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Privacy Policy

Parking Today Media (PTM) is committed to maintaining your privacy and has developed a Policy to describe what information we collect and how we use it. 

PTM is a business-to-business company that has a print magazine as well as an online presence with three websites:,, and  PTM neither seeks nor solicits private, personal information from anyone not associated with the parking and transportation industries. We collect, public, business information from companies and individuals in the parking and transportation industries.  This information is voluntarily provided by you and is used to support our advertisers and visitors to our websites.  When you access these sites, you are consenting to the PTM policies and practices.  If our privacy policy changes, we will be notified.

Non-Public vs Public Information Disclosure. As a business-to-business entity, PTM only has access to your public (business) information, including your name, title, email address as well as your company name, address, phone number, web address.  As such PTM has limited, if any, access to your personal (non-public) information. The public information you provide is used to advance our business, and that of our customers. Your business information may be selectively shared with our customers.

Protecting Data Confidentiality: We have taken reasonable steps to assign passwords, encrypt sensitive data and protect our databases, servers and other information storage locations from unauthorized access. These precautions are not an absolute guarantee of security from unauthorized access and you submit all non-public personal information at your own risk.

Data Collection from Website Visitors. PTM only collects aggregate data from users browsing its website. These data are those that are collected through a piece of code placed on each page, and may include, page views, click-through data, geographic location, etc. to describe and understand site traffic. These data do not have any identifying information and used for internal and external marketing purposes to describe site traffic.

The Use of Cookies.

Definition: A cookie is a small data file stored on a computer for various tracking purposes by websites and advertisers. While cookies are generally not harmful to a computer the way that spyware, viruses and other malware are, some cookies do pose a privacy concern because they track your Web surfing habits.

Cookies identify your computer through the IP addresses and can be used to track what specific pages you visit on our websites. They can store and track passwords so you do not have to re-enter them each time you visit. You can set your Internet browser to opt-out of accepting cookies but you will then need to login each time you visit the site you may not have access to the full benefits of the website.

PTM uses cookies and pixels for internal metrics to track the pages you visit and which ads you open.  These data are used to help us understand your preferences and provide feedback to our advertisers. PTM does not currently allow third-party servers to place ads on our websites.

A cookie cannot read or access any personal information on the computer without your knowledge.

Emails. PTM uses email addresses to send newsletters to its readers as well as marketing information for its advertisers and customers.  Through these emails, we may collect data regarding the open rate, what links are opened, which email was used to access the link, the date and time, etc. This information provides us with open rates, distribution list effectiveness, email bounce rates, etc and is used to update PTM’s email lists. While PTM uses email marketing software to send out the emails, this software does not have access to our email lists.

Completing Forms and Other Registrations. To subscribe to one of our newsletters, magazines, blogs, or to download white papers you may be asked to provide some limited information online. This information is solely for the purposes of providing you with the information you requested and is considered consent for PTM to use your information. The same is true if you are registering as an Exhibitor, Attendee or Speaker at the Parking Industry Expo; this information is in support of your request to exhibit, attend, or speak at PIE.

Credit Card Account Disclosure. PTM does not disclose credit card account information provided by its customers. Access is only given to our accounting department for the purposes of payment for the products or services requested.

Privacy Issues with Links to Other Websites.   Our websites contain links to outside websites, primarily through its advertisers and exhibitors. PTM does not have any control or responsibility for the privacy, function or content of these other websites.

Our Partners We may have vendor agreements to offer affinity discounts on products and services. We periodically engage call centers, mailing houses, printers, research firms and other third-party representatives to assist us in servicing our members. Other partners are companies involved in the parking industry.

Can You Opt-In and Opt-Out of Receiving Emails?  You can visit the Subscribe page to opt in to email lists and email newsletters. Each email has an ‘Unsubscribe’ button that will unsubscribe you from all communication from us.  You can click, Contact Us or email or call 310.390.5277, or write us at Parking Today Media, 5777 W Century Blvd, Ste 650, Los Angeles, CA 90045 to unsubscribe from a particular email.  Be aware that is you unsubscribe from one of our email products, you are unsubscribing to all products.

 Social Media Policy

PTM uses social media tools including YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to facilitate interaction among members and to enable members to interact with each other. PTM uses blogs, wikis, social networking sites, private groups and online forums, as well as other tools.