TEZ Technology Introduces App-Free, Ticketless SMS Valet at Pendry Hotel in Washington, DC

December 29, 2022

TEZ Technology Introduces App-Free, Ticketless SMS Valet at Pendry Hotel in Washington, DC


PLANO, TX – November 18, 2022 – TEZ Technology (TEZ) is pleased to announce the integration of its app-free ticketless SMS Valet solution at the new Pendry Hotel in the Wharf District of Washington, DC. The Pendry Washington DC – Pendry is also part of the legendary Montage International hotel brand.  The Wharf is the seventh property in the iconic Pendry Hotels & Resorts brand. It is located along the banks of the Potomac River in one of the most attractive new neighborhoods in the nation’s capital. The 131-key hotel features a living room-style lobby, a spacious indoor/outdoor restaurant, 75,000 square feet of event space, a full-service spa, and much more.

SMS Valet is an app-free, SMS-based solution designed to streamline valet parking operations, engage customers, and expedite the process for drivers and parking staff. TEZ worked closely with parking operator Colonial Parking, as well as the Pendry team to incorporate SMS Valet to serve the extensive range of visitors to this landmark hotel property, and the surrounding Wharf District. In addition to the Pendry, TEZ has worked with Colonial Parking to integrate SMS Valet at numerous surrounding destinations throughout the Wharf including the Intercontinental Wharf Hotel, and the Canopy by Hilton Washington DC The Wharf Hotel.

SMS Valet, a text-based solution, eliminates the need for paper tickets, and utilizes text messaging for vehicle registration upon arrival, also allowing guests to request their vehicles in advance from their mobile device to initiate their departure. The SMS Valet solution creates a more pleasant and seamless guest experience for parking customers, while helping to increase revenues for operators and owners like the Pendry.

TEZ CEO Mike Simmons stated, “We are thrilled to work with Colonial Parking at the iconic Pendry Hotel. TEZ’s SMS Valet solution will help ensure a seamless and convenient experience for visitors of the Pendry, as well as further complement our efforts in the DC Wharf District.”

The addition of the Pendry allows TEZ to further support the thousands of residents and visitors to the Wharf District each year. SMS Valet equips operators throughout the Wharf with app-free contactless options to ensure seamless and enhanced digital parking experiences from arrival to departure.

About TEZ Technology

TEZ empowers owners and operators of parking related real estate to automate traditional paper ticket operations and processes by going “app-free and mobile”, enhancing guest experiences, and promoting client brand awareness while creating more efficiencies and generating more revenue.  For more information visit https://teztechnology.com/

 More about SMS Valet – https://smsvalet.com



New London Brings Additional Convenience To Parkers With Flowbird App

December 21, 2022

New London Brings Additional Convenience To Parkers With Flowbird App

City expands touchless payment options


Moorestown, NJ —  The New London Parking Authority has announced the launch of the Flowbird App to make it easier for motorists to find and pay for parking downtown.  At a time when touchless payments are increasingly popular, the Flowbird App offers peace-of-mind for both the City and its drivers.

The Flowbird App allows users to pay for parking from their mobile devices, receive text notifications when time is about to expire, and extend their time without having to run to a meter.

“The addition of this convenient payment option is an effort to improve the experience of visiting our shops, restaurants, and other businesses around the city,” said Carey E. Redd, II, Director of Transportation, Transit and Parking, in New London.

Designed as a true mobility app, the Flowbird App features a map-based user interface, integrated with Waze and other navigation systems to guide users to their preferred parking location.  The GPS enabled map also allows users to select their parking location without manually inputting a zone code.

Setting up an account is quick and simple after the app is downloaded to a mobile device from the App Store or Google Play Store.  Accounts can be set up for individual motorists or for businesses to manage their fleets.

The Parking Authority will benefit from Flowbird’s powerful data hub. All parking activity information from Flowbird pay stations and the Flowbird mobile app are aggregated into Flowbird’s back-office system to allow staff to have a global view of all parking activity.

Other methods of payment will continue to be available at Flowbird kiosks throughout the City’s lots, such as by credit or debit card, or with quarters and dollar coins.

The Flowbird app launched on December 12th in New London, followed by a Flowbird ambassador outreach throughout the City.

The City of New London joins several other cities across the northeast utilizing the Flowbird app, including West Hartford, CT; New York City, NY; and Boston, MA, among others. For more information, please visit www.flowbirdapp.com.


Winpark Promotes Amy Zaid to Senior Vice President

December 16, 2022

Winpark Promotes Amy Zaid to Senior Vice President

Houston, Texas – Winpark, the Houston-based parking company powered by Propark Mobility, announced today that the company has promoted Amy Zaid to Senior Vice President.

“Amy is an exceptional leader, who has made a tremendous impact on the company over the years,” said Drew Riley, Winpark President. “Her passion for her work and her innovative approach to the industry have not only fueled her personal success, but also the success of the Winpark team and its clients. We’re excited to see the contributions she’ll make to the company as Senior Vice President.”

Amy joined Winpark in 2011 as an assistant parking manager and quickly excelled within the company, rising to parking manager, regional manager, and, most recently, regional vice president. Throughout her 11 years with the company, she has led initiatives that have streamlined operations for clients and enhanced Winpark’s offerings. Additionally, she has become a mentor for other professional women in the industry, using her vast experience and diverse skillset to help them excel within their own careers.

“Amy’s dedication is second to none,” said John Reimers, Propark’s Chief Operating Officer. “Her organic ascent within Winpark is indicative of her deep understanding of the industry and her commitment to clients and customers throughout Houston. The entire Propark organization is grateful to have her on the team and we know she will continue to reach new heights in this position.”



About Propark Mobility

Winpark is powered by Propark Mobility, one of the country’s largest privately-owned parking companies. Propark provides full-service parking and mobility services for over 750 hospitality, healthcare, commercial, and off-airport locations, in over 100 cities across the United States. For more information, please visit www.propark.com.

Denison Parking Now Managing Parking at Electric Works in Fort Wayne, Indiana

December 15, 2022

In November 2022, Denison Parking began managing parking for the new mixed-use innovation district, Electric Works, in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The campus encompasses 39 acres, 18 historic buildings, and more than 1.2 million square feet of space. The new parking facilities currently consist of two lots and a garage, totaling 1,475 spaces, with more areas in development.

“We are proud to support this exciting project with our signature seamless parking experience. This site has long been a center for innovation and growth, a match for Denison Parking’s experienced, innovative, and personal service.”

—C. Perry Griffith III, President of Denison Parking

Electric Works Fort Wayne

Sparking Growth in Fort Wayne

Electric Works will spark new growth in a welcoming community. A recent poll showed strong community support with high favorability across all demographics and council districts. Once, the site employed 40% of the city’s workforce, but that’s not the only reason the community supports the project; it is estimated to have nearly $400 million in annual economic impact and 1,500 permanent jobs.

The broad cross-section of tenants and uses are anticipated to activate the district and neighborhood with arts, food, specialty retail, and the buzz of innovation and collaboration, all in a setting that will boost downtown development.

More about Fort Wayne and Electric Works

Products from Electric Works have touched your life in many ways—you likely have a few in your kitchen. The first ice-making machine in the US, a predecessor of the household refrigerator, and garbage disposal were both invented at the Electric Works campus under General Electric. But these inventions aren’t the only interesting things about the campus and Fort Wayne’s history. Check out these fun facts:

  • Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo is rated in the nation’s top ten!
  • Fort Wayne is often credited as the birthplace of the NBA. In 1949, Fred Zoller, owner of the Fort Wayne Pistons, brokered the merger of the Basketball Association of America (BAA) and the National Basketball League (NBL) from his kitchen table.
  • Fort Wayne’s African/African-American Historical Society Museum (AAAHSM) exhibits Black and African American history in Allen County, going as far back as 1809. It also houses the area’s most extensive public collection of African art.
  • Lakeside Rose Garden, a renowned National Rose Garden, attracts guests from all over the country. This “must see” garden holds more than 150 varieties of roses and totals at least 2,000 rose plants.

The Denison Difference

Denison Parking is one of the nation’s most experienced parking operators, always up-to-date, agile, and ahead of the curve with industry changes. Our experience with mixed-use, innovation district facilities make us the ideal choice to handle the unique demands of these properties.

Denison Parking comprises a dedicated team focused on creating an environment where energy and integrity create quality parking solutions. In addition to experience, the company’s long-standing family ownership creates a culture where everyone is treated like family, from employees to customers and clients.

Experienced. Innovative. Personal. That is the Denison Difference.

For parking directions and rates for Electric Works, click here

Survision bets on creative solutions to modernize Mobile LPR

December 14, 2022




Survision bets on creative solutions to modernize Mobile LPR




License Plate Inventory (LPI ) and Parking Enforcement, two key methods in Parking management, have two things in common: 1. both require human agents to supervise the premises and 2: they have been manual processes, whether on foot or using heavily modified vehicles. According to Laura Caillot, Survision’s USA General Manager, this traditional technology “holds back the huge, perhaps unknown potential of LPR.”

Rapidly increasing traffic brings many challenges: more data is needed to be processed, more clients need to be serviced, and more infractors need to be detected.. and it has to be done faster than ever before.

LPI and Parking enforcement are perfect scenarios where updates can make huge differences: Back in 2015, Survision partnered with Segway for a public parking enforcement project where Picopak (the world’s smallest all-embedded LPR camera) was mounted on one of their scooters and paired with a mobile app, creating the first mobile LPR solutionwhich managed to get fascinating results:

A single parking control agent equipped with a Picopak-Segway could accurately check up to 1000 vehicles a day, much more than the 300 that could be done by foot.

“Not just because of its size but also its fast, serverless and triggerless processing capability, Picopak is versatile enough to successfully read plates, literally on the go, with high accuracy, which makes it perfect for LPI and enforcement operations.” Laura Said.

Taking advantage of deep experience-based knowledge of the LPR field and its challenges, Survision has made the jump from hardware providers to LPR solutions developers with their two new Mobile LPR solutions, specific for every field of action: LPI to GO and Platenforce



These new solutions are hardware/software bundles that rely on Survision’s little battle warrior, the Picopak LPR camera, to be combined with a specific, ad-hoc self-developed app for each case, working on a tablet (also provided if needed). The set is lightweight and standalone so that it can be mounted in any vehicle (from bikes to golf carts) and moved anytime to another vehicle.

One of the main features of these solutions is  4G connectivity which makes it capable of transmitting its already LPR-processed digital data to the cloud in real-time.



“Survision LPI to GO and Platenforce are what we think the state of the art of Mobile LPR should be: Light, adaptable, precise, fast … and connected!” Laura Caillot said.


December 14, 2022







  • Dublin City Council is innovating its kerbside restriction management process with AppyWay’s suite of management tools, aptly named Traffic Suite
  • By transforming how they manage their kerbside the City Council will be able to better understand how their kerbside is being used and improve data accuracy
  • The adoption of Traffic Suite, in particular the management tool Mapper, is enabling the City Council to rapidly streamline an outdated and often time-consuming process
  • Now live with the solution, Dublin City Council has much more control over their kerbside assets and is empowered with better data to make more informed decisions

Wednesday 14th December 2022, London, UK, AppyWay the intelligent kerbside organisation empowering local governments to kick-start decarbonisation efforts, has today announced the adoption of its kerbside management solution, Traffic Suite, by its first international customer, Dublin City Council.

Dublin City Council approached AppyWay to transform their restriction management process to better understand how their kerbside is being used and to ensure they have more control over their kerbside assets and restriction data. The key goal for the City Council was to look at new and innovative ways to encourage the efficient and sustainable use of loading bays as a part of the Senator Project.

The Senator project is funded under European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme and aims at finding possible solutions to solve the challenges of logistics in urban areas. Dublin, as one of the two Urban Living Labs, is providing pilot site where solutions will be tested, readjusted, and improved to fit the urban environment.

The adoption of Traffic Suite, in particular the Mapper solution for kerbside management allows the City Council to manage their restrictions in Mapper from a highly accurate data set. This was made possible by an extensive kerbside restriction survey by Cyclomedia.

Now live with Traffic Suite, Dublin City Council is exploring a number of the benefits that digitised, map-based restriction management can bring. This would include exploring huge efficiencies within their management process and workflows, and improved accuracy of restriction records. The City Council have also found wide-ranging opportunities for data sharing across services and external mobility operators which includes the Senator Partners for the Senator platform development.

Dan Hubert, Founder & CEO, AppyWay comments, “We’re thrilled have Dublin City Council onboard and proving the benefits of the Traffic Suite and Mapper to an international audience. The outdated and cumbersome management of kerbside restrictions is a global issue, and one that is causing decarbonisation efforts to stagnate. Without streamlined restriction management processes, and easily understood and sharable restriction data, councils are frequently left struggling to rollout initiatives such as electric vehicle charge points, active travel promotion, or create more efficient, sustainable access to loading bays.”

“With Dublin City Council we’re able to put them on the front-foot of kerbside management, empowering them with the tools, processes, and open data they need to make smarter kerbside decisions and make the Senator Urban Living Lab a success.”

Jamie Cudden, Smart City Programme Manager, Dublin City Council quotes

“With increasing ecommerce and thriving businesses, the city centre of Dublin is becoming more and more congested, and it is necessary for us to understand and manage the kerb assets more efficiently using digital tools. The kerbside management can be transformational for the city.  We are delighted to partner with AppyWay and look forward to piloting the mapper solution to digitise the streets of Dublin.”

Dublin City Council

Dublin City Council is the largest Local Authority in the Dublin region, employing approximately 5,600 staff. The Council is responsible for public housing and community, roads and transportation, urban planning and development, amenity and culture and environment. Dublin City Council has a population of approx.554,554 people (Census 2016).


AppyWay exists to help cities thrive from the kerb up. We see the kerb as a catalyst – the key to powering progress with the most pressing urban mobility challenges.

Our platform of data, APIs and tools provide digital kerbside management solutions that enable intelligent mobility, better connecting cities with people and businesses.

Through close collaboration and industry leading partnerships, the AppyWay platform effectively acts as a ‘future mobility’ conduit between the public and private sector:

Kerbside Management | B2G

Our Traffic Suite is a better way to manage traffic orders. The all-in-one award-winning platform is designed to manage, centralise, and make traffic orders easy. Transition from manual, text-based orders to automated, highly accurate map-based orders – with the only platform built for traffic teams.

Traffic Suite >

Intelligent Mobility | B2B

AppyWay business solutions keep people, goods and cities flowing. A full eco-system of comprehensive kerbside data APIs, payment solutions and CAV integrations improves kerb interactions for local enterprises, customers, deliveries, and fleets alike.

AppyWay mobile app >

Parking API >

Propark Mobility Selected by CampusParc to Manage Parking for The Ohio State University

December 14, 2022


Propark Mobility Selected by CampusParc to Manage Parking for The Ohio State University



Columbus, Ohio – Propark Mobility announced today that it has partnered with CampusParc, the concessionaire for the long-term parking lease at The Ohio State University, to provide parking management services for the institution.

“We’re proud to partner with CampusParc to provide Propark’s leading parking management solutions on The Ohio State University campus,” said Stephen Duffy, Chief Strategy Officer, Propark. “Our decades of experience serving universities and stadiums, alongside our continuous growth in the region, position us to make significant contributions to the campus parking experience and the overall community.”

Propark will provide parking management services for Ohio State’s Columbus campus, which features nearly 37,000 parking stalls and 16 garages. Employing more than 250 team members for the operation, Propark will implement parking solutions that effectively streamline the parking process and enhance the campus experience for more than 65,000 university students and over 40,000 faculty and staff members, as well as millions of sporting event attendees and patients every year.

“Propark brings expert parking and mobility operations and premium service to our partnership, while offering a fresh perspective and new approach that will continue to enhance the services we provide to Ohio State, as well as the students, faculty, staff and visitors who travel to and around campus each day,” said Sarah Blouch, CampusParc President and CEO.

CampusParc is beginning the 11th year of the long-term parking lease. The company provides oversight and management of the initial $483 million investment made in The Ohio State University parking system, while the third-party vendor and parking expert, Propark Mobility, provides the operational services related to parking across campus.

“Through this partnership, Propark will combine our expertise in university parking management with our specialized stadium and event parking services to enhance on-campus operations,” said Rudy Touvell, Senior Vice President, Propark. “We’re dedicated to creating an efficient daily parking experience for students, faculty, and staff, in addition to a seamless event parking experience for visitors and Ohio State fans.”

About Propark Mobility

Propark Mobility is one of the country’s largest privately-owned parking companies, providing full-service parking and mobility services for over 750 hospitality, healthcare, commercial, university, and off-airport locations, in over 100 cities across the United States. For more information, please visit, www.propark.com.

TKH: UT Southwestern Medical Center’s Technology Focus Extends to the Parking Garage

December 13, 2022



TKH: UT Southwestern Medical Center’s Technology Focus Extends to the Parking Garage



Cheshire, CT – December 13, 2022 – TKH Security (formerly Park Assist) has been awarded an additional Automated Parking Guidance System (APGS) contract with the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center (UTSW) in Dallas, Texas. UTSW was recently heralded as the No. 1 hospital in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan area by U.S. News & World Report for the 6th year in a row.

UTSW’s technological approach to healthcare also extends to the parking garages. With an anticipated second quarter 2023 completion, the APGS will be located in CUH Garage B of UTSW campus’s newest edition – the William P. Clements Jr. University Hospital.  Opened for patients in 2020, research and innovation are the foundation for the medical center’s patient-centered care. CUH Garage B, a 950-space facility accommodating both visitors and staff, will soon join CUH Garage A in housing the latest in parking technology.

“The hospital was designed with the care and comfort of patients and their families in mind.  Our goal was to create a calming environment to reduce stress and I believe we’ve achieved it.  Each step of a patient’s process has been made easier – entrance, checking in, internal wayfinding, discharging, external navigation, and exit. Since installing the AGPS in garage A, our patients and visitors praised their parking experience. Adding it to garage B was an easy choice,” said Senior Operations Manager Rick Harbaugh. “With the systems, we’re able to maximize occupancy, enhance security, and utilize the data to adjust parking operations to meet driver and medical center needs.”

Visitors, patients, and their families will have the means to efficiently find an available parking space with TKH Security’s new smart-sensor M5 camera-based APGS. Each smart-sensor can monitor up to six parking spaces simultaneously. The bright, red and green color-coded LED light on the smart-sensors instantly visually direct motorists to available spaces.  Reducing time to park by up to 63%, the APGS will help patients arrive to their appointments quickly.

“It’s been great working with UTSW over the past few years and we are excited to be installing our system at another site.  It shows the commitment TKH Security has to our existing customers, providing exceptional technology and services,” said Regional Account Manager Jeff Sparrow. “I’m delighted to have our company selected for this project.”

UT Southwestern Medical Center’s APGS package also includes:

  • Park Surveillance to capture streaming video when motion is detected in or around a space, or continuously if desired,
  • Park Alerts, which notify operators when certain vehicles enter the building including VIP patients and visitors,
  • LCD NAV signs to provide up-to-the-minute parking space availability for drivers,
  • And INX with real time dashboards and business intelligence for operations to maximize parking facilities.

On the UT Southwestern Medical Center project, TKH Security is proud to partner with Associated Time.

UT Southwestern Medical Center

About UT Southwestern Medical Center

UT Southwestern, one of the nation’s premier academic medical centers, integrates pioneering biomedical research with exceptional clinical care and education. The institution’s faculty has received six Nobel Prizes, and includes 24 members of the National Academy of Sciences, 18 members of the National Academy of Medicine, and 14 Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigators. The full-time faculty of more than 2,900 is responsible for groundbreaking medical advances and is committed to translating science-driven research quickly to new clinical treatments. UT Southwestern physicians provide care in more than 80 specialties to more than 100,000 hospitalized patients, more than 360,000 emergency room cases, and oversee nearly 4 million outpatient visits a year.

About TKH Security

TKH Security specializes in the development of smart electronic security, safety, and parking guidance systems. With over 25 years of experience, we offer complete solutions for Parking Guidance, Parking Facility Management, Security Management, Access Control, Video Management, Intrusion Detection, Intercom, Surveillance, and Asset & Site Management. We are always looking for innovative solutions for the market with a focus on creative, flexible and open architecture integration. Recently merging with seven companies (Park Assist, ParkEyes, Aasset Security, Flexsposure, Key Processor, Siqura, and VDG) TKH Security has a strong position in North America, Australia, Europe, and multiple offices all over the world. TKH Security is a member of TKH Group NV.


Sarah Clevinger

Director of Marketing, NTHAM



December 09, 2022










  • Transport for London has shared its red route kerbside restriction data with AppyWay to unlock even more of the capital via their driver app, AppyParking+
  • Drivers including blue badge holders, fleets and delivery services are often confused by restrictions on red routes and avoid stopping, loading, or unloading in these areas
  • With AppyParking+ drivers in London can now see when, where and for how long it is okay to park along these routes
  • Red route parking data enables users of AppyParking+ to make better travel decisions, enabling fewer miles to be driven, and reducing congestion and emissions

London, UK, AppyWay, the intelligent kerbside company empowering local governments to activate decarbonisation efforts and helping fleets and drivers reduce mileage, has today announced the launch of red route parking data within its driver app, AppyParking+.

Making up 5% of London’s roads, but carrying up to 30% of the city’s traffic, red routes are an important part of journeys across the capital. Red routes help reduce congestion and ensure crucial deliveries and journeys can be made safely to keep the city moving. Unless otherwise stated, these major arterial routes with single and double red lines are no stopping at all times. However, TfL who manages restrictions on red routes, do in fact allow parking along them in specified areas, for specified periods, when their use will not cause any major disruption to the capital’s busy road network.

AppyWay and their driver app, AppyParking+, enables drivers and fleets to access detailed parking restriction information for all 32 London boroughs. Helping them to find and navigate to parking quickly and efficiently, in turn reducing mileage, fuel usage and congestion. To cover all of London’s kerbside, AppyWay and TfL worked together to make it even easier for people to understand the parking restrictions on London’s red routes.

With TfL’s help, the AppyParking+ app now displays all red route parking information for London. This exciting development means drivers in London can experience improved journeys around the capital. Delivery services, trades and more can safely load and unload, and blue badge holders can park, pick up or drop off much closer to their destinations.

Now live within the app, AppyWay Founder & CEO Dan Hubert comments,

“Through AppyParking+ we have proven the importance of putting kerbside data into the hands of London’s drivers. Every day drivers can make informed travel decisions, and fleets are able to optimise their operations. This means fewer miles are driven by today’s transport, and drivers transitioning faster to carbon-zero options. Red route data is another piece of this all-important kerbside puzzle and we’re thrilled to be sharing this information with users of AppyParking+”

Nick Owen, TfL’s Head of Network Performance, said: “Parking restrictions around the capital play an important role in reducing motor traffic, and enabling more walking, cycling and public transport use. People driving should only stop or park on red routes where permitted and we want to make it as simple as possible for people to understand where they can and can’t park. Adding this data to the AppyParking+ app will make our parking restrictions even clearer, and we hope that this increases compliance with these vital restrictions.”

Many thanks,

Georgia Tomkins

Marketing Manager

+44 (0) 7787 951 199




SP+ Brings Technology-Based Parking Payment Options to City of New Orleans

December 08, 2022

SP+ Brings Technology-Based Parking Payment Options to City of New Orleans




NEW ORLEANS, Dec. 07, 2022 — SP Plus Corporation (SP+), (Nasdaq: SP), a leading provider of technology-driven mobility solutions for aviation, commercial, hospitality and institutional clients throughout North America and Europe, has upgraded the on-street metered parking program in New Orleans to include pay-by-text and pay-by-plate options.

SP+ is the parking service provider for the City of New Orleans and uses its industry-leading Sphere® suite of technologies, specifically designed to streamline high-traffic parking programs and create a seamless experience for parking customers.

For the City of New Orleans, SP+ introduced its technology-based, paperless payment options to simplify the City’s on-street parking process by eliminating the need for parkers to print and display the proof-of-payment on their dashboard, thus also eliminating the issue of misplaced receipts.

Parking customers can use the text-to-pay option or download Parking.com and other popular parking apps to process their payment.

A pay-by-plate option launched simultaneously. Parkers simply enter their license plate number to purchase parking at the pay station and the enforcement system automatically recognizes the valid parking session.

“These upgrades to the on-street metered parking program are state-of-the-art and offered as a convenience for the residents, stakeholders and visitors to the City of New Orleans,” said Bob Kamper, Vice President of Municipal Services at SP+.

SP+ facilitates the efficient movement of people, vehicles and personal belongings with the goal of enhancing the consumer experience while improving bottom line results for our clients. The Company provides technology-driven mobility solutions, professional parking management, ground transportation, remote baggage check-in and handling, facility maintenance, security, and event logistics to aviation, commercial, hospitality, healthcare and government clients across North America and Europe. For more information, visit www.spplus.com.

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