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TIBA Parking Systems LTD. Launch the X60 and SPARK platform in Israel

May 16, 2023



TIBA Parking Systems LTD. Launch the X60 and SPARK platform in Israel




Petach Tikvah, Israel, May 10, 2023 – TIBA Parking Systems company of FAAC Technologies, a global Parking andRevenue Control Systems (PARCS) development company announces the launch of X60 hardware product line,that is complemented by homegrown enhanced legacy Smart Park as well as all new native cloud SPARK software platforms in Israel.

For over 30 years, TIBA has provided innovative solutions for parking operators and owners, through reliable products that are easy to install, commission and maintain, and provide the best return on investment and lowestcost of ownership in the industry. The TIBA X60 hardware is an embedded proprietary controller-based, OS Less solution that encompasses the latest technologies including robust field-proven components such as touch screen,integrated SIP on board intercom and pin hole camera, voice annunciator, printer, barcode scanners, bill validators, andmuch more. The TIBA solution is highly customizable thus can support a tailor-made configuration for the needs of the different garages and use cases. The X60 platform as well as the all new SPARK cloud platform are backward compatible to our existing install base, thus allowing our customers to evolve into the new product line.

Since 2020, TIBA has been successfully deploying the X60 product line in USA, Australia, and additional territories around the world: parking operators benefit from its flexible solutions coupled with TIBA native cloudSPARK platform, the enhanced legacy Smart Park software, as well as a wide variety of third-party supplier integrationswith complementary hardware and software solutions. “With hundreds of garages and cloud tenants already deployed inother global territories, installations in Israel will be seamless and backed by a proven track record to our customers” says Luca Cervato, Parking BU Director at FAAC Technologies. “With TIBA originating in Israel and influencing thelocal market together with our distributors, valued customers, local leadership and development center, the Parking BU of FAAC Technologies is committed and geared to maintain our preeminence in the Israeli market as well as evolving neighboring territories”.

We are proud to have the TIBA product lines developed in Israel and tailored to both the local and the international markets: our agile solutions, reliability and extremely fast architecture allow for the engaged parking experience. Our all-new native cloud SPARK platform and mobile phone SPARK application grant full control and ease of management for the garage owners and operators. The local Israeli market characteristics, our strong relationship with the market leaders and committed operational and service excellence in the country will enable our quick and successful deployments already underway” says Ilan Lev, General Manager of TIBA Israel. We strive to not onlyserve but also protect our customers’ investments in the TIBA solution, and we do that by continuing to invest and develop new features and capabilities in our platform, while maintaining backward compatibility to our legacy installations: our new X60 platform and cloud solutions are backward compatible to our legacy product lines installed in the field, allowing our valued customers to use their TIBA systems and maintain continuity of their business while gradually migrating to the new offering.”

TIBA supports customers in Israel and around the world in all segments of the parking industry: airports, large campuses, multi-use parking complexes, governmental solutions for the smart city and congestion control, automated robotic parking, healthcare and hospitals, education and universities, hotels, hospitality, and much more. TIBA flexible and reliable solutions architecture allows for unique solutions to support the different verticals with tailor fit solutions.

About TIBA


TIBA Parking Systems, a company of FAAC Technologies is a preeminent leader of solutions for the parking andmobility industry. With the most advanced and flexible systems, TIBA products are scalable, reliable, and user-friendly. TIBA is committed to an “Engaged Parking Experience” through a focus on superior products, providing the industry’s most configurable solutions, and delivering a first-rate customer success partnership. TIBA’s flexible cloud architecture enables parking operators to leverage technology and market trends and unlock new revenueopportunities. TIBA serves parking operators and owners both directly and through an extensive network of value-added resellers. Visit to learn more.


About FAAC Technologies


FAAC Technologies is one of the leading international players in the access automation and control business in both the residential and industrial sectors. The executive headquarters, the technological and managerial heart, are located in Bologna, Italy, but the group boasts a huge presence abroad, where it develops most of its business with both production sites and commercial premises. Established in Bologna in 1965 thanks to the forward-thinking intuition of its founder Giuseppe Manini, FAAC Technologies is today an international group led by a consolidated andhighly motivated management team, which operates through 53 legal entities present in 29 countries distributed across 5 continents, and over 3,600 employees.


Forward-looking statements


The information included in this press release contains, or may be deemed to contain, forward-looking statements (as defined in the U.S. Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 and the Israeli Securities Law, 1968). Saidforward-looking statements. Subject to uncertainties and assumptions and the actual results may materially differ. Allforward- looking statements in this press release are based on information available to TIBA Parking Systems on the datehereof. All written or oral forward-looking statements attributable to TIBA Parking Systems are expressly qualified in their entirety by the factors referred to above. TIBA Parking Systems does not intend to update these forward-lookingstatements.

Survision was chosen by HUB PARKING for a unique frictionless experience at LEGOLAND USA

April 27, 2023




Survision was chosen by HUB PARKING for a unique frictionless experience at LEGOLAND USA.




Amusement parks often mean an unforgettable day of fun but also endless long waiting lines from the beginning to the end of the visit.

Merlin Entertainments’s Legoland amusement parks (starting with New York and California) decided to face one of their most critical caveats: the frustration and inconvenience for visitors caused by long waiting lines at the parking lot.

That is why the Legoland team upgraded visitors’ experience while getting the most out of their parking assets.

Legoland needed the parking user experience to be easy, quick, and efficient while reducing potential lost revenue.

A Solution based on LPR

HUB Parking is the Parking system in charge of creating the new Legoland Pre-booking / Gateless / Free-Flow Ticketless Parking based on LPR, using Survision Micropak cameras.

Now Legoland entry lanes are fully free flow while exiting lanes gates are equipped with gates and License plate recognition to decide to open the gate if prepaid or to activate a pay station otherwise.

These are the Legoland Parking System’s new features:

Pre-Booking / Prepaid Parking: You can pre-book parking in other amusement parks, but you still have to wait in line like everybody else to validate the payment. In the new Legoland Free-Flow parking, you can Prepay your ticket and the LPR system will associate your license plate with your payment, so there is no need to perform any manual check.

Gateless free-flow entrance: No lines to access the park  (and no impatient kids screaming in the back of the car!). One LPR camera per lane catches the visitor’s license plates on the go while driving at any speed to the Parking lots.

Fast Exit for Prepaid Customers: When exiting the park, LPR system  will check your payment status and if Prepaid, it will open the barrier and let you go without stopping

On-site Pay Station: If your plate couldn’t be read at the entrance or if you didn’t Pre-book, the system  will instruct you to make payment at the Pay Station

Advanced data gathering and statistics: This digitalization process allows for collecting behavioral and transactional information on every visit, giving the company a better understanding of its customers and an opportunity to tune up its service.

An amusement park without Parking waiting lines?

Yes, this is the happy truth for Legoland and their new enhanced Parking customer experience: visitors can now skip the parking line step and go straight to the fun part!

Read more about Legoland LPR success story

TEZ Technology Announces Leadership Restructuring to Support Organization Growth

March 24, 2023



TEZ Technology Announces Leadership Restructuring to Support Organization Growth




TEZ Technology (TEZ), the parking industry’s leading developer of app-free, ticketless solutions is thrilled to announce the appointment and promotion of several new executive and director level positions. This leadership restructuring is an essential step toward the organization’s continued growth. These individuals will play a significant role in the future of the organization, provide essential leadership in pursuit of TEZ’s development and goals, and support the needs of TEZ clients nationwide.

TEZ is pleased to welcome Jim Zaloudek to the team. Jim joins TEZ as our new Chief Financial Officer. In this role, Jim will lead the effort to implement TEZ’s financial strategy. Jim has over 30 years of finance, executive management, operations management, and M&A experience within the software, IT services and telecom sectors. His ability to break down “walls” and improve processes enables him to provide strong fiduciary leadership during periods of significant revenue expansion.

JG Biebighauser has been promoted to Chief Sales and Marketing Officer. After successfully leading TEZ’s product team in 2022, JG will now manage both the sales and marketing teams. JG’s background as an operator coupled with his work in sales, strategy, and marketing at IBM positions him well to lead our growth efforts at TEZ. In his new role, JG will develop strategies to implement TEZ’s sales and marketing efforts, will lead in our developing and maintaining our strong industry partnerships, and will identify opportunities to further develop TEZ’s client relationships and support our client needs.

Katherine Beaty has been promoted to Executive Vice President of Client Success. Katherine is an experienced industry leader with more than 20 years of experience in operations, compliance, cybersecurity, and more. In this new role, Katherine will lead the organization’s efforts to ensure that TEZ solutions meet each client’s unique needs. Katherine will lead a team of implementation and support specialists. Under her leadership these teams will be jointly responsible for ensuring our clients’ success after the sale.

Russell Wiant has been promoted to Executive Vice President of Product and Technology. Previously, Russell served as TEZ’s Vice President of Engineering. In this new role, Russell will lead TEZ’s product team and will enhance the processes used to gather customer requirements and to deliver innovative technology to the parking industry. In addition, Russell will continue to lead TEZ’s development team as they build our industry-leading suite of app-free solutions. By bringing both the product and development teams under his leadership, TEZ has improved our ability to nimbly respond to the needs of our clients and the market.

Adam Barge has been promoted to Director of Product Development. Adam has been a part of the TEZ Team for nearly six years, most recently serving as Product Manager for our TEXT2PARK solution. In this new role, Adam will manage the entire product management team, including identifying opportunities to continue to enhance TEZ products.

Chad Brown has been promoted to Director of Systems Engineering. Chad is a proven leader and has been with TEZ for over six years. In his tenure at TEZ, Chad has lead our support team, has been instrumental in building external partner relationships, and, most recently, has been responsible for our flagship product, SMS Valet. In his new role, Chad will be responsible for technical product management at TEZ, ensuring that our solutions are developed in line with TEZ’s commitment to the highest quality stability and reliability.

TEZ’s CEO Mike Simmons stated, “We are excited about the future of TEZ as an organization as we continue to grow and enhance our app-free parking solutions, while helping transform the parking industry to create the best parking experiences possible. Each of these individuals have a proven track record of professionalism, innovation, and leadership and we are thrilled about the opportunities possible as TEZ continues to grow. Each will play a vital role in continuing TEZ’s efforts to support our clients and their effort to serve their clients and communities.”


About TEZ Technology

TEZ has long been at the forefront of connecting drivers and parking facility owners and operators, becoming the go-to technology for ticketless parking and valet. TEZ is an industry leader in providing innovative, app-free parking solutions designed to streamline the parking experience. TEZ’s innovations include SMS text-based platforms TEXT2PARK, PERMIT2PARK, and SMS Valet, enabling clients and customers to facilitate user-friendly contactless transactions and payments in self-park and valet operations across North America.

TEZ empowers owners and operators of parking related real estate to “go mobile” and generate significantly more revenue and efficiencies, automating traditional paper ticket processes, promoting client brand awareness, and greatly enhancing guest experiences.  For more information visit



DIXON Congratulates Emily Kwatinetz on her Promotion to Principal Consultant

March 20, 2023



DIXON Congratulates Emily Kwatinetz on her Promotion to Principal Consultant




We are thrilled to announce the promotion of Emily Kwatinetz to Principal!

Emily continues to be an essential part our team, and she has been instrumental in the success of our projects throughout the country. Emily deeply understands municipal operations, and she has expertise in parking policies and technology. Beyond managing our Planning Team and projects, Emily oversees our Data Team and the development of our new software solution, the DIXON Data Suite which has been successfully deployed in numerous municipalities.

Emily’s impact in the industry has been recognized by several awards including the Southwest Parking & Transportation Association Emerging Leader award this past October, and she received the “40 under 40” award from the National Parking Association in 2018.

Emily is an elected board member of the Pacific Intermountain Parking and Transportation Association. She also volunteers for the International Parking and Mobility Institute and the Washington State pedestrian advocacy nonprofit, Feet First.

Emily frequently presents at industry conferences, drawing upon her consulting experience supporting a range of municipal programs including paid parking, revenue collection and reconciliation, maintenance, employee and residential permits, wayfinding, shared parking, and other transportation and mobility matters. We are grateful to have Emily on our team!

Congratulations, Emily!

Julie Dixon, President

Dixon Resources Unlimited

TRES Announces Patriot L Product Now Made in USA

March 13, 2023



TRES Announces Patriot L Product Now Made in USA



In keeping with their quest to offer products made in the USA, Transponder and Reader Engineered Systems announces that Patriot L high performance long range reader will be the replacement for the original TRES-900.2 reader.

“The Patriot L is from our feature rich Patriot series RFID readers that are made and assembled in the USA with industry standard 26-bit weigand and other formats available,” explains Steve Hale, President of Tres. “The discontinuance of the TRES-900.2 product is in keeping with our practice of replacing older models with newer models that have improved design and functionality. Our intent is to allow our customers to order the 900.2 until stock is depleted.”

The Patriot L will install, wire and mount to any application where at 900.2 reader has been installed or considered for installation. “The Patriot L, along with the entire Patriot series, will provide long-range performance and will have additional features like transactional LED and internal adjustable buffer, to name a few,” says Steve.

TRES will continue to honor the warranty terms for the TRES-900.2 units for the duration of their purchased warranty period.

For more information, visit

Modii Partners with the City of Colorado Springs to Help Drivers Conveniently Find Parking 

March 06, 2023




Modii Partners with the City of Colorado Springs to Help Drivers ConvenientlyFind Parking 




COLORADO SPRINGS, Co. March 6, 2023 – Modii, a provider of smart mobility solutions, announced their partnership with the City of Colorado Springs to empower City of Colorado Springs Parking Enterprise, residents and commuters with its smart parking platform. 

Modii’s technology comprises digital infrastructure, data integration, and parking intelligence to give users the resources they need for smart parking planning. The platform is designed to empower the city in the planning and management of parking, and their ability to serve the residents and commuters of Colorado Springs. 

“Anyone who’s tried to find parking in Colorado Springs, or any other metropolitan area knows firsthand that the experience can be frustrating,” said Mark Frumar, President of Modii. “We’re thrilled to partner with the City of Colorado Springs to give residents and commuters access to convenient parking solutions at their fingertips, along with the data-driven insights that will help parking administrators optimize parking supply to meet customer demand at all times.”

Today, the Colorado Springs Parking Finder powered by Modii is live and ready for use. The tool displays the digital infrastructure of curbside parking assets and the location of:

  •       Free parking
  •       Paid parking (including rates)
  •       Handicapped meter parking
  •       Commercial loading zones
  •       Restricted and unrestricted free parking
  •       Bus shuttles (Zeb)
  •       Motorcycle only parking
  •       Passenger loading areas
  •       Off street parking
  •       Pike ride hubs

With the ability to find the best place to park quickly and with ease, motorists in Colorado Springs will enjoy a more convenient, hassle-free driving experience. The Parking Finder will also help alleviate traffic congestion by streamlining parking. This delivers benefits for businesses whose customers have to park on the street by reducing the frustration of having to drive around to find an open parking spot before shopping, arriving for an appointment, or enjoying a meal.

“The City of Colorado Springs Parking Enterprise is excited to partner with Modii. After meetings with Modii, it was clear their Parking Finder should be the next step forward with technology. Modii’s commitment to grow their platform and develop customizations to meet our needs gave us the comfort we needed to form this partnership.” – John Crawford, Parking Manager at City of Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is home to more than 483,000 people – and employs over 287,000 people, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Accommodating so many drivers throughout the bustling city has its challenges, and parking can be a significant one. To address these challenges, Colorado Springs decision makers have sought innovative solutions from outside sources. 

Modii has been working in Colorado Springs since 2021, when the company was named winner of the Colorado Smart City Alliance Revive! Challenge. The challenge invited participants to provide smart cities solutions with a focus on resiliency and equity. Modii (Spot Parking at the time) was awarded for its dynamic and flexible model for curb use consultation activities and efficient guidance of road users. 

Drivers who wish to utilize the Colorado Springs Parking Finder may do access it here:

About Modii 

Modii provides modern mobility solutions via a unified platform of digital infrastructure, data integration, and parking intelligence. The innovative technology supports the digital transformation of urban areas and campuses while empowering thoughtful parking planning through data-driven insights.

SP Plus Corporation Named one of America’s Best Small Companies – Forbes

March 03, 2023

SP Plus Corporation Named one of America’s Best Small Companies – Forbes



CHICAGO – SP+ (SP+), (Nasdaq: SP) a leading provider of technology-driven mobility solutions for aviation, commercial, hospitality and institutional clients throughout North America and Europe, today announced it has been named to Forbes annual list of America’s Best Small Companies.

“We are honored to be recognized as one of America’s Best Small Companies for 2023,” said Marc Baumann, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of SP+. “Over the last several years, we’ve made strategic investments to build cutting-edge technology solutions and lead the digital transformation of our industry. We believe this recognition reflects our strong positioning and positive growth trajectory.”

Forbes screened more than 1,000 companies with a market value between $300 million and $2 billion to identify 541 companies that had positive sales growth over the past 12 months and a share price of at least $5. The ranking is based on earnings growth, sales growth, return on equity and total stock return for the latest 12 months and over the last five years, with more weight given to the latest year’s data.

The full Forbes 2023 America’s Best Small Companies list is available here.

About SP+

SP+ blends industry-leading technology and best-in-class operations to deliver mobility solutions that enable the efficient movement of people, vehicles and personal belongings. The Company is committed to elevating the consumer experience while meeting the objectives of its diverse clients across North America and Europe. For more information, visit

Cautionary Note Regarding Forward-Looking Statements

This release contains forward-looking statements as defined in the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, including the statements regarding expectations, beliefs, plans, intentions and strategies of the Company. The Company has tried to identify these statements by using words such as “expect”, “anticipate”, “believe”, “confident”, “could”, “should”, “estimate”, “intend”, “may”, “plan”, “guidance”, “pathway”, “will”, and similar terms and phrases, but such words, terms and phrases are not the exclusive means of identifying such statements. These forward-looking statements are made based on management’s expectations and beliefs concerning future events affecting the Company and are subject to uncertainties and factors relating to operations and the business environment. Actual results, performance and achievements could differ materially from those expressed in, or implied by, these forward-looking statements due to a variety of risks, uncertainties and other factors. For a detailed discussion of factors that could affect the Company’s future operating results, please see the Company’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, including the disclosures under “Risk Factors” in those filings. Except as expressly required by the federal securities laws, the Company undertakes no obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, changed circumstances or future events or for any other reason.

Laney Solutions Announces Partnership With Women Industry Leaders [WIL]

February 23, 2023

Laney Solutions Announces Partnership With Women Industry Leaders [WIL]


DENVER, CO  – Laney Solutions, the premier executive recruiting firm focused exclusively on recruiting services for the parking industry, announced today its new partnership with Women Industry Leaders [WIL]. Kathleen Laney, President of Laney Solutions, has also been appointed as a Board Director of WIL. As part of this new partnership, Laney Solutions will provide professional development, career management advice and a comprehensive career portal to WIL and their members.


“By bringing our insights, influence and job opportunities to the members of WIL, we plan to elevate the hiring, visibility and advancement of women in the parking industry – at every stage of their career. As the leading expert in recruiting for the parking industry, I’ve made this a personal mission, and partnering with WIL is a natural step forward to continue educating parking organizations and hiring leaders on the value and equity women bring to the workplace and leadership roles,” said Kathleen Laney, President of Laney Solutions.


“Women Industry Leaders partnering with Laney Solutions is a powerful alliance that promises to elevate women’s careers to new heights. As a career services provider, Laney Solutions has a proven track record of equipping professionals with the skills and resources necessary to succeed in today’s fast-paced business world. By partnering with Women Industry Leaders, they are not only strengthening their expertise but also bringing new perspectives and innovative solutions to the table. This collaboration will undoubtedly empower women to break down barriers, shatter glass ceilings, and achieve their full potential in their respective fields,” added Heather Matthews, Founder of Women Industry Leaders.


Additional Board Directors that will help oversee and guide the strategic vision for the organization include:

  • Alyssa Alt – Manager of Curbside & Parking, Denver Department of Transportation

  • Courtney Irwin Regional Account Manager, Magnetic Autocontrol, USA

  • Heather Matthews – CAPP, PMP, Founder, President, Savvy Gal Technical Solutions

  • Kathleen Laney – Executive Recruiter & Founder, Laney Solutions

  • Kendra Violet – Executive Director of Parking & Transportation, Stony Brook University

  • Lauren Santillano – Sales Manager, EYEP Solutions Inc.

Advising Directors that will support the Board of Directors and Women Industry Leaders include:

About Laney Solutions

Laney Solutions is the leading recruiting firm for the parking industry. Since 2014, parking industry employers have turned to Laney Solutions when they need top-tier parking talent for management, experienced sales professionals, and executive level placements. For questions or inquiries, please contact Kathleen Laney at or visit



Hawa Dawa’s AI-based Air Quality Monitoring Solution Successfully Competes with Traditional Methods

February 21, 2023




Hawa Dawa’s AI-based Air Quality Monitoring Solution Successfully Competes with Traditional Methods


Revolutionizing Environmental Monitoring through Cutting-Edge Technology and Innovative Approaches


Munich, February 2023: OpenAI’s ChatGPT has made artificial intelligence more accessible to the public, enabling people to witness the capabilities of AI in their daily lives. Recognizing the potential of AI in environmental monitoring, Hawa Dawa has integrated AI into the core of its air monitoring method from the very beginning. The Hawa Dawa solution leverages the advantages of AI, including increased efficiency, improved accuracy, and better decision-making, to provide a comprehensive and accurate picture of the environment.

Hawa Dawa’s innovative approach to environmental monitoring has resulted in significant cost savings, full scalability, and continuous improvements to the product. TÜV Süd and multiple direct comparisons with alternative solutions confirmed the reliability and accuracy of Hawa Dawa’s method.

Hawa Dawa’s Sentience System recently faced a critical challenge when it won a tender in one of Europe’s largest capitals. The solution was benchmarked against competitive hardware products from two traditional hardware manufacturers, comparing Hawa Dawa’s AI-based solution with air quality monitoring relying on pure hardware. Despite the constraints of the evaluation, which did not allow further training of the AI after deployment and the loss of the training station in Munich, Hawa Dawa’s solution outperformed the competitors in two of three accuracy-related categories.

The conclusion of the evaluation is clear: AI-based air quality monitoring can replace traditional, costly, and bulky hardware-centric measurement methods without compromising accuracy. The robust AI developed by Hawa Dawa delivered acceptable results even under unfavourable conditions and has the potential to provide even higher accuracy levels with full leverage of the AI-based models and continuous improvements through machine learning. The results of this comparison are available upon request.

“At Hawa Dawa, we believe in the power of AI to revolutionize the way we monitor air quality,” says Karim Tarraf, CEO and Co-Founder of Hawa Dawa. “Our recent evaluation against two traditional hardware manufacturers, even under challenging conditions where we were unable to further train our AI algorithms or calibrate our devices, confirms that our AI-based solution can deliver robust and accurate results that rival traditional methods.”

Hawa Dawa is proud to revolutionize the field of environmental monitoring through its cutting-edge technology and innovative approaches. To learn more about Hawa Dawa’s solution, please contact

About Hawa Dawa:

Hawa Dawa forms the basis for a new digital knowledge network for resilient and climate-neutral cities and future-oriented companies. The focus is on facilitating the use of meaningful environmental data in decision making. Hawa Dawa compiles air quality data from all available sources, from satellites to ground-based public monitoring stations to IoT sensors, and correlates it with use case-specific data, such as traffic. These insights are made available on intuitive dashboards, annotated APIs and deep-dive analytics reports. The data covers the full range from historical to real-time to predictive and simulation.

Hawa Dawa leverages state-of-the-art sensor technology, IoT, AI, machine learning, and cloud services to provide A-class air quality data at high spatial and temporal resolution.

The international team consists of engineers, software specialists and data analysts, experts in sensor technology, satellite and traffic modelling, and business developers.

Hawa Dawa covers the entire spectrum: from consulting and data management to analysis and forecastings, complemented by proprietary hardware that enables enhanced coverage with relevant measurement points both temporally and spatially.

For more information, .

Parking Challenges? There’s a new solution that’ll help Owners and Operators

February 21, 2023


Parking Challenges? There’s a new solution that’ll help Owners and Operators



In-Parking, a new parking management ecosystem, has come to the United States to change parking owners’ and operators’ processes from day one. With a market generating around 9 billion dollars a year, the parking industry continues experimenting with rapid growth to keep up with intelligent cities’ new challenges.

According to Vox, the United States has around eight parking spaces for every car, which is 30% of coverage in each city. Therefore, it’s become more challenging to operate a large number of garages and lots for parking owners and operators. Also, dealing with multiple systems becomes cumbersome, error-prone, and time and labor-extensive.

Although there are several parking systems, most are siloed, creating unnecessary complexity and lacking interoperability. That’s why the innovative parking solution In-Parking is developed to provide increased efficiency, seamless revenue management, enhanced customer satisfaction, and quick data collection and analysis.

In-Parking‘s revolutionary system was created to enhance parking business operations with real data and deeper performance visibility thanks to embedded KPIs and integrations with your revenue control, phone-based Apps, GIS systems, and more. Therefore, parking operations will shift 180 degrees to a comprehensive approach that gathers valuable real-time data.

This system eliminates common obstacles such as space utilization, cost management, revenue control, reporting insights, lack of integration with multiple disparate apps, and regulation tools for owners. Therefore, In-Parking offers benefits like:

Improving customer satisfaction
Increasing revenue and controlling expenses
Diving deep into real data and performance
Receiving centralized real-time information for real decisions
Eliminating manual data entry, uploads, and redundant data entry

In-Parking‘s clients like Miami Parking Authority (MPA) have witnessed these benefits and many more since its implementation:

Complete integration from beginning to end with the financial and operations system In-Parking ERP, the integration with the facility management solution (IMS), its eCommerce platforms, GIS, POS, Revenue Control, and more with the strength of the In-Parking SIGHT analytics platform.
Eliminating multiple manual data uploads and redundant data entry.
Saving on average 160 hours per week of manpower.
Reduced in-person visits to the customer service office.
Real-time services, decals, and permits for customers.

“We reduced the number of customers that had to visit our office every month; the system -allows them to handle the entire transaction online […] Also, we had a very manual process for customers placing an order and then having that information entered into the financial system, and then transferring the information from the financial system to the revenue control or the enforcement systems.”
Henry Espinosa – IT Director at MPA

So, what is In-Parking?

In-Parking is an end-to-end flexible parking management system solution that integrates, operates, and modernizes operations. It is a data-driven ecosystem of solutions that helps facilitate, enhance, and manage parking operations with a tried and proven solution based on modern app architecture.

Owners and operators utilize In-Parking to help them control finances and manage garages, lots, and zones while providing deep insights, overall operations, profitability, usage, and metrics to serve their customers better.

Focusing on providing a seamless customer experience for your clients, In-Parkingunderstands that parking is not just about space but about living real interaction. It’s about interacting with family and friends, going to restaurants, sports events, or any other occasion your customers would have in their everyday lives.

That way, they will have a seamless experience whenever they need to move around, and In-Parking helps you facilitate and manage those interactions.

What does In-Parking focus on?

Focusing on parking owners and operators, In-Parking specializes in delivering a comprehensive solution for Parking Authorities & Departments (PA&D), Transit & Express Authorities (T&EA), Airport Parking Services (APS), and Private Parking & Services (PP&S).

Parking Authorities & Departments (PA&D)

PA&D can quickly serve communities more efficiently and securely while empowering employees’ productivity, improving parking flow, and reaching more significant results.

In-Parking helps small, and large municipalities overcome common challenges by cost-effectively relying on tech and parking-specific modules. This allows them to increase operations’ visibility, elevate citizens’ satisfaction, integrate with revenue control equipment and existing ERP, and unify rules and regulations tool that fits owners’ local legal framework for parking.

Transit & Express Authorities (T&EA)

T&EA can seamlessly optimize demand and ensure efficiency, manage collected funds, and designate them for their operations’ continual improvement and maintenance while ensuring stakeholder requirements.

In-Parking helps T&EA guarantee visibility, speed, and quality from transit authorities to citizens, help increase operational efficiency and client satisfaction, integrate with an ERP system, and unify rules and regulations tool that fits owners’ local legal framework for parking.

Airport Parking Services (APS)

APS can increase operational efficiency, improve travelers’ parking experience, control operating costs, enhance non-aeronautical revenue, and reduce passenger complaints.

In-Parking offers a robust service that helps APS impact parking operations with a flexible system that meets business needs, ensures maximum efficiency and productivity for real decisions, and improves the guest experience with steady quality service.

Private Parking & Services (PP&S)

PP&S can optimize parking availability and increase profits. In-Parking works with private parking and service organizations by integrating siloed systems into complete back-office financials and the In-Parking Information Management System (IMS) suite, providing an unparalleled view into operations.

In-Parking provides PP&S with the necessary services and equipment to ensure their processes run smoothly and efficiently, provide insight and visibility into operations, and manage Surge or Demand Pricing based on usage data.

In-Parking ecosystem solutions

In-Parking offers a complete ecosystem of solutions that include In-Parking ERP industry-specific solutions, In-Parking Information Management System (IMS), In-Parking Sight (for reporting), quick integration & eCommerce, and customer service add-on.

In-Parking ERP

An all-inclusive parking solution specifically designed for companies seeking to enhance financial and accounting results with an ERP aimed at the Parking industry with:

Finance & Accounting
Approval process
Data insights
In-Parking IMS

Gain 360-visibility of the contract status and control your products and services with different app integrations and In-Parking Information Management System (IMS), optimizing your operations, including features of:

Contract management
Control table
In-Parking Sight

Provide deeper insights into your parking and allow data-driven actionable insights into allocating resources with Financial Systems integrations and revenue control equipment. Fully integrated with:

In-Parking ERP
In-Parking IMS
And many others.

Why should you choose In-Parking?

As an IMPMI and FPTA official member, In-Parking is built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Applications Ecosystem. It was designed from the ground up to facilitate, enhance, and extend parking operations, offering a suite of modern and flexible parking management systems that respond to the garage, lots, and smart cities’ current and future needs.

About In-Parking

In-Parking is an end-to-end flexible parking management system solution that integrates, operates, and modernizes operations for owners and operators. It is a data-driven ecosystem of solutions that helps facilitate, enhance, and manage parking operations with a tried and proven solution based on modern app architecture.

In-Parking was designed and built from the ground up for municipal parking by Pangea Consultants, which has broad expertise in developing new technologies, using Microsoft business solutions as its foundation, and delivering a unique product for the Parking industry.

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