbside, and more. This creates a better user experience for the traveler, while increasing returns for the facilities operators.

As one of the nation’s largest providers of parking, electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, and transportation services, ABM was not satisfied with the outdated challenges that go along with airport parking. In collaboration with Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA), ABM developed and deployed a landmark data-enabled, smart parking and electric vehicle charging solution for the economy parking facility at Los Angeles International Airport. Together with LAWA, ABM was honored with the Innovative Facility of the Year during the 2022 National Parking Association (NPA) Innovation Awards for the project, which also included one of the largest EV charging installations in the nation.

“ABM is revolutionizing the use of technology and data to enhance the client experience across the wide range of industries we serve,” said Josh Feinberg, Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer at ABM. “As a facilities solutions leader for the aviation industry, we appreciate how important the traveler experience is, so we set out to create the most frictionless, positive, and innovative experiences possible from the moment you drive into a lot or garage.”

“Additionally, as a smart and sustainable solution, ABM Vantage helps customers within the aviation industry meet their ESG goals by reducing driver emissions, increasing connectivity for electric vehicle charging capabilities, and lowering the overall carbon footprint for facility operations. It’s a true win-win-win for the customer, client, and environment around us,” added Feinberg.

ABM operates in 27 of the top 30 airports in the United States including Los Angeles World Airports, NY/NJ Port Authority Airports, Chicago O’Hare, and Minneapolis St. Paul.

For more information, please visit


About ABM

ABM (NYSE: ABM) is one of the world’s largest providers of facility services and solutions. A driving force for a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable world, ABM provides essential services and forward-looking performance solutions that improve the spaces and places that matter most. From curbside to rooftop, ABM’s comprehensive services include janitorial, engineering, parking, electrical and lighting, energy and electric vehicle charging infrastructure, HVAC and mechanical, landscape and turf, and mission critical solutions. ABM serves a wide range of industries – from commercial office buildings to universities, airports, hospitals, data centers, manufacturing plants and distribution centers, entertainment venues and more. Founded in 1909, ABM serves over 20,000 clients, with annualized revenue approaching $8 billion and more than 100,000 team members in 350+ offices throughout the United States, United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, and other international locations. For more information, visit



Michael Valentino

Icon Parking Acquired by President/CEO John D. Smith and Arkview Capital

April 05, 2023




Icon Parking Acquired by President/CEO John D. Smith and Arkview Capital




Creates one of the largest minority-owned parking and mobility service providers in the U.S.

New ownership team seeks to deploy largest EV charging infrastructure in NYC, expand Icon nationally, and evolve its breadth of services to a fully integrated facilities service provider


New York –  – Icon Parking announced today a management buyout, led by its President and CEO John D. Smith and Arkview Capital, a leading minority-certified private equity fund focused on investing in minority business enterprises, to create the largest minority-owned parking and mobility service provider in New York City and one of the largest in the U.S. As a minority-owned business, Icon will seek to expand nationally, growing its existing footprint of nearly 200 locations in the New York City metropolitan area, New Jersey, and Boston.

“As a leading parking management and mobility services provider in one of the most complex parking markets in the world, Icon is uniquely positioned to leverage its brand — with 76 years of operating history along with its new digital and advanced analytics platform — to accelerate the transformation of the US parking industry,” said Smith, who has led Icon since January 2020.  “When you combine our leadership talent, operating scale, and capabilities with minority ownership, it affords us access and opportunity to harness this tremendous growth opportunity.”

Under the new ownership, Icon will accelerate its commitment to EV infrastructure and add up to 2,000 EV charging units across its portfolio of nearly 200 garages. The company will also look for expansion opportunities into other top gateway cities, such as Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, and Washington D.C.

“John and his team have transformed Icon, disrupting the parking industry with an unsurpassed customer experience, and unique digital and analytics capabilities, creating the perfect platform to scale nationally,” said Joon Chang, a Co-founder of Arkview Capital, an MBE certified fund. “Under John’s stewardship we are excited to invest in Icon’s growth, as they are poised to capitalize on new revenue opportunities nationwide.”

“We’re thrilled to have an equity partner in Arkview that not only shares our vision of scaling nationally as a minority-owned business but has an established track record of working with management teams for long-term success and significant value creation,” said Smith.

“I am excited to see private equity capital supporting an impressive management team to create one of the largest minority-owned parking operators and to help them execute on an ambitious business plan,” stated Joset Wright-Lacy, former President of the National Minority Supplier Development Council (“NMSDC”) and advisor to Arkview. “The acquisition of Icon is a prominent example of how minority-owned businesses can access capital and help corporations to increase their use of and spend with diverse suppliers.”

Genesis Bank facilitated the transaction. Greenberg Traurig served as legal counsel to Arkview Capital and Davis Polk served as legal counsel to the sellers.


About Icon Parking

Founded in 1947, Icon is the largest minority owned parking management and mobility services provider in New York City metro and one of the largest in the nation with almost 200 locations.  Icon leverages its digital and advanced analytics platform to provide parking operations, management, and related services to clients through extraordinarily engaged team members across Commercial Office Buildings and Real Estate, Food and Beverage, Municipalities, Sports and Entertainment, Retail, and Healthcare, that result in exceptional customer, resident, and tenant experiences.  Icon’s mission is to simplify city life, one customer at a time by connecting them to where they live, work, and play; and believes, “Parking is just the start!” For more information, please go to

About Arkview Capital

Arkview Capital is a minority-certified private equity fund focused on investing in diversity-oriented businesses. As a Minority Business Enterprise (“MBE”) certified by the NMSDC, Arkview believes that companies aligned with their diverse customer base will outperform long-term. Arkview provides capital to businesses serving diverse communities, partners with diverse founders, and promotes diversity within procurement and supply chains of leading Fortune 1000 companies.


Clopay® Corporation Introduces LED Light Kit for Standard or High-Performance Doors and Grilles

April 04, 2023



Clopay® Corporation Introduces LED Light Kit for Standard or High-Performance Doors and Grilles

Illuminated Visual Signals Allow for Easy Door Position Monitoring

Clopay® Corporation’s LED Light Kit provides an illuminated visual signal for standard and high-performance overhead rolling doors and grilles. Ideal for fire and emergency services, warehouses, and parking applications, the LED light strips alert drivers to an open or closed door or grille, limiting downtime, maintenance, and repair costs. This feature is offered by Clopay Corporation, on both Cornell and Cookson branded models.

The LED lights notify users of several different door positions. Red lights flash when the door is in motion and stay steadily lit when the door is closed. When green lights are lit, the door is open. White lights indicate the door’s safety device is triggered or has malfunctioned.


Additional Features & Specifications 

  • Available in 5’, 10’, or 15’ versions, to ensure visibility at varying heights when in higher commercial vehicles or in rear-view mirrors
  • Able to be retro-fit to existing doors
  • IP68 rated, marine-grade wiring and stainless steel hardware ensure durability and longevity in harsh conditions
  • When a door or grille is closed, red LEDs illuminate work areas, preserving night vision and reducing the need for white lights

LED Light Kit is available for all standard and high-performance rolling doors, grilles, and counter doors, excluding fire and smoke-rated products. 


More Information

For assistance in selecting features, architects and specifiers should visit

To learn more about LED Light Kit, please visit:


About Clopay® Corporation

Founded in 1964, Clopay® Corporation (“Clopay”) is the largest manufacturer and marketer of garage doors and rolling steel doors in North America. The company sells residential and commercial overhead sectional doors through leading home center retail chains and a network of over 2,500 independent professional dealers under the brands Clopay, Ideal, and Holmes. Rolling steel doors and grilles for commercial, industrial, institutional, and retail use are sold under the Cornell and Cookson brands.



Adrienne Reitz, Director of Marketing Communications


Phoenix Motorcars Delivers All-Electric, Zero-Emission Shuttle Bus to UC Davis

April 04, 2023


Phoenix Motorcars Delivers All-Electric, Zero-Emission Shuttle Bus to UC Davis




Anaheim, California  – Phoenix Motorcars is proud to announce their recent delivery of an all-electric, zero-emission Z400 shuttle bus to the University of California, Davis. The shuttle was built on a Ford E-450 chassis powered by Phoenix Motorcars and will serve UC Davis Medical Center. This electric vehicle was funded in part by the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District’s (Sac Metro Air District) incentive program.

“The District is happy to see regional incentive funds used for such an influential project,” said Raef Porter, Sac Metro Air District Transportation and Climate Change Program Manager. “The move to zero- emission shuttles on the UC Davis Med Center campus will have an immediate impact on local air quality and public health, and long-term reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.”

The Phoenix Z400 shuttles are equipped with a 125-kWh battery pack offering up to 130-mile range and can be fully charged in approximately two to three hours with a 50-kW Level III charger. The Z400 shuttles, as compared to its equivalent fossil fueled alternatives, will reduce atmospheric emissions by ~61 tons per vehicle annually, reduce maintenance costs by 75% and fuel costs by 80%.

Phoenix has been the leader in medium duty electrification for over a decade. With 4 million all-electric miles driven on their zero emission drive systems, Phoenix has unparalleled experience and expertise helping public and private fleets successfully deploy and adopt electric vehicles into their fleets, cleaning the air quality and providing clean, quiet and safe zero emission transportation and mobility for their companies and communities.

“Phoenix Motorcars is excited bring a zero-emission shuttle bus to UC Davis” says Thomas Allen, Vice President of Sales for Phoenix Motorcars. “We’ve been a longtime supporter of the Sac Metro Air District’s efforts to help improve air quality in and around the Sacramento region. Zero emission transportation and mobility is a key factor to help create a sustainable future and it’s great to see UC Davis going green with our electric shuttles! Our Phoenix Z400 all-electric shuttle offers a lower total cost of ownership for the University while lowering emissions and cleaning the air quality on and around their campus.”

About the Sac Metro Air District

As one of 35 regional air quality districts statewide, the Sac Metro Air District is the responsible for monitoring air quality, reducing air pollution, and enforcing air quality regulations in Sacramento County as well as helping to achieve statewide carbon reduction goals. The District develops and administers programs to reduce air pollution levels below the health-based standards established by the state and federal governments and improve air quality in the Sacramento region. For more information about the Sac Metro Air District, please visit


About Phoenix Motor Inc.

Phoenix Motorcars is a leader in developing medium-duty electric vehicles for commercial markets with a primary focus on class 4 vehicles. Phoenix Motorcars strives to provide fleets with clean transportation and renewable energy through advanced technology solutions and remains committed to excellence in electric vehicle innovation. Phoenix Motorcars offers a range of vehicle configurations, including shuttle buses, utility trucks, service trucks, flatbed trucks, walk-in vans, cargo trucks and school buses.

Phoenix Motorcars

1500 Lakeview Loop Anaheim, CA 92807 909-987-0815

Media Contact:

Dave Davis, Marketing Manager

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Endera Unveils the 2023 All-Electric Shuttle Model with Extended Range and Fast Charging Speeds

April 03, 2023

Endera Unveils the 2023 All-Electric Shuttle Model

with Extended Range and Fast Charging Speeds


LOS ANGELES, CA [March 28, 2023] Endera, a leading OEM of all-electric commercial vehicles, has announced the release of its highly anticipated 2023 model all-electric shuttle. This vehicle is set to transform the transportation industry with its impressive range and charging capabilities, as well as its fully integrated software ecosystem.


Endera’s commitment to innovation has led to the development of proprietary electric drivetrain technology that offers exceptional performance, efficiency, and range. The 2023 Endera shuttle leverages an all-electric powertrain with 150 kWh built into the architecture of the platform. Endera’s 2023 model is designed to maximize energy density and features best in class efficiency.


In addition, its advanced battery technology allows for ultra-fast charging, with the ability to reach 80% charge in as little as 30 minutes. Fast charge time allows the shuttle to operate continuously for longer periods of time, making it ideal for a broad range of applications, from transportation operators in busy urban areas to on-demand services in rural communities.

Endera Unveils the 2023 All-Electric Shuttle Model with Extended Range and Fast Charging Speeds


“We are thrilled to introduce the 2023 model all-electric shuttle to the market,” said John Walsh, Founder and CEO of Endera. “This vehicle represents a major leap forward in the development of all-electric commercial vehicles, and we are proud to offer our customers a product that delivers exceptional performance, reliability, and efficiency.”


In addition to its focus on technology and innovation, Endera is committed to customer satisfaction, featuring smart technology, including proprietary dispatch software that tracks vehicles and routes, automates records and energy management, and streamlines reporting and vehicle service. The platform also integrates with Endera GO, a consumer app designed to improve riders’ experience.


The 2023 shuttle from Endera is crafted with an emphasis on quality and efficiency at scale, using lighter materials and an aerodynamic front and rear cap to boost its long-range capability while maximizing seating capacity. With advanced engineering and top-of-the-line components, the shuttle is a versatile solution that caters to the transportation requirements of both urban and rural communities.


Endera’s vehicles are specifically designed to address the growing need for eco-friendly and sustainable modes of transportation for businesses and municipalities. Endera’s vehicles have undergone rigorous testing in various weather conditions and applications to ensure optimal performance that surpasses customer expectations.


The unveiling coincides with the Biden Administration’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill that includes a significant commitment to electric buses as a means of reducing carbon emissions and improving air quality.


Endera has become a disrupter in the commercial vehicle industry with its all-electric vehicles and innovative technology, providing a more sustainable and eco-friendly transportation system. The 2023 all-electric shuttle is just the latest example of Endera’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology and exceptional performance in all of its vehicles. Initial deliveries of Endera’s all-electric shuttle will begin in Q3 of 2023.


About Endera

Endera is a technology company, specializing in electric specialty vehicles, charging solutions and software products. As an end-to-end electric vehicle maker, Endera provides vehicle design, manufacturing, and service. Made in America, Endera delivers one of the lowest total costs of ownership and provides sustainable solutions that rival its fossil fuel counterparts in price, technology, longevity, profitability, and service. To learn more, visit:


Media Contact

Domenique Sciuto


Flash Announces Sales Partnership with Get My Parking to Accelerate Parking Asset Digitalization

March 30, 2023

Flash Announces Sales Partnership
with Get My Parking to

Accelerate Parking Asset Digitalization


Re-selling partnership offers operators a reliable and cost-effective way to access digital white-label parking solutions



March 28, 2023 (Austin, TX) – Flash, the only global platform connecting cloud parking software to electric vehicle charging for a transformed mobility experience, has announced a re-selling partnership with Get My Parking (GMP), a global smart parking startup that offers white-labeled parking solutions capable of digitizing any parking lot. The sales partnership will open up opportunities for operators across North America looking to upgrade their parking locations’ technology efficiently and cost-effectively by leveraging Flash and GMP’s expertise to deliver comprehensive, innovative, and complementary parking solutions.

The modern parker demands a seamless digital experience in today’s mobility landscape. Always raising the standard for innovative ways to help customers anticipate mobility trends that shape their business, Flash set out to partner with GMP, already notable with cutting-edge Monthly Permit and Accounts Receivable products, fully white-labeled App, and plug-and-play Gate-kits.

With the re-selling agreement, Flash can sell a wide range of GMP custom-branded parking management solutions fully integrated with Flash hardware and platform, including payment processing, access control, permit management, accounts receivables, and more in the North American market. They can be purchased as a stand-alone or bundled package. GMP will also leverage Flash’s deep industry relationships and high-caliber installation and Support teams to accelerate and ensure seamless deployments.

“In today’s dynamic marketplace, we strive to deliver opportunities that help our customers stay operationally competitive and transform to meet consumer expectations of fully digital experiences,” said Dan Sharplin, CEO and Executive Chairman at Flash. “A partnership with GMP was the fastest way to offer our customers a further enhanced platform with additional white-label parking solutions.”

“Get My Parking is thrilled to partner with Flash to deliver comprehensive parking solutions that meet the evolving needs of the parking industry,” said Chirag Jain, CEO of Get My Parking. “With this partnership, GMP’s customers will now have the option to leverage Flash’s widespread installation and support team to deploy the GMP platform rapidly.”

GMP’s smart parking solutions are currently deployed in over 3,500 locations across five continents and have processed more than 100 million transactions. Flash has over 16,000 locations in the U.S. and Canada running parking and mobility solutions on the Flash platform, This partnership will enable faster and smarter parking transformation for parking operators and cities in America.

About Flash

Flash is the only global platform connecting cloud parking software to electric vehicle charging and mobility transformation. Our award-winning cloud-born platform is custom configurable, secure, reliable, and grows alongside you as business or consumer demands evolve. Visit to learn more.

About Get My Parking (GMP)

Founded in 2015, GMP is an award-winning startup that has grown to a team of 150+ members across five continents. It provides essential technology to parking operators – white-label parking apps, an IoT gate kit to retrofit old parking gates for modern capabilities, and an interoperable cloud platform that enables centralized and digital operations across a network of parking lots. The startup is spearheading new trends like EV charging, connected cars, and shared mobility hubs on the parking real estate with Plug-N-Play API integrations. The GMP platform has been deployed across 3500 parking lots across the world and is scaling rapidly.

Media Contacts:
Rob Duda
Peppercomm for FLASH
Senior Vice President, Automotive & Transportation Strategist
Mobile: 908-347-1243


Karin Maake, Flash

Senior Director of Corporate Communications

Mobile: 512-750-0123

TEZ Technology Announces Leadership Restructuring to Support Organization Growth

March 24, 2023



TEZ Technology Announces Leadership Restructuring to Support Organization Growth




TEZ Technology (TEZ), the parking industry’s leading developer of app-free, ticketless solutions is thrilled to announce the appointment and promotion of several new executive and director level positions. This leadership restructuring is an essential step toward the organization’s continued growth. These individuals will play a significant role in the future of the organization, provide essential leadership in pursuit of TEZ’s development and goals, and support the needs of TEZ clients nationwide.

TEZ is pleased to welcome Jim Zaloudek to the team. Jim joins TEZ as our new Chief Financial Officer. In this role, Jim will lead the effort to implement TEZ’s financial strategy. Jim has over 30 years of finance, executive management, operations management, and M&A experience within the software, IT services and telecom sectors. His ability to break down “walls” and improve processes enables him to provide strong fiduciary leadership during periods of significant revenue expansion.

JG Biebighauser has been promoted to Chief Sales and Marketing Officer. After successfully leading TEZ’s product team in 2022, JG will now manage both the sales and marketing teams. JG’s background as an operator coupled with his work in sales, strategy, and marketing at IBM positions him well to lead our growth efforts at TEZ. In his new role, JG will develop strategies to implement TEZ’s sales and marketing efforts, will lead in our developing and maintaining our strong industry partnerships, and will identify opportunities to further develop TEZ’s client relationships and support our client needs.

Katherine Beaty has been promoted to Executive Vice President of Client Success. Katherine is an experienced industry leader with more than 20 years of experience in operations, compliance, cybersecurity, and more. In this new role, Katherine will lead the organization’s efforts to ensure that TEZ solutions meet each client’s unique needs. Katherine will lead a team of implementation and support specialists. Under her leadership these teams will be jointly responsible for ensuring our clients’ success after the sale.

Russell Wiant has been promoted to Executive Vice President of Product and Technology. Previously, Russell served as TEZ’s Vice President of Engineering. In this new role, Russell will lead TEZ’s product team and will enhance the processes used to gather customer requirements and to deliver innovative technology to the parking industry. In addition, Russell will continue to lead TEZ’s development team as they build our industry-leading suite of app-free solutions. By bringing both the product and development teams under his leadership, TEZ has improved our ability to nimbly respond to the needs of our clients and the market.

Adam Barge has been promoted to Director of Product Development. Adam has been a part of the TEZ Team for nearly six years, most recently serving as Product Manager for our TEXT2PARK solution. In this new role, Adam will manage the entire product management team, including identifying opportunities to continue to enhance TEZ products.

Chad Brown has been promoted to Director of Systems Engineering. Chad is a proven leader and has been with TEZ for over six years. In his tenure at TEZ, Chad has lead our support team, has been instrumental in building external partner relationships, and, most recently, has been responsible for our flagship product, SMS Valet. In his new role, Chad will be responsible for technical product management at TEZ, ensuring that our solutions are developed in line with TEZ’s commitment to the highest quality stability and reliability.

TEZ’s CEO Mike Simmons stated, “We are excited about the future of TEZ as an organization as we continue to grow and enhance our app-free parking solutions, while helping transform the parking industry to create the best parking experiences possible. Each of these individuals have a proven track record of professionalism, innovation, and leadership and we are thrilled about the opportunities possible as TEZ continues to grow. Each will play a vital role in continuing TEZ’s efforts to support our clients and their effort to serve their clients and communities.”


About TEZ Technology

TEZ has long been at the forefront of connecting drivers and parking facility owners and operators, becoming the go-to technology for ticketless parking and valet. TEZ is an industry leader in providing innovative, app-free parking solutions designed to streamline the parking experience. TEZ’s innovations include SMS text-based platforms TEXT2PARK, PERMIT2PARK, and SMS Valet, enabling clients and customers to facilitate user-friendly contactless transactions and payments in self-park and valet operations across North America.

TEZ empowers owners and operators of parking related real estate to “go mobile” and generate significantly more revenue and efficiencies, automating traditional paper ticket processes, promoting client brand awareness, and greatly enhancing guest experiences.  For more information visit



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