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Actibump activated in Australia

March 24, 2018

Actibump activated in Australia




Curtin University in Perth, Australia, has now activated their two Actibump systems, as their students are returning from summer break.



  • We’re looking forward to the results, says Graham Arndt, Director of Operations and Maintenance at Curtin
  • Curtin University will be performing research on the We will be looking at the behavioural change it causes, says Mr. Arndt.

Two Actibump systems have been installed on a road traversing the Curtin University campus in Perth.

  • About 70 % of the vehicles on this street are There are around 2000 vehicles per day and the speed limit is 40 kph. We needed to do something about it, says Mr. Arndt.
  • We chose the Actibump because it only affects drivers that are speeding and because the system is so We can set speed limit and other variables via software, which increases flexibility and the system is also programmable for other applications.

David Eskilsson, General Manager at Edeva, the inventor of the Actibump, says:

  • The system collects speed data for every passing We are looking at the results and are already seeing a decrease of the number of speeding vehicles. We recognise this trend from our Swedish installations.

The official activation of the Actibumps at Curtin University was held during a visit from the organisation Parking Australia.


  • There was a lot of interest in the system from the We’ve also see that the system is very efficient. The drivers were surprised to see the road “disappear in front of them” and this made them slow down, says Mr. Arndt.



David Eskilsson, General Manager at Edeva: +46 13 474 61 01 david.eskilsson@edeva.se



Or Graham Arndt, Director of Operations and Maintenance at Curtin University: +61 8 9266 4899 g.arndt@curtin.edu.au

Or Luke Yanev, Project manager at Civcon: +61 8 6500 1388 luke.yanev@civconwa.com.au


About Edeva and the Actibump:

Edeva develops traffic systems for liveable cities to help customers create accessible, safe and secure traffic situations. We work on a global market with municipalities, regions, cities, public entities, universities, logistics companies, harbours, airports, industries and toll stations. The company was founded in 2009 in Linköping, Sweden. There are currently circa 35 Actibump units installed in Sweden: on three separate sites in the city of Linköping, three sites in the city of Malmö and one site in each of the cities of Helsingborg, Västerås and Uppsala as well as in all nine lanes at the toll station on the Øresund bridge in the direction from Sweden to Denmark, and now four units installed at the Bentley campus of Curtin University in Perth, Australia.


The Actibump traffic safety system allows full accessibility for all vehicles driven at, or under, the set speed limit. Speeding vehicles are physically reminded of the speed limit by an inverted speedbump. A radar measures the speed of the oncoming vehicles and speeding vehicles activate a hatch that is lowered a few centimetres into the road surface. For non-speeders the hatch remains level with the road surface.

Independent evaluations have shown that the system decreases the noise, improves yielding behaviour and decreases the speed to that of the speed limit ±3 km/h, regardless of speed limit or previous speeding behaviour.


Speed limit and other variables are set through a web-based interface that also presents the statistics collected by the system.


More information:

www.actibump.com Karin.wiklund@edeva.se

Edeva: Actibump – A speed bump you actually like?

April 05, 2016

Actibump – A speed bump you actually like?

Speed affects the degree of injuries sustained from a collision and must be held at a reasonable level, especially in traffic situations involving vulnerable road users. The ideal speed securing equipment would remind speeding vehicles to slow down and let everyone else pass. Actibump does just that.

Actibump is an active, dynamic speed bump that creates a discomfort for speeding vehicles and stays level for everyone else. Speeding vehicles activate a hatch, integrated into the road surface. The hatch is lowered a few centimetres creating an inverted speed hump. Driving over the lowered hatch is an uncomfortable experience but in a level position it causes no discomfort.

Actibump is a Swedish invention, by the company Edeva, that has been in commission since 2010 in Linköping, Sweden. All installations are showing very good results on speeding and yielding behaviour.
Edeva is now setting its sights on the international market and has recently entertained visiting officials from the Czech Republic. This week we are visiting Norway and Intertraffic.

Come talk to David Eskilsson CEO of Edeva, Hans Åberg, Chairman of the board of Edeva, and Walter Foltin from Frogics at Intertraffic in the Via Traffic stand 04.207.

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