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88% of U.S Drivers Avoid Paying for Parking, New ParkMobile Study Reveals

February 27, 2024


88% of U.S Drivers Avoid Paying for Parking, New Study Reveals



According to a survey conducted by the most used parking app in the U.S., ParkMobile, 75% of drivers have been deterred from going out because of bad parking despite 85% of spaces sitting empty


ATLANTA, Feb. 27, 2024  — ParkMobile, the most used parking app in the U.S. and part of the EasyPark Group, conducted a survey to understand the parking experiences of U.S. drivers. The study highlights the frustration that drivers experience because of poor parking infrastructure, with 88% of drivers seeking to avoid paying for parking. With search times taking around 10 minutes on average, the difficulty of finding and paying for parking deters 75% of drivers from traveling or attending social experiences.

Study respondents also highlighted removing uncertainty from the parking journey would be a positive draw for consumers. Among drivers that avoid paying for parking, 67% would be willing to pay if a parking space was able to be reserved in advance. When asked about coordinating these reservations, 84% of respondents who have used more than one mobile parking app in the past year would prefer one app to handle all their parking needs, including reserving mass transit and event parking. ParkMobile’s offerings have already catered to this consumer demand by providing parking reservation for street parking, garages, and stadium events.

“American cities are filled with both overtaxed city-center parking in high demand and sprawling underused garages and surface lots that are often constructed without information about the parking experiences of modern consumers,” said Chris Camp, Chief Commercial Officer of EasyPark Group. “These choices negatively impact traffic, the environment and urban vibrancy, and should be considered as part of a holistic approach to building sustainable city cores. At ParkMobile, we are dedicated to making cities more livable and we feel data insights are one way to make more informed consumer decisions and better planned infrastructure.”

Inconsistent rules and parking payment systems increase difficulty for drivers and disincentivize engaging with parking infrastructure. While 88% of respondents state they rarely pay for parking, sentiment towards paid parking changes if additional context can be provided. If paid parking ensured improved transportation, including improved bike lanes, 70% of respondents would be willing to pay. Additionally, the survey highlights that almost half of respondents (46%) are unaware that free parking is funded through local resident taxes and 64% of respondents would be more willing to pay for parking if it meant lower taxes.

“ParkMobile, as a part of EasyPark Group, has seen the need to advance parking infrastructure through technology and insights. As part of this advancement there is the opportunity to educate drivers and municipalities about the realities of their existing parking ecosystems and what is possible for the future. Implementing models of open market parking and offering Parking Data as a Service provides streamlined engagement with parking technology and is a step toward improving cities’ relationships with parking,” said Camp.

Since being founded in 2008, ParkMobile has processed over 120 billion minutes of parking in North America. ParkMobile works with cities to provide real-time parking data and trends to better plan their urban design. This includes some of the two million parking spaces across the country, in over 600 cities and municipalities and 140 colleges and universities.

The study was conducted by ParkMobile with over 2,000 respondents located across the U.S. Respondents included drivers of various ages that drive at least two days per week on average to represent those most aware of their parking experiences. For more information on the study visit: The ParkMobile State of Parking Report.


Haley Haas
PR Manager, US 678-446-0148

Umojo Expands Commitment to Drive Better Urban Mobility with Award of Sourcewell Curb Management Contract

February 15, 2024





Umojo Expands Commitment to Drive Better Urban Mobility with Award of Sourcewell Curb Management Contract




Cooperative Municipal procurement leader awards Umojo with Preferred Contract Supplier Status for Municipal Curb Management Technologies



Chicago, IL – February 7, 2024Umojo announced today that it is delighted to have been chosen as a contract supplier of Curb Management Technology and Services by Sourcewell, a leader in cooperative purchasing facilitation for public entities across North America.

Sourcewell, A self-sustaining government organization, has over 40 years of dedicated service helping government and education entities operate more efficiently through a variety of solutions, including cooperative RFP facilitation and vetting 3rd party vendors for ease of procurement and faster contracting.

In 2023, The U.S. Department of Transportation opened a grant application program for Municipalities to drive Smart City initiatives. Cities were encouraged to submit innovative program proposals with the purpose of improving safety, efficiency, and quality of life in urban corridors. Of those cities selected to receive grant funding for their program proposals, the majority chose Sourcewell to facilitate the vendor selection and cooperative RFP process on their behalf, thereby creating a simpler, more efficient procurement process for each city.

Sourcewell evaluated vendor proposals as they relate to the scope of services set forth by the organization and participating cities. With an award from Sourcewell and becoming a Sourcewell Awarded Supplier, each participating city can choose solutions from Umojo without having to issue a formal RFP process themselves. Umojo is pleased to be one of the few selected vendors to become a Sourcewell Awarded Supplier, achieving the highest overall ranking amongst all vendor submissions.

Rick Neubauer, Umojo CEO, Stated, “We are honored and excited to be selected by Sourcewell to be a preferred vendor to the Grant Cities for this Curb Management Program. We strongly believe that a city can’t truly become a “Smart City” unless it addresses its curb inventory. As cities strive to meet the evolving needs of their constituents, the curb is quickly becoming its most critical real estate.  Multiple entities compete for its space daily, with rideshares, delivery vehicles, public parking, and public transportation among them. We are excited to partner with grant recipient cities to help solve these problems and improve the lives of citizens and businesses, while promoting a safer, more equitable curb inventory.”

About Sourcewell

Sourcewell is a self-sustaining government organization offering a cooperative purchasing program with more than 400 competitively solicited contracts to government, education, and nonprofit entities throughout North America. By utilizing Sourcewell contracts, participating agencies save time and money by capturing the buying power of more than 50,000 organizations.

 About Umojo

Umojo is a leading platform provider of mobility technology, omnichannel contact center operations, data analytics, and network security to drive operational excellence and superior customer experience for the Mobility Industry. The Umojo Nexus Platform powers the core of all Umojo solutions, and harnesses deep expertise to allow municipalities, parking operators, and businesses to better serve their customers and citizens. Using the most accurate camera AI, and integrations with everyone in the industry, Umojo can provide unmatched insights and controls to on and off-street parking and mobility.

Brett Winslow to become President & CEO of the North American subsidiary of DESIGNA, Designa Access Corporation

February 14, 2024



Brett Winslow to become President & CEO of the North American subsidiary of DESIGNA, Designa Access Corporation



DESIGNA is pleased to announce that Brett Winslow has joined their U.S. subsidiary in a leadership role. Mr. Winslow will become President & CEO of the North American subsidiary, Designa Access Corporation, succeeding John Curtiss who retires March 1st.

Mr. Winslow has an extensive background in the parking industry with manufacturers as well as service companies in the development and delivery of technology-based parking management systems. He joins DESIGNA at an exciting time as the industry continues to evolve and adopt new technologies and innovative solutions.

Oliver Suter, CEO of DESIGNA, said “Our U.S. operation represents the largest growth opportunity for DESIGNA in our most sophisticated market. Brett will capitalize on DESIGNA‘s dominance in delivering customized Parking Access & Revenue Management Systems with integrated digital solutions.”

Mr. Winslow observed “DESIGNA‘s reputation in delivering quality parking systems for integrated enterprise environments is well recognized. We have a significant opportunity to expand our enterprise experience in airports and health care into other markets with related requirements. DESIGNA Access USA is ready to lead the market. We are growing our team to meet the demands of our changing industry and building partner and client relationships that deliver a premium parking experience. “

DESIGNA is a world market leader in fully automated parking systems. We are redefining parking management technology, and more than 500 employees in 60 countries do their best for our customers daily. With our holistic product concept, we offer smart solutions for complex requirements. Each system is carefully tailored to specific needs – for airports, hotels, malls, universities, hospitals, or even entire cities. We successfully break new ground in parking space management by archiving excellence. All components are precisely adapted to the respective application and expressly developed for smooth interactions. A visionary approach and the constant striving for progress characterize our success in parking space management – for more than 70 years.

Carlisle, PA To Update Its Parking System with User-Friendly Solution, Flowbird, in 2024

February 13, 2024




Carlisle, PA To Update Its Parking System with User-Friendly Solution in 2024


New mobile payment options offer faster convenience than ever before.



Carlisle, Pennsylvania — The Borough of Carlisle, Pennsylvania has announced an exciting upgrade to its parking system in partnership with Butts Ticket Systems and Flowbird Group, the leader in curbside management and urban mobility solutions. The Borough is replacing its aging single-space parking meters with 56 Flowbird Pay-by-Plate Smart Parking Kiosks, fully equipped with the industry’s latest technology. Additionally, the Borough will now be offering three modernized digital payment options, the Flowbird mobile payment app, Pay-by-Text and Extend-by-Text!

The new parking system will feature 56 solar-powered parking kiosks with a 9.7” full color touch display that is accessible for all customers, including meeting ADA standards. The touch screen display has the look and feel of a tablet, walking users step-by-step through the transaction process. To begin, the user simply enters their license plate number and desired length of stay. Payment will now be accepted with either coins or debit/credit card. Once payment has been made, the parking session has started and there is no need to walk back to their vehicle to display a receipt on the dashboard.

Drivers who are making a quick stop to the downtown area have the option to use the ’15 minutes free parking’ option at the kiosks after inputting their license plate number.

A new and exciting feature of the updated pay stations is Extend-by-Text. Once users finish their transaction on the kiosk, they will have the option to input their mobile phone number. When their parking session is about to expire, they will receive a text with the option to add more time remotely without needing to walk back to the pay station.

The Borough is also excited to announce the release of two other digital parking solutions, the Flowbird Mobile Payment App and Pay-by-Text!

The Flowbird App allows patrons to pay for parking from their mobile devices, receive text notifications when time is about to expire, and extend their time without having to visit a parking kiosk. Designed as a true mobility app, the Flowbird App features a map-based user interface, integrated with Waze and other navigation systems to guide users to their preferred parking location.

The app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Pay-by-Text is an easy-to-use web-based solution that allows drivers to pay for their parking session directly from their phone without creating an account or downloading an app.

Here’s how it works: Once the user is parked, they can find a number posted on the side of the kiosk or nearby sign near their parking location. The user simply texts the number provided, immediately receiving a secure link to follow to input their parking details. They enter their license plate number, parking duration and payment information. A confirmation is sent, and their parking session begins. Information is sent to parking enforcement who can verify the vehicle is in compliance. That’s it! There is no need to create an account, download an app, or visit a kiosk.

Paid parking hours throughout the Borough of Carlisle are Monday through Friday, 8AM to 4PM.

By implementing modernized parking solutions with convenient payment options, the Borough will be able to better manage parking turnover and visitor influx during peak periods and provide a more user-friendly experience. The addition of digital payment options will bring a consistent and higher level of customer service to the parking public.

Project management and installation is being managed by Flowbird’s local distribution partner, Butts Ticket Systems, based out of Pennsylvania.


About Flowbird

FLOWBIRD operates in 4,350 towns and cities across 80 countries. The company is constantly innovating and breaking new ground to help provide solutions. Its mission is to facilitate the individual journey and maximize a city’s unique mobility potential, while considering all city stakeholders and end-user experiences. Through its devices, elite service platform and teams, Flowbird enables a new era for maximizing urban harmony and value throughout the city’s core.


January 24, 2024



Atlanta-Based Parking Management Company Advises Property Owners on EV Infrastructure, Providing Peace of Mind Plus Turnkey Solutions

ATLANTA (Jan. 24, 2024)—The electrification of transportation offers energy efficiency, pollution reduction and performance benefits; however, it also presents new challenges for parking operators and developers. Fortunately, Phoenix Parking Solutions president Jeff Patterson continues his commitment to innovation in the parking industry by offering comprehensive consulting services and infrastructure solutions for electric vehicle (EV) parking and charging so clients can adapt their facilities most cost-effectively.
Phoenix Parking Solutions, an Atlanta-based parking management company known for utilizing state-of-the-art technology, now provides customized solutions for retailers, residential buildings, mixed-use facilities, event venues, hotels and restaurants that are considering upgrading their operations to include EV charging stations.
“This is new technology, and most property owners don’t know where to start. However, EV infrastructure is something everyone should look into from an investment standpoint,” says Patterson. “We are here to guide clients through the process from meeting regulatory requirements to capacity planning and installation to evaluating the return on their investment.”
Phoenix’s solutions start with the company’s strategic partnership with Pyramid Network Services, a trusted nationwide infrastructure services company that simplifies the EV charging installation process and helps guide businesses through the transition from diagnosis and engineering design all the way through to maintenance. Thanks to this partnership, Phoenix’s clients have access to a multitude of charging station companies, plus a national database that tracks different tax and utility incentives. Most importantly, Pyramid provides long-term service and training that ensures EV chargers are up and running (currently 30 percent of EV chargers are down at any given time).
The share of electric cars in total sales has more than tripled in the past three years, and the size of the global EV market is expected to reach $906.7 billion by 2028. However, many owners simply need help understanding the benefits of offering EV charging stations for their customers and their business. These benefits include increased customer satisfaction, improved brand image that is environmentally conscious and forward-thinking, increased foot traffic and the addition of a new revenue stream.
“Electric vehicles are here to stay, so our goal is to give clients peace of mind knowing we can tailor our services to their specific needs and ensure their EV charging stations are not only installed and maintained properly but also are contributing to their bottom line,” says Patterson. “As the number of EVs on the road continues to grow, businesses that offer charging stations will be better positioned to attract and retain customers for longer periods.”
Phoenix Parking Solutions’ comprehensive solutions include but are not limited to:
  • Identifying goals and tailoring charging station plans to specific needs
  • Identifying potential power supply limitations
  • Executing permits
  • Assisting with loan applications and identifying rebates to help subsidize expenses
  • Ensuring the EV upgrades meet new government standards
  • Capacity planning to accommodate the growing number of electric vehicles
  • Selecting vendors and ensuring installation and accessibility meet regulatory requirements
  • Installing charging stations and training team members
  • Evaluating the return on investment for EV upgrades
  • Helping clients get ahead of the curve by future-proofing operations
The “value engineering” that Phoenix and Pyramid can offer to property owners who are ready to take advantage of the EV evolution helps determine the best location and power systems for the EV charging stations to minimize upfront costs while also identifying future monetization opportunities.
“It’s not just about the return on investment of the chargers outside, it’s about the additional money that retailers can make inside their businesses,” says Patterson. “We encourage our clients to consider the potential that EV chargers have to draw in more customers who will inevitably spend more time and money there while waiting for their cars to charge.”
About Phoenix Parking Solutions
Phoenix Parking Solutions is a nationwide parking management, consulting and EV charging solutions operator based out of Atlanta. The company specializes in a range of parking services for restaurants, hotels, country clubs, shopping centers, and community events, in addition to parking management, logistics, and consulting services. Phoenix president Jeff Patterson, an active member of the National Parking Association (NPA) and one of less than 500 Certified Parking Professionals in the country, has been named to NPA’s 40 Under 40 – Class of 2021 that recognizes the positive impact of the best and brightest young professionals in the parking industry. For more information, call 678-412-0505 or visit
About Pyramid Network Services
Trusted. Proven. Committed. Pyramid is a debt-free, nationwide infrastructure services company. Since inception in 1996, Pyramid has been an industry leader in the commercial wireless, public safety, utility and renewable energy sectors and has completed work on over 100,000 wireless sites. Pyramid believes in the simplification of electrification. Charge Forward with Pyramid Network Services.

Colorado School of Mines Elevates Parking Experience with TKH Security’s State-of-the-Art Automated Parking Guidance System

January 04, 2024


Colorado School of Mines Elevates Parking Experience with TKH Security’s State-of-the-Art Automated Parking Guidance System



Cheshire, CT  – TKH Security (formerly Park Assist), a leading technology provider in camera-based Automated Parking Guidance Systems (APGS), is pleased to announce the prestigious Colorado School of Mines has chosen our cutting-edge parking solutions to enhance the overall parking experience on their campus in C+PKll garage with 871 parking spaces.

At the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, the Colorado School of Mines (Mines) is located in Golden, Colorado. Recently celebrating its Fall 2023 Undergraduate Commencement, Mines is a public research university focused on applied science and engineering. Mines once again ranked among the nation’s top universities in U.S. News & World Report’s 2024 edition of Best Colleges, ranking #36 in Top Public Schools nationwide and first in Colorado.

“As we see available land shrinking on college campuses across North America, the need for parking guidance to maximize overall availability is becoming essential,” said Jeff Sparrow, Director of Sales, North America. “Our technology not only maximizes parking efficiency but also offers enhanced security features, creating a safer environment. To the benefit of students, faculty, and staff, campus security will be able to better monitor each parking space.”

The camera-based M5 smart-sensor is the core of our automated parking guidance system (APGS). With two CMOS digital cameras on either side, the M5 smart-sensors are installed above the driving lane to monitor up to six parking spaces each, up to three on each side. Exhibiting a 99%+ accuracy rate, the M5 has a full spectrum RGB (LED) indicator that can be configured to display thousands of colors to indicate occupancy and parking space type. Most commonly, green indicates available, blue indicates handicapped, purple indicates EV, while red indicates occupied. Reducing time to park by up to 63%, the system not only facilities a smoother traffic flow inside the parking garage but it also reduces congestion in the surrounding areas.

Their automated parking guidance system (APGS) package also includes:

  • Camera-based C5 Smart Counting Solution to be placed at key points to accurately detect and count bidirectional traffic, sending the data to both VMS signs and INX,
  • With maximum messaging flexibility, VMS signage will treat parkers with to up to the moment guidance at key decision points, guiding them to available parking quickly,
  • Park Alerts will send proactive notifications for the arrival of important or banned persons, if someone overstays their limited-time space, or if someone parks in a restricted space,
  • Park Surveillance will deliver comprehensive monitoring of each parking space, in and between spaces, by capturing HD streaming video when motion is detected or continuously, allowing security to be on the lookout for suspicious activity in a more efficient way than ever before,
  • And the INX integration will provide Mines with real-time and historical, actionable data including: occupancy, dwell time, turnover, heatmaps, frequency, trends, comparative analytics, environmental conditions, and more.

“Mines selected us based on our leadership in camera-based APGS and our extensive experience in successful parking guidance installations. With installation beginning in Q1 2024, I look forward to working closely with Mines on this project,” said Sparrow.


December 13, 2023






PITTSBURGH, PA — Bike Share Pittsburgh (POGOH) is celebrating a year of record high ridership in 2023 withover 200,000 trips since January 1. This year’s ridership numbers squash the previous record set in 2021 of 124,211 rides, which was also the peak of the former Healthy Ride system’s network of 115 stations. POGOHexpanded by 22 stations in June of 2023, and currently operates 60 stations and 600 bikes across the City of Pittsburgh. More than half of its bike fleet are electric-assist bikes.


“Part of what I love about Pittsburgh’s unique charm is in its steep slopes, terraced business districts, andchallenging hills,” said David White, executive director at POGOH. “After introducing electric-assist bicycles last year, it’s been a thrill to see so many Pittsburgh residents, students, and visitors bounce from neighborhood to neighborhood taking on the hilliest short bike trips on our POGOH e-bikes. By strengthening our partnerships with Highmark and Allegheny Health Network, Duquesne Light, and the City of Pittsburgh, we’veinstalled 20 electric charging stations throughout the city. Watching new riders jump on a POGOH, confident that a fully charged e-assist bike awaits them at the next station, reinforces our conviction in a moresustainable, less congested, and fun, mobility future.”


Furthermore, the University of Pittsburgh community is riding at unprecedented rates. A partnership between the University of Pittsburgh and POGOH makes all trips under 30 minutes free for all students, staff, and faculty. The partnership launched in 2019 and has grown year over year. In 2023, Pitt riders contributed to more than 110,000 rides.


The University of Pittsburgh partnership is significantly changing the ridership patterns of the POGOH network. The frequency that the University of Pittsburgh community is riding has revealed new top ridership stations in Oakland, Southside, and Shadyside. Previously, top stations were often located Downtown, NorthShore, and South Side Works.


Top 2023 POGOH stations:

  1. S Bouquet Ave & Sennott St
  2. Boulevard of the Allies & Parkview Ave
  3. Forbes Ave & Schenley Dr
  4. O’Hara St & University Place
  5. N Dithridge St & Centre Ave
  6. Zulema St & Coltart St
  7. S 27th St & Sidney St
  8. Atwood St & Bates St
  9. Schenley Dr & Schenley Dr Ext
  10. Ivy St & Walnut St

“Pitt’s students, faculty, and staff have really embraced bike ridership within the Oakland, Southside, andShadyside areas, which is a testament to our commitment to a cleaner, healthier future,” said Jonathan Pearson, director of Parking and Transportation at the University of Pittsburgh. “With our record ridership this year, we are proud to provide accessible and

eco-friendly transportation options that contribute to a more sustainable urban environment.” For a deeper look at POGOH’s ridership data, visit:

About Bike Share Pittsburgh:

The mission of Bike Share Pittsburgh is to provide Pittsburgh with a joyful, sustainable, and affordable mobility service for all residents and visitors.

Bike Share Pittsburgh is a charitable organization founded in December 2012 and incubated by Bike Pittsburgh. The organization was created due to mounting interest in implementing a municipal bike share system in Pittsburgh froma collection of local leaders: planners at the City of Pittsburgh, business leaders at Walnut Capital, and bicycle/pedestrian advocates at Bike Pittsburgh. Bike Share Pittsburgh owns and operates Pittsburgh’s current public bike sharing system named Healthy Ride, but is replacing the system in 2022 with all new stations and bicycles. The system is rebranded under the name POGOH and will introduce e-assist bicycles in addition to thepedal bike fleet. POGOH is designed to provide an active transportation option for residents, students and visitors of Pittsburgh.

Millennium Parking Unveils Innovative Parking Solutions for Hotels and Tourist Centers

December 12, 2023

Millennium Parking Unveils Innovative Parking Solutions for Hotels and Tourist Centers




SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO, UNITED STATES, December 12, 2023  — Millennium Parking, a leader in parking management solutions, today announced the launch of its revolutionary Sense parking system, specifically tailored for the hotel and tourist center industry. This innovative system is designed to meet the unique needs of these establishments, providing a seamless and adaptable parking experience for guests and visitors.

A New Era in Parking Management
The Sense parking system by Millennium Parking marks a significant advancement in the realm of hospitality parking solutions. Recognizing the diverse requirements of different establishments, from boutique hotels to large tourist attractions, Millennium Parking has developed a system that offers customized solutions, ensuring that the parking experience aligns perfectly with the overall guest experience.

Raul Betancourt, CEO of Millennium Parking, expressed his enthusiasm about the new system: “At Millennium Parking, we understand that the first impression is crucial in the hospitality industry. Our innovative Sense system is more than just a parking solution; it’s a gateway to a memorable stay for every guest. We’ve designed it to be adaptable, efficient, and user-friendly, ensuring that our clients can provide an exceptional experience from the moment their guests arrive.”

Integrated and User-Friendly Features
The Sense system boasts several key features, including integration with hotel management systems, room key card access for parking, and portable solutions for valet parking. Additionally, a flexible rate system and independent control of spaces reserved for guests make it a versatile option for all types of establishments.

Adaptable Solutions for a Diverse Range of Clients
Equally effective for small hotels and large international hotel chains, the Sense system is designed to generate minimum expenses while maximizing performance. This approach not only enhances guest satisfaction but also contributes to the profitability and efficiency of the business.

About Millennium Parking
Millennium Parking is a leading provider of innovative parking management solutions. With a focus on adaptability and efficiency, Millennium Parking offers state-of-the-art technology and tailored services to meet the diverse needs of its clients in the hospitality industry.

For More Information:
For further details about Millennium Parking and its services, please visit Millennium Parking’s website

Raul Betancourt
Millennium Parking Systems
+1 787-688-0426
email us here
Visit us on social media:

Modii and MasParc and Mobility, LLC at Northeastern University Transform Campus Parking with New Parking Finder 

December 05, 2023




Modii and MasParc and Mobility, LLC at Northeastern University Transform Campus Parking with New Parking Finder




Boston, MA, December 4, 2023 – Modii, a leading provider of digital infrastructure solutions for parking and mobility, is proud to announce a partnership with MasParc and Mobility, LLC (MasParc) at Northeastern University, marking a milestone in their shared commitment to revolutionize smart campus technology across the United States. The collaboration with MasParc is the latest in a series of successful partnerships through which Modii has transformed the movement of people on campuses and in cities nationwide.

As part of this initiative, Modii introduced the MasParc NU Parking Finder, a cutting-edge solution that enhances the parking experience for faculty, staff, students, and visitors alike. The technology empowers drivers with real-time parking information, streamlining their parking guidance even before they set foot on campus. With the user-friendly interface that can be conveniently saved to their home screens, the MasParc NU Parking Finder is designed to enhance mobility on campus, setting the stage for a new era of parking solutions.

One of the features of the MasParc NU Parking Finder is its ability to provide users with real-time parking information, facilitating an efficient and stress-free parking experience. The Parking Finder enables drivers to conveniently locate parking spaces that align with their specific parking permits, enhancing overall campus mobility and significantly reducing the time and effort required to find parking. Additionally, the Parking Finder displays live occupancy and real-time EV charger usage in campus garages, providing drivers with vital information to make informed parking decisions before arriving on campus.

Key features of the MasParc NU Parking Finder include:

  1. Comprehensive Parking Information: The platform offers a comprehensive overview of available parking spaces across the Northeastern University campus, ensuring users can effortlessly locate parking areas that suit their specific needs.
  2. Customized Search Filters: The platform’s innovative “MasParc NU Parking Finder” filter empowers drivers to search for parking spaces based on different permit types, ensuring that they quickly find the most appropriate parking options.
  3. Real-Time Parking Availability: Users will benefit from real-time data on parking availability, ensuring they make informed decisions and avoid unnecessary congestion or delays.
  4. Payment and Rate Insights: The platform provides users with insights into paid parking options and rates, enabling them to make cost-effective parking choices.

This collaboration between Modii and MasParc not only reflects the commitment to streamline campus parking but also aligns with the broader goal of reducing traffic congestion and

enhancing the overall campus experience.

Mark Frumar, President of Modii, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, saying, “Modii is dedicated to pioneering solutions that redefine the way we approach mobility. Our goal is to create a more connected, convenient, and sustainable future for everyone, and our partnership with MasParc is a testament to our commitment to driving positive change in the mobility landscape.”

Matthew Inman, General Manager for MasParc, agreed with Mark, saying, “We are excited to bring this new technology to the Northeastern University campus. One of our primary goals is to leverage available technologies to make campus parking as convenient, customer-focused, and sustainable as possible. We believe that the Parking Finder will help support this goal, and be a great benefit for every member of the Northeastern University community.”

The MasParc NU Parking Finder is available for download today, and both Modii and MasParc are excited to see the positive impact it will have on the campus community. This innovative solution is a testament to the power of collaboration between industry leaders and campus parking programs in shaping a brighter, more efficient future.

About Modii:

Modii provides modern mobility solutions via a unified platform of digital infrastructure, data integration, and parking intelligence. The innovative technology supports the digital transformation of urban areas and campuses while empowering thoughtful parking planning through data-driven insights.

For more information about Modii and their partnership with MasParc at Northeastern University, please visit or contact our media relations department at

Introducing LENZ: A Comprehensive BI Reporting & Analytics Tool for Parking Operators

December 01, 2023




Introducing LENZ: A Comprehensive BI Reporting & Analytics Tool for Parking Operators





TEZ Technology (TEZ), the parking industry’s leading developer of app-free, ticketless solutions is thrilled to introduce LENZ. LENZ reflects TEZ’s ongoing commitment to providing customers with a deeper perspective on data. The new and improved BI reporting and analytics platform allows parking owners and operators to view their data through a new set of lenses, providing advanced insights, actionable planning, and precision-driven decision-making.

LENZ integrates with each of the products in TEZ’s innovative solution suite. It offers unique reporting and dashboard features with advanced visualizations that enable quick decisions and a more proactive approach to navigating a rapidly evolving industry.

The platform aggregates complex data into advanced visual representations for quick comprehension and assessment, facilitating a dynamic understanding of an operation’s performance. It allows organizations to transform their parking operation via data exploration and predictive analysis by converting raw data into actionable insights while extracting valuable information to make smart, strategic decisions.

TEZ’s CEO Mike Simmons stated, “At TEZ, our primary goal is to continue to identify opportunities and create solutions to help our customers maximize their parking operation by streamlining staffing, increasing revenues, and most importantly, providing the best parking experiences possible for their customers and communities. LENZ provides parking owners and operators with critical information to understand the unique patterns of their operation and make decisions to meet their specific needs and objectives. We’re excited about the opportunities LENZ provides us to move TEZ solutions into the future and help customers across all sectors enhance their operation.”

This announcement kicks off an exciting journey towards a data-driven future. LENZ is an important step forward in enhancing TEZ’s reporting capabilities and elevating the potential of data and analytics as an integral part of our overall offering. With LENZ, you’ll have the tools to make smarter decisions, assess and seize new opportunities, and propel your organization to greater heights.

Schedule a meeting with the TEZ experts today to learn more!

About TEZ Technology

TEZ has long been at the forefront of connecting drivers and parking facility owners and operators since 2011, becoming the go-to technology for app-free, ticketless valet and self-park solutions. TEZ’s innovative solution suite includes SMS Valet, TEXT2PARK, PERMIT2PARK, LOTMONITOR, and LENZ. For more information, visit


Contact Information


TEZ Technology | Don Abell | | 469.453.2000


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