May 19, 2020








Unlike Competitors, Company Sees Growth in a Time of Change



CHARLESTON, SC – Gotcha Mobility, LLC (“Gotcha”), a subsidiary of Last Mile Holdings Ltd. (“MILE”) (TSXV:MILE; OTC: AZNVF), announced today they are seeing a substantial increase in ridership in the last four months,maximizing staff retention in local markets. Gotcha’s partnership-first approach in mostly exclusive markets has helped lay a strong foundation to build prosperous mobility systems in a time of change.


While other micromobility providers have ceased operations and made layoffs during COVID-19, Gotcha hasexperienced growth. In the last 4 months, Gotcha launched e- mobility systems in the City of Atlanta (Gotcha TO GO),City of Dallas (multi-modal),


City of Durham (scooter share), City of East Lansing (scooter share), University of Georgia (bike share), and University of North Carolina at Charlotte (scooter share). The company placed an order to manufacture more e-bikesand e-scooters for several scheduled launches in the remainder of the year.


In existing e-mobility markets like Baton Rouge, LA; Charleston, SC; and Mobile, AL there’s been a surge of ridershiprepresenting Gotcha’s various products – e-bikes, e- scooters, and pedal bikes.


  • 3,767% increase in revenue per day, 1,051% increase in trips per day, 117% increase in minutes per trip,1,314% increase in weekly active riders, and 694% increase in trips per device per day in Baton Rouge fromFebruary 1 to May
  • 784% increase in revenue per day, 216% increase in trips per day, and 216% increase in trips per device perday in Charleston from February 1 to May
  • 258% increase in revenue per day, 185% increase in trips per day, 12% increase in minutes per trip, 196% increasein weekly active riders, and 211% increase in trips per device per day in Mobile since


Gotcha riders are looking to micromobility more than ever as a primary form of transportation. Remaining openprovides essential employees like healthcare workers and grocery store employees a safe, affordable way to get to work. Gotcha data also shows riders are taking longer leisure trips, using shared bikes and scooters as a way to getoutside while adhering to social distancing guidelines. As a result, many systems have seen steep increases in ridership among new and existing riders, as well as revenue.


“The increase in ridership over the last four months has proven micro transit – when executed correctly – it’s a critical resource for communities,” said Sean Flood, Chief Executive Officer of Gotcha. “Unlike our competitors,encouraging deployment during COVID-19 was an easy decision for us after we implemented a cleaning procedure and ensured staff and riders would be safe. It has proven to be successful with positive system health statistics andretention of existing employees. We’re excited to see how people continue to embrace micromobility as part of their daily lives—both now and after this crisis has passed.”


As states begin to ease stay-at-home orders, commuters are adopting micromobility products as a safer alternative to traditional shared transportation options. People are now more reluctant to choose public transit or rideshare toavoid confided spaces with other passengers and drivers.


Gotcha has also expanded into delivery. Gotcha TO GO offers local merchants and drivers e-mobility products to facilitate deliveries. The cost is $15 per vehicle each day, making the program an affordable alternative and alignswith Gotcha’s mission to


reduce trips by single occupancy vehicles. If you are a local business or delivery driver interested in Gotcha’s vehiclesfor delivery, visit


For more information on Gotcha, visit




Gotcha, a subsidiary of Last Mile Holdings, is shared electric mobility company dedicated to providing innovative products and technologies that get people out of single-occupancy cars and safely onto efficient, sustainablemicro-transit products. The company operates e-bikes, e-scooters, and e-trikes as transportation solutions tailoredto cities and universities across the US. Gotcha empowers communities to lead happier, more productive livesthrough the transformative power of affordable, accessible micro-transit. For more information,


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Last Mile Holdings (TSXV: MILE), formerly OjO Electric, is one of the largest micro- mobility companies in the U.S.,offering the broadest product suite in the industry. Last Mile currently operates 35 college and 45 municipal shared mobility systems under the OjO and Gotcha brands. The acquisition of Gotcha in the first quarter of 2020provides an expansive growth pipeline and a portfolio of products including e- bikes, e-scooters, e-trikes, andelectric seated scooters. For more information, visit

TagMaster North America announces new and improved All-in-one ACTS ESSENTIAL and XT-5 UHF Reader!

May 18, 2020





TagMaster North America announces new and improved All-in-one ACTS ESSENTIAL and XT-5 UHF Reader!



Embracing the new normal after COVID-19 with cost effective and contactless AVI



Tacoma, WA | May 2020 – TagMaster North America, Inc. a leading provider of intelligent identification and mobility solutions announces the new and improved ACTS ESSENTIAL all-in-one software. When embedded in our PoE+ enabled XT-5 UHF reader the entire system can be managed with one Ethernet cable. This easy to install solution can be accessed and managed anywhere, anytime using any popular web browser. Because ACTS ESSENTIAL software is embedded into the XT-5 reader there is no need for any external hardware or software, the entire access control system is contained within the small hardware footprint of the XT-5 RFID reader itself.

Remote access and management have never been easier with the convenient web based interface. Users can manage credentials, create schedules, and view the real time event log from any authorized device. With the reader and software accessible via your remote device, technicians do not need to be dispatched physically to the site and adjustments can be made from the safety of the office or home.

TagMaster NA continues to earn its position as an industry leader by leveraging an innovative product line and in house development to respond to the ever-evolving and changing industry standards. As customers now demand higher security but with a contactless approach, our ACTS ESSENTIAL software and XT-5 UHF reader provide a clear solution only available from TagMaster NA. For future integration of a larger scale access control or parking revenue control system, the reader can easily be switched to one of our industry standard built-in interfaces (Wiegand, RS232, RS485 and TCP/IP) via dual booting to ensure a lasting and future-ready solution.

TagMaster North America, Inc. is a leading provider of identification solutions for automated vehicle identification (AVI) and rail-bound transportation. Collective technologies provide convenient and reliable platforms for applications throughout the Americas. TagMaster North America’s breadth of identification solutions are able to increase security, decrease environmental impact and add value to actualize and simplify vehicle access control for a wide array of projects. For more information on TagMaster products, support and services, visit or contact us at |
P: 866.615.5299

Car Washes Reopen With Vehicle Disinfecting Process

May 18, 2020

Car Washes Reopen With Vehicle Disinfecting Process



Cleanliness measures help prevent the spread of COVID-19, said Vahid David Delrahim, owner of Bliss Car Wash


LOS ANGELES — Going the extra mile: Seven Southern California car washes owned by Vahid David Delrahim have reopened with new unprecedented sanitation protocols, including providing customers free vehicle disinfecting against COVID-19.

Starting this week, as each full-service car wash reopens, the staff will disinfect every vehicle by administering a germicidal cleaner and deodorant, which is registered by the Environmental Protection Agency. The cleaner is a fog sanitizer, not available to consumers, which functions as a bactericidal, fungicidal and most important, a virucidal — meaning it kills all viruses, including Coronavirus.  The sanitation procedure will be done at no extra cost to customers.

The car wash employees apply the lemon-scented fog after the car has gone through a normal full-service wash. The fog completely disinfects the entire interior of the vehicle – including areas such as under seats, upholstery, and the roof of the car.  The product is used in airport terminals, restaurants, day-care facilities, hotels and motels, nursing homes and hospitals.

According to the CDC, current evidence suggests that novel coronavirus may remain viable for hours to days on surfaces made from a variety of materials. Cleaning of visibly dirty surfaces followed by disinfection is a best practice measure for the prevention of COVID-19.

“We are not required to offer this service, but we wanted to go that extra mile for customers during the coronavirus crisis,” said David Delrahim. “Imagine being a first responder, driving home in your family car and worrying about germs. After this extra service, customers can be sure their cars are sanitized. Vehicle disinfecting is the new normal.”

The car washes have implemented numerous COVID-19 safety measures to protect workers and customers.  Delrahim said the service is available at all his full-service car wash sites. They include:

  1. Las Posas Car Wash
  2. Agoura Hills Hand Car Wash
  3. Alicia Auto Spa & Detail Center
  4. Laguna Hills Auto Spa and Detail Center
  5. Coast Hand Car Wash
  6. Redlands Car Wash
  7. LavaggioThe Art of Auto Detailing

CRSI’s Amy Trygestad Promoted to Vice President of Engineering

May 18, 2020


CRSI’s Amy Trygestad Promoted to Vice President of Engineering




SCHAUMBURG, IL  – The Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute (CRSI) ispleased to announce the promotion of Amy Trygestad, P.E., F.ACI, to the position of Vice President of Engineering.

Ms. Trygestad began her career with CRSI in 2016 as the Director of Codes and Standards where she identified opportunities, developed strategies, and created code change proposals and revisions to current standards. In this role, she also assisted in the development of new CRSI standards to further building requirements that are supportive to the steel reinforced concrete industry. In 2018, Ms. Trygestad was instrumental in the 2021 International Building Code adoption of the prescriptive inclusion of flat plate voided concrete slab assemblies.

Ms. Trygestad has over 25 years of experience in the design and construction of reinforced concrete structures, Prior to joining CRSI, Ms. Trygestad was the president and principal engineer of Chase Engineering and led the local structural engineering partner design and construction efforts for the US Bank Stadium, a $1.027 billion project in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She also previously worked as the central US regional engineering manager in the Portland Cement Association’s buildings and special structures group.

“I am excited to announce Amy’s promotion to Vice President of Engineering with CRSI. Her work related to codes and standards over the past nearly four years for CRSI has proven her attention to detail and skillful navigation of the complex codes landscape. I look forward to working with her in this new role as she takes the lead of our technical team and efforts,” states Danielle Kleinhans, CRSI President and CEO.

As the Vice President of Engineering, Ms. Trygestad is responsible for overseeing all technical activities performed by the CRSI engineering team. She will continue to serve as the chair of the Alliance of Concrete Codes and Standards, collaborating with allies on code and advocacy initiatives for the reinforced concrete industry.

Ms. Trygestad obtained her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in civil engineering from the University of Minnesota.


About the Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute

Founded in 1924, the Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute (CRSI) is a technical institute and Standards Developing Organization (SDO) that stands as the authoritative resource for steel reinforced concrete construction. Among the Nation’s oldest trade associations, CRSI offers many industry-trusted technical publications, standards documents, design aids, reference materials and educational opportunities.

CRSI’s members represent over 80% of the U.S. manufacturers, fabricators and placers of steel reinforcing bar and related products with over 600 locations in 49 states, and with over 15,000 employees. Members produce, fabricate and install approximately 9 million ton of reinforcing steel per year using scrap steel in efficient manufacturing operations. It is estimated that the industry impacts over 75,000 people in steel transportation and placement in North America.

The CRSI membership also includes professionals across the country who are involved in the research, design, and construction of steel reinforced concrete. CRSI staff comprises a nationwide region network of industry professionals.

Kevin Uhlenhaker, Founder of NuPark, joins Automotus’ Board of Advisors

May 15, 2020



Kevin Uhlenhaker, Founder of NuPark, joins Automotus’ Board of Advisors


Kevin Uhlenhaker, Co-Founder & CEO of NuPark (Acquired by Passport Labs), has joined the Automotus Board of Advisor. Kevin has been a leader in the parking & mobility industry for nearly 20 years, working with leading technologies and organizations to help drive impactful innovation for municipalities and universities across the US.


Automotus, a mobility-focused video analytics company based out of Los Angeles, helps cities tackle their increasingly complex curbside demand with insights and automations critical for managing their shifting parking and mobility landscape. Kevin joins Donald Shoup, Glenn Derry, and John Zimmerman on the Automotus advisory board, bringing additional industry and technology expertise to help the company on its mission of creating more accessible and equitable urban mobility.


“I’m incredibly excited to be working closely with the Automotus team. Curb space has become increasingly chaotic in recent years due to the growing number of stakeholders, and the Automotus solution is uniquely positioned to help tackle this problem head-on,” said Kevin Uhlenhaker. He also added, “their team’s drive and technology is already impressive, and I’m looking forward to helping the team during this next phase of growth.”


Kevin spent years at T2 Systems, and later ParkingSoft, before founding NuPark in 2013. He served as the CEO of NuPark for five years until Passport Labs acquired the company. Upon leaving Passport Labs, Kevin founded SLS Insights to provide technology and management consulting to the parking and mobility industry.


“Having Kevin on board is an amazing boost to our growing team. His knowledge of the space and the challenges that parking officials face today is incredibly rare. He is a true problem solver and we are looking forward to collaborating with him for many years to come,” added Jordan Justus, CEO of Automotus.


Automotus was founded in 2017 by Jordan Justus and Harris Lummis to help communities more easily understand and manage their shifting mobility landscapes, specifically at the curb. They are a Techstars-backed company serving cities across the US, Italy, France, and Austria.



About Automotus

Automotus is building a world where people spend more time where they want to be and less time getting there. The company’s technology empowers communities to measure all forms of mobility, craft data-driven policies, and ensure compliance from all stakeholders. Automotus can be found online at

Associated Time Becomes An Official Parker Technology Dealer

May 14, 2020





Associated Time Becomes An Official Parker Technology Dealer




May 14, 2020 – Parker Technology today announced a new dealer partnership with Associated Time Instruments, out of Dallas, TX. The relationship will involve collaborative sales and marketing efforts to incorporate Parker’s customer service offering as a value-added differentiator to Associated Time’s parking installation projects.




“We are thrilled to partner with Parker Technology. The addition of their two-way video communication will truly enhance the customer experience for our end users. Parker’s customer service and response times are second to none in the industry and we are excited to offer our customers this state of the art solution.” Says Christopher Archer, President of Associated Time Instruments.


Brian Wolff, President & CEO of Parker Technology added “Chris and his team at Associated Time have built an impressive business and we are thrilled to formalize our partnership with this agreement. Equally as exciting is the progress we’re making by building important integrations with the TIBA equipment that Associated Time represents. We expect the combination of our joint sales and marketing efforts and technology advancements to create significant benefits for Associated Time’s customers.”


Data suggests that the challenge for parking operators is not to make machines or technology more reliable. The fact is that over 85% of the time, a human is confused or has failed in some other way, and the only way to save that customer experience is with a patient, well trained, knowledgeable human being. That is exactly what Parker did over a million times last year.


About Associated Time

Associated Time Instruments is a leading supplier of Parking and Revenue Control Equipment, Access Control, Parking Guidance Systems, and Workforce Management Systems Our company is a leader in all of our markets, we distinguish ourselves by providing superior products, expert consulting and engineering, quality installations, comprehensive support, and professional services. Associated Time Instruments provides both standard software products and custom software solutions, we have consistently provided modern and effective solutions to our customers during the past 60 years!


About Parker Technology

Parker Technology is a fast-growth tech-led software and services company that provides parking facilities with a premium customer experience, by helping resolve issues for parking guests when they fail in the face of automated payment kiosks. Parker’s patient, well-informed customer service specialists answer and resolve intercom “help” calls 24/7, and boasts being the only company in the parking industry that can deliver this service with face-to-face, two-way video communication. Putting this personal, human touch back into an automated situation enhances the customer experience, improves operational efficiencies and increases successful payments and outcomes. Learn more at

Flowbird Launches Integrated EV Charging and Parking Payment Solution

May 13, 2020


Flowbird Launches Integrated EV Charging and Parking Payment Solution



Flowbird has launched a new electric vehicle charging solution that enables local authorities to leverage parking infrastructure to develop EV charging capacity fit for a low carbon future.



Flowbird’s Park & Charge innovation offers a cost-effective route for councils to develop on-and off-street EV charging capability by combining advanced charging hardware with existing parking terminal,app, and account-based payment systems. With Park & Charge, both EV charging and parking services can be managed through a common centralized platform.

“Park & Charge enables local authorities to optimize the value of their parking infrastructure, by integrating investment in EV charging with their established parking payment and management systems,” said Adam Sharp, Digital Solutions Sales Manager at Flowbird.

“The solution makes it easy for councils to future-proof their investment in EV capacity – and to avoid technology ‘stranded’ assets – through a package that includes fast-charging up to 7kWh, dynamic load management to protect local energy networks, inductive charging capability, and 5G, WiFi and Internet of Things connectivity. Park & Charge units are also manufactured from 80% recycled materials, underlining our focus on a more sustainable future.”

There are three charging options in the Flowbird solution – a ground-mounted socket for on-street and surface car parks; a post mounted socket for existing street furniture and a wall-mounted socket system that can link groups of 10 units to a single master charger. Users will have a choice of payment options via Flowbird parking terminals, mobile apps, or a white-labeled Pay to Park web portal.

Park & Charge is one part of Flowbird’s growing portfolio of solutions focused on helping local authorities meet climate and sustainability commitments.

Said Adam Sharp: “Many councils have declared climate emergencies and are looking to technology partners such as Flowbird to help them deliver their low carbon strategies. With new petrol and diesel-powered cars being phased out by 2035, EV adoption and charging capability are central to delivering these objectives – and to achieving the wider Net Zero target by 2050 – but there are also other innovations that can play a part.

“For example, Flowbird technology now enables local authorities to apply emissions-based parking charges to higher polluting vehicles to encourage take-up of lower-emitting cars, and our terminals can also be fitted with environmental monitoring modules for the automatic capture and transmission of street-level pollution data to inform local environmental and traffic management strategies.”


About Flowbird 

Flowbird is the world’s leading parking services and urban mobility company.

The name Flowbird expresses the innate ability of birds to navigate individually within crowded spaces; mirroring the benefits for people of the intelligent parking and multi-modal systems developed for towns and cities by Parkeon and Cale.

Flowbird’s group resources include 500 R&D engineers working on behalf of customers to push the boundaries of innovation in transportation hardware, software, sensor systems, machine learning and AI, information security and mobile development.

Borough of Belmar, New Jersey, bringing contactless payments to beachfront parking with ParkMobile

May 12, 2020

Borough of Belmar, New Jersey, bringing contactless payments to beachfront parking with ParkMobile




BELMAR, N.J., May 12, 2020  — ParkMobile, the leading provider of smart parking and mobility solutions in the United States, has partnered with the Borough of Belmar, New Jersey, to allow residents and visitors to pay for parking through their mobile devices. The ParkMobile app will be available at approximately 400 spaces along the town’s beachfront area starting May 8th, 2020. With the recent COVID-19 crisis, many city leaders are encouraging residents to use the app to prevent the spread of the virus.



ParkMobile is a free app available for both iPhone and Android devices. To pay for parking with the app, a user enters the zone number posted on nearby signs, selects the amount of time needed and touches the “Start Parking” button to begin the session. The user can also extend the time of the parking session on their mobile device. In addition, the user can dial 877-727-5304 to initiate a payment. Beyond Belmar, the app can be used to pay for parking in over 400 cities across the United States.

ParkMobile has a large and growing audience in the state of New Jersey and in the Tri-State Area. There almost 1.3 million users of the app across the state including Jersey City, Hoboken, New Brunswick, Asbury Park, Ocean City, Wildwood and more. ParkMobile can also be used to make parking reservations for concerts and sporting events at Prudential Center in Newark. Beyond New Jersey, the app can be used in cities along the Northeast corridor from Wasington, DC to Philadelphia to New York City.

“The Borough of Belmar wants to ensure the safety of visitors and residents,” says Mayor Mark Walsifer “By partnering with ParkMobile to offer contactless parking payments, we are working to provide our community with a smart mobility option for anyone looking to spend time at the beach.”

“We’re excited to bring contactless parking payments to Belmar,” says Jon Ziglar, CEO of ParkMobile. “We have thousands of ParkMobile users in the local area who will now be able to pay for parking on their mobile devices without the concern of spreading COVID-19.”

About ParkMobile

ParkMobile, LLC is the leading provider of smart parking and mobility solutions in North America, helping millions of people easily find, reserve, and pay for parking on their mobile device. The company’s technology is used in thousands of locations across the country, including 7 of the top 10 cities as well as college campuses, airports, and stadiums. People can use ParkMobile solutions to quickly pay for on-street and off-street parking without having to use a meter or kiosk. Additionally, ParkMobile offers parking reservations at stadium venues for concerts and sporting events. Reservations are also available in metro area garages, allowing people to drive into the city without having to worry about finding parking. ParkMobile has been named to the Inc. 5000, Deloitte Fast 500, Smart Cities Connect “Smart 50,” and the Atlanta Journal Constitution’s Top Workplaces. Additionally, the company won the 2019 Stevie Awards for Most Innovative Tech Company and Best Travel App. For more information, visit or @ParkMobile on Twitter.

netPark Launches Latest Version of Contactless Parking Solution

May 12, 2020





netPark Launches Latest Version of Contactless Parking Solution



(Columbus, OH May 12, 2020) netPark today announced the launch of their latest contactless parking system to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19.  The new system works for all types of parking operations by utilizing proven technology to allow customers to enter and exit the parking area as safely as possible without coming into contact with any possibly contaminated surface.



netPark’s contactless system utilizes License Plate Recognition (LPR) or a QR code from a smart phone to facilitate the entry and exit from a parking facility.  Whether it’s a prepaid reservation, an account holder with a credit card on file, or a monthly parker, this contactless parking solution allows for a touch-free experience. The customer does not need to touch any parking equipment and can safely enter and exit the facility.  If you would like to learn more about netPark’s contactless parking system, please go to

netPark is a leading provider of cloud-based technologies for the parking industry. netPark provides complete parking systems for both valet and self-parking facilities with installations in 40 states and Canada.  For more information about netPark and our contactless parking solutions visit our website at or E-mail our team at




CurbTrac Assembles Industry Leaders to Innovate on COVID-19 Response with Clean Driver Program

May 11, 2020



CurbTrac Assembles Industry Leaders to Innovate on COVID-19 Response with

Clean Driver Program



Pilot Grubhub Program Held in Philadelphia





Philadelphia, PA  – In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, CurbTrac, a technology innovator in the parking and mobility industries, has launched the Clean Driver Program in partnership with ParkMobile, ParkOps, and Ballparc. The Clean Driver Program provides turn-key solutions for Transportation Network Companies (TNC), taxi companies, food delivery service providers, and corporate fleets to keep drivers and customers safe during the COVID-19 pandemic through PPE distribution sites and automotive sanitation services.  The Clean Driver Program is made possible through the combined efforts and teamwork of numerous parking and mobility technology partners.  Commenting on the launch of the program, CurbTrac CEO Charley DeBow said, “By combining the technology platforms of industry leaders like Park Mobile and Ballparc, alongside the staffing network of Park Ops and the logistics expertise of CurbTrac, The Clean Driver Program provides  clients with a cost-effective solution to quickly and efficiently distribute PPE kits directly into the hands of their drivers as well as provide a sanitation service for fleet operators.”


“ParkMobile is proud to be a part of this initiative to keep people safe and reduce the spread of COVID-19,” says Jon Ziglar, CEO of ParkMobile. “Drivers can easily use the ParkMobile app to reserve an appointment at the distribution site where they can pick up their PPE kits or have their cars sanitized.”



Another technology component of the Clean Driver Program is Ballparc, who will utilize their scanning validation functionality to track driver reservations that are redeemed within their reservation window. Ballparc’s CEO, Taylor Chapman said, “Ballparc is honored to be a part of this program and with partners that are willing to step up and think outside the box when called upon during these unprecedented times. This program is a great example of how vital innovation will continue to be in our rapidly changing industry.”


During the initial pilot for the Clean Driver Program in Philadelphia held this past week, CurbTrac distributed personal protective equipment (PPE) kits to food delivery drivers, courtesy of Grubhub.  The initial pilot program was also supported by the Philadelphia Parking Authority who provided the space for the distribution site. “Ensuring the safety of our community during these times is incredibly important, especially as delivery is one of the only ways restaurants are able to stay open right now,” stated Eric Ferguson, Senior Vice President of Logistics at Grubhub. “While we’ve already extended an easy way for our driver network to access PPE, our partnership with CurbTrac’s Clean Driver Program further extends our efforts and gives drivers in Philadelphia a quick and easy way to pick up the supplies they need – and at no cost to them.”


International Parking & Mobility Institute CEO, Shawn Conrad, also weighed in, stating, “IPMI firmly believes in addressing mobility at all points of a journey – from the first mile to the last, and addressing all aspects along the way. Customer safety and the patron experience remains the first and most important priority. We are proud of all of our members who are innovating, pivoting, and changing the way we handle disruptions to public and private transportation and operations in response to the COVID-19 crisis. The Clean Driver Program by CurbTrac represents the best of our industry – applying creativity, spurring innovation, and bringing communities together. This program, and others like it by IPMI members, serve to achieve big picture goals: protecting public health during the crisis; creating new employment opportunities for those in our industry and beyond; allowing us all to travel more freely and carefully as we reopen cities, campuses, and destinations; and helping our economy recover by getting us all moving again.”


For more information on the Clean Driver Program, visit



About CurbTrac

Founded by leaders in the mobility payment vertical, CurbTrac is a Philadelphia-based technology company creating innovative solutions for the parking and mobility industries.  The company’s leading product, a centralized parking payment database, provides municipalities, universities, and private parking operators with a fully integrated, multi-app payment system.  The Clean Driver Program is CurbTrac’s latest product and leverages its flexible software, and vast network of partnerships across the US, to quickly scale customized solutions to providing COVID-19 safety measures for Transportation Network Companies (TNC).  The Clean Driver Program launched in Philadelphia to support GrubHub drivers in partnership with the Philadelphia Parking Authority.


About Grubhub

Grubhub (NYSE: GRUB) is a leading online and mobile food-ordering and delivery marketplace with the largest and most comprehensive network of restaurant partners, as well as more than 22 million active diners. Dedicated to connecting diners with the food they love from their favorite local restaurants, Grubhub elevates food ordering through innovative restaurant technology, easy-to-use platforms and an improved delivery experience. Grubhub features over 350,000 restaurants and is proud to partner with more than 165,000 of these restaurants in over 3,200 U.S. cities and London. The Grubhub portfolio of brands includes Grubhub, Seamless, LevelUp, AllMenus and MenuPages.



Lisa DeBow, Principal, Cloudburst Advisory Group

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Natalie Gerke, Senior Manager, Communications

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