Libelium IoT Sensor Platform Adds LPWAN Coverage for Australia, ASIA PAC and LATAMwith LoRaWAN and with Sigfox Technologies

April 17, 2018



Libelium IoT Sensor Platform Adds LPWAN Coverage for Australia, ASIA PAC and LATAMwith LoRaWAN and with Sigfox Technologies



Zaragoza (Spain), 17 April 2018


Libelium continues powering the Internet of Things (IoT) adding LoRaWANand Sigfoxwireless connectivity for Australia to Waspmote Plug & Sense!and Smart Parkingsensor devices. The Spanish IoT company adds new coverage to its wireless sensor network with Sigfox RC4 radio and with LoRaWAN AU915-928 radio. Both radios offer coverage in several countries from Australia to Asia Pacific and South America.


Libelium keeps offering the widest interoperability in the great array of connectivity choices for the IoT. The company is joining forces with LoRaWAN and Sigfox global network in response to strong demand for low-energy, long-range and cost efficient IoT connectivity in those regions.


“We are successfully offering these protocols in the European version since 2015 and in the American version since 2017 for environment, pollution, water quality and smart parking projects. We strongly believe that making them available in their Australian, Asia Pacific and Latam version will speed up market adoption” states David Gascón, Libelium’s CTO.


Customers can make their choice of LPWAN preferred protocol for Waspmote Plug & Sense! in different bands -depending on geographic destination- except for Smart Parking model, where both radios (LoRaWAN / Sigfox) may be included on the device. This unique feature of the system allows the use of both radio technologies at the same time or switch from one to the other easily from the Cloud. “We have managed to offer a dual radio in our Smart Parking node at a very competitive price, which increases our customers’ options, one of our design principles”, explains Gascón.



With this update, Libelium IoT Sensor Platform is ready to use Sigfox connectivity with RC4 radio in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panama and El Salvador. This radio joins to the previous RC1 (for Europe, Oman, Iran, Tunisia, South Africa and UAE) and RC2 (for USA, Mexico and Brazil).


In addition, Libelium releases LoRaWAN AU915-928 radio, available for Australia region, adding it to its portfolio with the previous radios: EU 863-870 and US902-928. After this release Libelium IoT Sensor Platform is ready to use LoRaWAN connectivity in Canada, the United States, Europe and Australia.


More information at:

For more information, contact the Libelium PR Department

Apcoa relies on Circontrol’s technology for its new parking in Jette City Centre

April 17, 2018



Apcoa relies on Circontrol’s technology for its new parking in Jette City Centre




This car park optimizes occupancy and traffic within the facility with iPark guidance system



Viladecavalls, 17th April 2018 

APCOA, one of the main parking operators in Europe managing 1.3 million parking spaces and present in over 12 countries, inaugurated a new car park in Jette (Belgium) on April 15, 2018. The parking facility, which is located in a central shopping area, will solve the lack of parking areas in the city centre and it is expected to boost the businesses near Queen Astrid Square. 

This car park manages its 199 subterranean parking bays with iPark guidance system in order to optimize the occupancy and the traffic inside the facility. This functionality is possible due to the installation of 199 Bilogy sensors, one for each parking bay, providing detection and indication together in one device through a LED indicator. These devices are part of the guidance, counting and ‘Find Your Car’ system that optimises traffic in car parks increasing user’s satisfaction giving them the information that they need when they need it. This has also an impact on the parking operator because it increases costumer’s loyalty and reduces operational and maintenance costs through an efficient management of traffic and occupation. 

CirPark, an integrated platform for Efficient Parking 

iPark system is one of the solutions offered by CirPark, an integrated platform developed by Circontrol which allows an efficient management of several aspects such as illumination and energy efficiency (LEDPark), guidance (iPark) and electric vehicle charging (EVPark). 

About Circontrol 

Circontrol is a company founded in 1997 with headquarters in Viladecavalls (Barcelona). Its Parking division designs and manufacture a global solution for efficient parking (guidance system, LED Lighting, energetic efficiency). Its eMobility division manufactures a wide range of EV charging solutions that covers all market needs: domestic charge, slow charge (AC) and quick charge (DC). 

Circontrol has a strong presence in the international market, where an 80% of its sales are allocated. Nowadays you can find Circontrol solutions in 52 countries with 30.000 charging points and 400.000 parking spaces managed with CirPark systems. Service is also very important for Circontrol, this is the reason why bet on a qualified aftersales service and a constant training for Circontrol partners are in company’s DNA. 

More Information: 

Anna Brullet – Communication Manager 

Twitter: @circontrol_com 



Instagram: @circontrol 

Commend: Towards Total Operational Security for Parking Facilities

April 17, 2018




Commend: Towards Total Operational Security for Parking Facilities



Amidst increasing safety concerns, security and emergency critical communication is gaining in importance in parking operations. The emerging paradigm shift in the parking business has prompted new communication solutions like Commend’s Total Operational Security solution that covers a wide spectrum of security-relevant scenarios, as showcased at this year’s Intertraffic.


With the troubling staccato of tragic events on the news these days, the resulting insecurity has also reached the parking business and spurred a veritable paradigm shift of sorts. Traditionally, the focus has been on cost-efficiency (access and revenue control) and customer convenience. Now, heightened concerns about the safety of patrons and assets are raising the stakes, prompting a growing number of managers and security officers in parking operations to take action.


The benefits of foresight

Preparedness is crucial, as is the ability to respond properly in any security relevant situation. This is where Incident Reaction Management (IRM) comes in, a concept for successfully de-escalating critical situations at a car park that was showcased by security communication specialist Commend at this year’s Intertraffic. The principle behind it is not new and has been used routinely, for example, in providing remote assistance to patrons over intercom connections. However, as Wolfgang Pekárek, Parking Segment Manager at Commend, explains, “With the raised level of security requirements, the focus is clearly shifting.”

In dealing with incidents, staff are required to run the gamut of possible security-relevant situations, including, in rising order of severity,


  • Exceptions:these include typical everyday hiccups that have a minor business impact, such as patrons needing assistance at the gate; these situations are resolved routinely over an intercom connection between a customer call point and support desk.
  • Events:these constitute a sizeable impairment of business operations and entail a certain risk of personal injury, such as acts of vandalism; measures to protect individuals and assets include automated alerts based on audio or motion sensors, pre-recorded or live public address announcements, etc.
  • Emergencies:these are incidents on the highest severity level, such as medical situations, bomb threats or active shooters; they require instant, coordinated de-escalation: communication takes on a central role and must follow a strict workflow pattern to protect lives and assets; as car park operators are liable for the ensuing events, up to and including proper documentation of every step being taken.


Total Operational Security: Communication is Key

When it comes to maintaining command, response and recovery, a secure, unified means of communication is crucial. Commend has addressed this need with a “Total Operational Security” solution, which turned more than a few heads at this year’s Intertraffic. In case of an emergency, it provides the vital communication backbone for coordinating rescue activities based on the IRM model.

One key requirement is absolute fail-safety, which is achieved by mechanisms such as self-monitoring of all components. Everything is built on modular components, so parking operators can build on and expand their existing communication system and expand it in stages to cover their required situational spectrum. Existing technologies such as intercom lines, public address systems or alarms provide the basis. These can then be combined with latest sensor and detection methods, such as CO detectors or “Audio Monitoring”, which listens for acoustic distress patterns and can trigger automatic alerts. All communication devices, detectors, building controls and other third-party security systems can be centralised and operated from a single point in the control room. The response at this year’s Intertraffic has been highly favourable, says Pekárek, adding that “It was fascinating to see visitors at Intertraffic confirm that the concept ticked all the right boxes. We had parking professionals spontaneously coming up with all sorts of use cases where they see a real benefit for their business.” What makes the concept attractive is that it is maintenance-free and reuses existing wiring so previous investments are not lost. And in multi-facility operations, the control rooms of local facilities can be cost-efficiently networked to an overarching control centre.

There you have it: affordable operational car park security all the way.



For more details see the Commend web site at www.commend.comor contact Joerg Weisser,

Genetec Announces AutoVu Flexreader

April 17, 2018


Genetec Announces AutoVu Flexreader




New Server-Based Solution Transforms Security Center Supported Video Surveillance Camera into License Plate Recognition Device



MONTREAL, April 16th, 2018Genetec Inc. (“Genetec”), a leading technology provider of unified security, public safety, operations, and business intelligence solutions has unveiled AutoVu Flexreader™, a new offering that brings powerful ALPR (Automatic License Plate Recognition) capabilities to suitable IP video surveillance cameras supported by the Genetec™ Security Centerunified platform.

AutoVu Flexreader enables organizations to move beyond simple plate capture and use existing IP cameras to identify and track license plates of vehicles entering or leaving their premises. End users can additionally benefit by extending their security operations—especially for businesses and retailers—to access the full ALPR feature set of Security Center AutoVu™, and take advantage of valuable data-mining tools and graphical reports.

“In the past, customers who wanted to take advantage of the unified ALPR experience offered by Security Center had to use dedicated ALPR units, which provided more capabilities than necessary for certain applications,” said Robert Amante, AutoVu Product Manager at Genetec. “With AutoVu Flexreader, we are making it easier for customers to take advantage of the deep feature set AutoVu provides. Now, they can re-use their existing security infrastructure equipment to augment their system with ALPR in a cost-effective manner. Interested customers should request a demo to ensure AutoVu Flexreader meets the requirements of their application,” added Amante.

For security professionals, AutoVu Flexreader can help identify potential threats as soon as they appear by automatically identifying vehicles entering a facility and match them to existing hotlists. With the flexible list management features of Security Center AutoVu, unknown or suspect vehicles can trigger specific alarms and activate video surveillance recording to help decrease response time and support investigations.

AutoVu Flexreader can also automate processes to improve efficiency. The system can open vehicle gates and garage doors when the vehicle of an employee or registered visitor is detected, or instantly notify staff of the arrival of suppliers and visiting VIPs. It can also provide security professionals with complete vehicle audit trails, including license plate number, date, time, coordinates, license plate origin, and associated videos to support investigations.

For retail organizations and other businesses with ungated parking lots, AutoVu Flexreader unlocks new business intelligence insights in the behavior of vehicles and visitors accessing their facilities. Using data collected by the cameras, AutoVu Flexreader can track who is accessing a facility and when, monitor repeat visits, measure length of stay, and more.

AutoVu Flexreader is expected to be available worldwide in April 2018 through any Genetec AutoVu certified integrator. For more information please visit:


About Genetec

Genetec Inc. is an innovative technology company with a broad solutions portfolio that encompasses security, intelligence, and operations. The company’s flagship product, Security Center, is an open-architecture platform that unifies IP-based video surveillance, access control, automatic license plate recognition (ALPR), communications, and analytics. Genetec also develops cloud-based solutions and services designed to improve security, and contribute new levels of operational intelligence for governments, enterprises, transport, and the communities in which we live. Founded in 1997, and headquartered in Montreal, Canada, Genetec serves its global customers via an extensive network of resellers, integrators, certified channel partners, and consultants in over 80 countries.

For more information about Genetec, visit:

City of Long Beach Receives Green Leadership Award

April 17, 2018



City of Long Beach Receives Green Leadership Award



The City of Long Beach has received a prestigious Green California Summit Leadership Award in the “Sustainable Community” category at the 12th annual Green California Summit held on April 9, 2018, in Sacramento. This award is presented by Green Technology to a city or community that has implemented outstanding sustainability projects and programs. The City was recognized for various environmental awareness and action efforts, including the “Can Your Butts” program, Certified Blue Restaurant (CBR) program, and Green Fleet program.




“It is truly an honor to receive a Green California Summit’s Leadership Award,” said Mayor Robert Garcia. “This is a measure of our success as a sustainable city, and in our growing economy, demonstrates that it is not only possible to make investments in litter abatement, water conservation, and greenhouse gas emission reductions, but it is also the smart thing to do for our businesses, community, and Long Beach’s future.”


The “Can Your Butts” program, launched last year by the Department of Public Works, tackles the issue of cigarette litter through a framework of prevention, partnerships, and public education. About 65% of cigarettes become litter, making up over one-third of all litter found in public spaces. As a Long Beach Clean Team initiative, the “Can Your Butts” program works with local businesses to combat this pervasive problem. Participating businesses receive free resources, including a business-friendly designed cigarette waste receptacle for storefronts, creating convenient access for smokers to properly dispose of cigarette waste. An educational campaign accompanied the program’s launch, which utilized social media and in-person contact to promote the “Can Your Butts” message of preventing environmental degradation.


The Long Beach Water Department’s CBR program supports and recognizes restaurants in the City that achieve exceptional water efficiency. Through an on-site survey, Long Beach Water Department staff identify opportunities for water, energy, and greenhouse gas reductions in the water-using equipment found in commercial kitchens. This program is innovative in the partnerships it builds with the business community, City organizations, and the public. The goal is to integrate water use efficiency into all aspects of the Long Beach lifestyle. By featuring the CBR eateries on social media, community members can recognize and support neighborhood restaurants. For more information on the program and to see a full list of CBRs in the City, please visit:


The City’s Green Fleet Program is led by the Department of Financial Management’s Fleet Services Bureau, which operates a diverse fleet of approximately 2,100 vehicles and provides fleet maintenance and management, fuel, and towing to City departments. The City has made a concerted effort in recent years to transition to more sustainable forms of fuel to power City vehicles. More than 40% of the City’s motorized fleet is now alternatively fueled, and of the City’s motorized non-safety fleet, 58% are alternatively fueled.


Additionally, the Fleet Services Team created an interdepartmental Battery Electric Vehicle Task Force to guide the electrification of all City sedan vehicles. Long Beach also opened a new slow-fill compressed natural gas (CNG) station at the City’s Fleet headquarters in May 2017. The station can fuel 100 heavy duty vehicles, and services its 100% alternatively fueled refuse/sweeper fleet. The CNG, liquefied natural gas, and diesel fuels are 100% renewable, and 50% of its total fuel use in 2017 was renewable. In October 2017, the Fleet Services Bureau became an accredited member of the NAFA Sustainable Fleet Association with a top-tier ranking, Tier 4. It also placed in Heavy Duty Trucking Magazine’s 2017 Top 25 Green Fleets.


The Green California Leadership Awards have been established in cooperation with the Advisory Board for the Green California Summit as a forum to recognize outstanding environmental achievements by California governments.


About Green Technology

Green Technology is a non-profit initiative designed to inform government efforts toward sustainability, providing a forum in which government officials can communicate with those in the private sector who are developing and distributing green technologies.


About Long Beach Water Department

As a recognized leader in water conservation and innovation, the Long Beach Water Department contributes to creating a sustainable community, develops collaborative partnerships, and fosters a quality workforce. For more information visit lbwater.organd follow us on Facebook and Instagram @lbwater and on Twitter@LongBeachWater.


About Public Works

The Long Beach Public Works Department strives to operate, preserve, and enhance the City’s physical infrastructure and transportation systems, as well as preserve the upkeep of the cityscape with a robust refuse and recycling service that serves more than 120,000 residential and commercial customers. The Department provides a variety of community services including the repair, rehabilitation and general upkeep of City streets, trees, sidewalks, and City structures. Public Works also provides emergency support services throughout the City. Visit us at, “Like” us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter andInstagram.


About Financial Management

The Department of Financial Management oversees the financial and fleet services operations of the City, and serves as a financial adviser to the City Manager and City Council. It is the mission of Financial Management to keep the City financially strong. The Financial Management department is organized into seven bureaus: Accounting, Budgeting, Business Services, Commercial Services, Financial Controls, Fleet Services, and Treasury. To learn more about Financial Management, visit:

TIBA Opens Direct Office in California to be Led by Malloy Pohrer

April 17, 2018

TIBA Opens Direct Office in California to be Led by Malloy Pohrer





LOS ANGELES, CA (April17,2018) – TIBA Parking Systems is launching a local office in California to serve Los Angeles and San Francisco.



This TIBA initiative will be spearheaded by Malloy Pohrer as the General Manager of TIBA in California. Pohrer joins TIBA with 25 years of executive level experience in the parking industry. 

Prior to joining TIBA, Pohrer managed all California business activity as Vice President with Amano McGann. 

Pohrer began his career in the parking industry in 1993 as a sales engineer with Amano Cincinnati in Atlanta. He then moved into operations as a Branch Manager and later became Vice-President at McGann Associates where he was responsible for the startup of multiple branch locations. In 2007, he was promoted to Vice President of Branch Operations and oversaw the day-to-day business operations of all 21 branches in the US. Pohrer was subsequently promoted again to the position of Sr. Vice President of Business Operations. 

 “I am very excited to be joining the TIBA organization and a strong team of professionals cooperatively working on leading the parking industry with the best customer focused solutions. The energy level is high, and I am motivated to lead the efforts to build company success in the direct offices in California,” said Pohrer. 

Jon Bowsher, President of TIBA North and South America, added, “TIBA is proud to be opening our first direct office in the United States. There is a lot of progress that can be made in California, and we are eager to dramatically increase our PARCS participation to the west coast. We know Malloy is the right person to direct the TIBA team with this initiative because of his previous experience in the industry and leadership abilities.” 

Malloy Pohrer joined the TIBA team on April 2, 2018. 

 About TIBA Parking Systems: 

For 30 years, TIBA has provided innovative solutions for the parking market, resulting in reliable, user-friendly products that lower the price of initial acquisition and the cost of ongoing maintenance. TIBA has successfully implemented this through a focus on software development, while continuing to enhance and support its reliable hardware platforms. This allows owners to keep the capital investment down while still enjoying the latest software functionality. With extensive global experience, TIBA’s robust, scalable architecture enables parking operators to keep pace with the latest trends in centralized operations, automated smart facilities, web reservations and mobile payments. TIBA’s flexible software grants parking operators to be IoT-connected and leverage big data to increase revenue. TIBA’s agile integrations with third party systems empower parking operators to be an integral part of the growing Smart Cities ecosystem. 

TIBA serves parking operators and owners globally, across diverse industries such as hotels & hospitality, airports, universities, shopping centers, hospitals & medical centers, and local, state & federal governments. For more information about TIBA Parking Systems, visit 

NRDC: Los Angeles Endorses New Blueprint for Making City a National Leader in Transportation

April 12, 2018



NRDC: Los Angeles Endorses New Blueprint for Making City a National Leader in Transportation




Plan Would Cut Pollution and Increase Access to More Transportation Options in Age of Ridesharing and Autonomous Vehicles



LOS ANGELES (April 12, 2018) – A new report from the Natural Resources Defense Council, endorsed by the City of Los Angeles, offers cutting-edge recommendations for tackling the city’s notorious transportation challenges, as technology in the form of rides-on-demand and autonomous vehicles revolutionizes how people move around in cities. The recommendations in the report could be replicated in cities around the country.

“Shared mobility has certainly made its mark in cities — sometimes for the better, but not always,” said Amanda Eaken, Director of Transportation and Climate with NRDC’s Healthy People and Thriving Communities program. “This policy framework is designed to put the city on a path to cleaner air and better access to transportation for Angelenos of all income levels—setting a model for cities nationwide to follow.”

Los Angeles is already on its way: It now ranks third in the nation for daily public transportation ridership and stands as a national leader on car-sharing, bike-sharing, and environmental sustainability. These recommendations can help the city build on the progress it has made and cement its role as a national leader in sustainable urban transportation.

“The decisions we make today will determine what kind of neighborhoods our kids will live in tomorrow,” said Los Angeles City Councilmember Mike Bonin, who chairs the Council’s Transportation Committee and serves on the Metro Board of Directors. “Creating a future where everyone has access to safe and convenient mobility options — and where innovations like shared mobility can make it easier to live in LA without owning a car — requires good information and thoughtful consideration of the work that must be done. Thankfully, this report offers the information we need and makes recommendations for how we can approach the work ahead, and I am grateful to the teams at NRDC and LADOT for their hard work.”

Seleta Reynolds, General Manager of the Los Angeles Department of Transportation, said, “Los Angeles stands to reap the most benefits or possibly suffer the greatest negative effects of the arrival of disruptive transportation technologies and new business models that rest on the acceleration of shared mobility. This Action Plan will guide LADOT towards ensuring that these services work for all Angelenos, and provide sustainable and equitable mobility.”

Los Angeles Shared-Mobility Climate and Equity Action Plan presents a first-of-its-kind policy framework for how shared mobility—such as bike- and ridesharing services—can better help cities cut climate pollution and increase access to transportation in communities that are historically underserved. The recommendations draw on the most recent research on the impacts of shared mobility, as well as best practices from around the world, and offer a role for city government in shaping this emerging mobility marketplace.

The report takes into account the effects of ridesharing companies such as Uber and Lyft on congestion and the environment, the need for more infrastructure for electric cars and buses, the rapid development of autonomous vehicles, and embedded transportation structures that have neglected low-income communities.

Its recommendations include:


·        Creating incentives for the use of electric vehicles in ridesharing and other shared mobility options

·        Piloting a congestion pricing zone in the city to manage flow in high-traffic areas and create a sustainable funding source for low-carbon mobility choices

·        Creating a single routing, booking, and payment platform to enable access to all mobility options

·        Developing specifications for gathering data from mobility providers

·        Creating an equity advisory committee on transportation to provide greater input into city decision-making,

·        Reducing or eliminating minimum parking requirements in the city zoning code


Additional information:

Action Plan:

Medium: LA is Flipping the Script on Commuting:

NRDC Instagram story on shared mobility action plan:


Press Release: 


ROUSH CleanTech First to Receive CARB’s HD-OBD Certification for Propane Autogas Engines

April 12, 2018



ROUSH CleanTech First to Receive CARB’s HD-OBD Certification for Propane Autogas Engines



All Ford 6.8L 2V and 3V engines certified to same guidelines as gasoline



LIVONIA, MICH.  — ROUSH CleanTech is the first propane autogas fuel system manufacturer to receive the Environmental Protection Agency’s and California Air Resources Board’s heavy duty-onboard diagnostics certification for all its engines. Until 2018 model year, alternative fuel vehicles had been exempt from this certification, but are now held to the same requirements as gasoline vehicles.


“Vehicles powered by a fuel other than gasoline or diesel should no longer be considered alternative,” said President Todd Mouw. “As shown by the regulatory agencies decisions to require all fuels in its HD-OBD certification, propane autogas and others like compressed natural gas are moving into the mainstream.”


This HD-OBD certification applies to all vehicles over 14,000 lbs GVWR. The onboard monitors will now track and report out the continuing compliance of the emissions performance of the vehicle, as they have since 2016 for gasoline vehicles. Passenger cars and light-duty vehicles have come equipped with onboard diagnostic systems since the 1990s.


All of ROUSH CleanTech’s propane autogas-fueled vehicles with Ford 6.8L 2V and 3V engines, including medium-duty fleet vehicles and school buses, are covered under the CARB HD-OBD certification. The 3V engine is also the first and only propane autogas engine available in class 4-7 vehicles certified to the optional low nitrogen oxide level of 0.05 g/bhp-hr.


“We continue to invest in innovative technology and the customer experience” said Mouw. “Our customers deserve the best alternative-energy solutions we can bring to allow them to meet their economic and environmental sustainability goals.”


About ROUSH CleanTech: ROUSH CleanTech, an industry leader of alternative fuel vehicle technology, is a division of ROUSH Enterprises based in Livonia, Michigan. ROUSH CleanTech designs, engineers, manufactures and installs propane autogas fuel system technology for medium-duty Ford commercial vehicles, and Type A and Type C Blue Bird school buses, and compressed natural gas fuel systems for Type C Blue Bird school buses. As a Ford QVM-certified alternative fuel vehicle manufacturer, ROUSH CleanTech delivers economical, clean and domestically produced fueling options for fleets across North America. Learn more at or by calling 800.59.ROUSH.

ETA Announces Finalists for 2018 Star Awards – Top Payments Industry Awards Presented at Gala Dinner During TRANSACT

April 12, 2018



ETA Announces Finalists for 2018 Star Awards



Top Payments Industry Awards Presented at Gala Dinner During TRANSACT




Washington, D.C. – The Electronic Transactions Association (ETA) today announced that Henry Helgeson, President of Cayan, will receive ETA’s Distinguished Payments Professional award on Tuesday, April 17, at the Visa President’s Dinner and Star Awards Gala at TRANSACT, the premier payments technology event. Additionally, the finalists for the Star Awards, which honors individuals and companies that have made a significant difference in the payments industry through innovation, business practices, or contributions to the association, were announced.


“The ETA Star Awards are the highest honor in our industry and we are proud to recognize innovative companies and leaders who help fulfill our mission to grow the payments technology industry,” said Jason Oxman, CEO of ETA.  “TRANSACT is the annual gathering place of the payments industry, and we recognize and honor those who have given the most to help our industry grow.  Henry Helgeson is a pioneer of the payments industry who revolutionized the POS landscape to bring smart solutions to small businesses. He is a humble, gracious leader and a true partner to ETA.”


The ETA Awards and Recognition Committee, a panel of industry executives, narrowed down nominations to a group of finalists, ultimately voting on a winner in each category. Finalists were named in the following categories: Business Partner of the Year, Committee Volunteer, ISO/Merchant Sales Organization of the Year, Pay it Forward, and Technology Innovation.

2018 ETA Star Award Finalists

Distinguished Payments Professional, Award Winner

An individual who has demonstrated significant leadership within the industry and is an acknowledged trend-setter, role model, and positive contributor to its efficacy and image.

  • Henry Helgeson


Business Partner of the Year, Finalists

An ETA member company who has demonstrated an exceptional level of support to further the association’s goals and objectives.

  • Global Payments, Inc.
  • Mastercard
  • talech


Committee Volunteer of the Year, Finalists

An ETA Committee Volunteer, who has dedicated extraordinary time and effort to his or her committee, ensuring its overall success.

  • David Leppek, Transaction Services
  • Lindsay Sugarman, National Merchants Association


ISO/Merchant Sales Organization of the Year, Finalists

An ISO whose actions move the payments industry forward, exhibits high ethical standards, and has successfully met industry challenges with demonstrated results.

  • iPayments, Inc.
  • National Merchants Association
  • TransNational Payments


Pay It Forward, Finalists

Recognizes the individuals or companies in the payments industry that make the world a better place through community service. The recipient is a current ETA member or ETA member company who has exhibited selfless acts of kindness to improve their community. These efforts may or may not be linked to the payments industry.

  • FIS
  • National Merchants Association
  • US Alliance Group


Technology Innovation, Finalists

Recognition of an ETA member whose use of technology provides for creative solutions, which may include integrated POS solutions that promote customer usability, increase profitability, or otherwise enable significant advances for the industry.

  • TableSafe/RAIL Payment Platform
  • PayVus by Aliaswire, Inc.
  • Payscout’s Virtual Reality (VR) Commerce


TRANSACT, April 17-19, 2018, will bring together all parts of the payments ecosystem – from ISOs/VARs to ISVs and large financial institutions to technology companies, to meet, see what’s new, and learn what it takes to grow. Through extensive networking events, education and a robust exhibit hall filled with more than 200 companies, attendees will learn about groundbreaking technology, security trends and policies affecting the industry.


For information about sponsorship, please contact Del Baker Robertson, 202.677.7404 or


Click here to register for TRANSACT, the world’s largest payments technology event.


About ETA

The Electronic Transactions Association (ETA) is the global trade association representing more than 500 payments and technology companies. ETA members make commerce possible by processing more than $6 trillion in purchases in the U.S. and deploying payments innovation to merchants and consumers.

Bob Youakim, CEO of Passport, honored with the Blue Diamond Award’s IT Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

April 11, 2018




Bob Youakim, CEO of Passport, honored with the Blue Diamond Award’s IT Entrepreneur of the Year Award.



Bob Youakim, CEO of Passport, the global leader of mobile payments for parking and transit, was honored with the Blue Diamond Award’s IT Entrepreneur of the Year Award.



A ceremony was held Tuesday evening, April 11, in Charlotte, N.C., to honor Youakim’s success in the industry. The award celebrates entrepreneurs whose creative visions grow into a profitable and enduring business through the direct application of information technology.

The Blue Diamond Award is the Charlotte region’s premier technology awards events. The event is hosted by Charlotte Area Technology Collaborative (formerly IT-oLogy Charlotte) to recognize the region’s top technology and business executives. Its mission is to strengthen the region’s economic development by connecting businesses, education and organizations to promote and grow a diverse technology talent pipeline.


About Passport

Passport transforms the way cities manage their operations. The fintech company’s mobile-first platform has been adopted by more than 450 cities, universities, and private operators around the world in cities including Chicago, Toronto, London, and Miami, across more than 5,000 locations. Passport’s product lines —– parking, transit and tolling payments, parking enforcement, and permit management —– enable organizations in the public and private sectors to streamline their operations, enhance customer service, and make data-driven decisions. Consistently recognized as one of the fastest growing companies and Best Places to Work in Charlotte, North Carolina, Passport has an ingrained practice of putting People First —– a guiding principle in its Culture.


Passport is backed by a group of investors, including Bain Capital Ventures, Grotech Ventures, MK Capital and Relevance Capital. Learn more, or get in touch with Passport at

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