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Liverpool Airport turns to AeroParker to drive improved car parking and ancillary pre-booking

June 13, 2019





Liverpool Airport turns to AeroParker to drive improved car parking and ancillary pre-booking




AeroParker, the ecommerce platform for airports, has been contracted to future-proof the online and mobile car parking and ancillary pre-booking at Liverpool airport.



AeroParker will be delivering many improvements: –

  • Rest API integration with the IDeaS RMS gives near real-time data transfer instead of daily that enables more accurate pricing decisions
  • An improved ancillary booking process
  • The introduction of a loyalty module to reward repeat bookers
  • Social Login to a My Account area in addition to standard log in with email/password
  • In line error notifications on the payment step
  • Email verification on the payment step
  • Dynamic urgency messaging


Pre-bookings will also be processed via web services integrations with third parties such as HEX via Rest API and APH. Travel Agents will also have their own platform to place bookings on behalf of their travelling customers.


Jon Keefe CEO of AeroParker said of the new contract. “We are very pleased to welcome Liverpool Airport as an AeroParker customer. It shows that long-time advocates of pre-booking such as LPL can also benefit from the many innovative AeroParker features”


Danny Williams Commercial Manager Parking Liverpool Airport commented “We are very pleased to be able to offer our customers an improved, world class pre-booking user experience that AeroParker offers. The enhanced back end administration is a bonus for our team”


For an online demo of AeroParker please contact


Further information: –

AeroParker manages Online Booking and Parking Commercial Management for customers in Europe and The United States from its offices in Chicago and Manchester. Clients in Europe include Eindhoven, Dortmund, Glasgow International, Paderborn, Weeze, Glasgow Prestwick, Florence, Keflavik, Pisa, Leeds Bradford, Aberdeen, Humberside and Shannon. In the US, AeroParker customers include the 4 airports of PANYNJ, Charlotte Douglas, Boston Logan, San Juan, Seattle-Tacoma and San Francisco.


The AeroParker online booking system is a trusted, online and mobile pre-book and pay ecommerce platform that is low risk, easy to administer, scalable and secure. It offers airports multiple channels to significantly increase non-aeronautical revenues and an easy way to collect valuable customer data for future commercial gain. Parking Commercial Management comprising yield management together with on/offline marketing is also offered via AeroParker expert consultants.


Glasgow Airport signs with AeroParker for innovation in car parking and ancillary product pre-booking

May 13, 2019


Glasgow Airport signs with AeroParker for innovation in car parking and ancillary product pre-booking.



AeroParker is extremely proud to announce being contracted by Glasgow International Airport (GLA) to power their online and mobile pre-booking for car parking and ancillaries.

The platform will enable a new slick customer experience for passengers wishing to guarantee a parking space and any available ancillaries in advance of their arrival at the airport. Functionality includes:-

  • AeroParker’s loyalty module that is being integrated with Glasgow Airport’s CRM provider.
  • 3rd party channel integration via REST API for speed of delivery of pricing and availability.
  • Destination products for the return leg, such as lounges,  purchased in the basket before travel.
  • Market leading payments with PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay as well as debit and credit cards.

Frasor Ralston, Ecommerce & Digital Manager for Glasgow Airportcommented “We continually strive to provide a frictionless digital passenger experience and AeroParker was a natural choice to fit in with our objectives.  We are delighted to be able to offer our passengers a one-basket approach which provides a simplified and efficient booking process that is increasingly important to our customers.”

Jon Keefe CEO of AeroParker said of the new contract. “We are very pleased to welcome Glasgow International as a customer together with the exciting innovations in delivering a slicker passenger experience for their customers.”

About AeroParker

AeroParker was established in 2000 and has processed millions of pre book parking and ancillary transactions since then across its airport, city centre and port customers throughout Europe.

AeroParker is a SaaS specialist prebook and pay ecommerce platform that is trusted, low risk, easy to administer, scalable and secure. It offers airports multiple channels to increase non-aeronautical revenues from parking and ancillaries and an easy way to collect valuable customer data for future commercial gain.

AeroParker customers worldwide are supported by offices in the UK and the United States.

Like what you see, then call or click to book a demo.


AeroParker Travel Agent Platform comes as standard with the core AeroParker system

April 25, 2016


AeroParker Travel Agent Platform comes as standard with the core AeroParker system.



AeroParker have always had a clear understanding of the specific needs and expectations of airport passengers when it comes to pre booking parking and ancillaries, but what about resellers of an airport’s parking? Let’s look at travel agents, what do they need? And what are the airports needs in this partnership?



To begin with a Travel Agent wants to be able to work with the airport no matter if they are an independent with one or two shops or a nationwide chain. Usually, the Travel Agent is under much greater time pressure to make bookings than the passenger to ensure that the throughput of successful bookings via the Travel Agency is maximised. The Agent requires the ability to manage any booking for the customer once it has been made by the Agent. Indeed the airport, who’s parking the Agent has sold, will definitely want the Travel Agent to be the first line support for any bookings made via the Travel Agent. The Agent will want to be able to separate the commercial transaction from the booking to the customer so that parking could be seen as a free add-on to their holiday or flight for the customer. However, a documented “behind the scenes” commercial transaction between the Agent and the airport still needs to occur. The Agent will also therefore want to be able to send to the customer a price-free booking confirmation.

Alternatively, the airport will want the ability to control the contractual relationship with the Agent and set the commercial terms between the two parties. The airport will also want to manage what the Travel Agent can do with bookings themselves. For example the Airport will want to set controls to allow refunds or not and discounted prices or even allocate special products to particular agents. The airport will also want the facility to reconcile all Travel Agent invoices against bookings to ensure that Agents are paid the correct commissions for the fulfilled bookings they claim they have made.

The AeroParker Agent platform does all this and more. It is really simple to use, fast and with functionality optimised for Travel Agents. And what’s more, AeroParker offers this to airports as a standard part of its core system.

This solution enables busy travel agents to provide their customers with additional options such as parking and ancillaries such as fast-track or a lounge before they travel. Also, it provides dependable forecasts and reports allowing visibility of performance while giving airports the security of being in control of the bookings being made on their behalf.

It makes commercial sense to incorporate further pre-book sales channels as it’s an integral part of the travel experience and a natural add-on to any flight booking. As a result, airports can increase non-aeronautical revenues through AeroParker’s feature rich high optimise Agent platform.

AeroParker is AWS cloud-hosted and has served airport clients since 2000, and currently handles millions of transactions per annum under independently verified Level 1 PCI compliancy. AeroParker’s airport customers include airports and ports in the UK, Europe, and the United States.



Switching to AeroParker from any pre book parking technology is straightforward & zero risk

March 23, 2016



Switching to AeroParker from any pre book parking technology is straightforward & zero risk


Continual up-time in pre-book parking is critical. Swapping from one system to another presents Airport Parking and Commercial Managers with a daunting decision. As an airport manager, you may be hesitant to switch your pre-book parking platform for fear of hassle and loss of revenues. However, once you realise just how easy and simple it can be, you may change your mind.


Moreover, an airport is a 24/7/365 retailer who needs to cater for multi-channel, multi-platform customers alike. If an airport can’t guarantee that, not only will it lose revenue but its brand will be impacted negatively as well.

We offer a straightforward and zero risk switch for any airport’s pre-book car parking needs from any system to AeroParker, no matter what the incumbent barrier system, payment gateway or IT infrastructure is.

AeroParker’s tried and trusted process for a zero-risk switch

Scope, plan, build, test, deploy, support is our mantra.

The entire AeroParker implementation is delivered on a test environment to prove bookings can be received from all direct and 3rd party channels and sent to the barriers and fulfilled. Proving refunds and booking amendments can be effected and pricing files can be exchanged with all channels in real time is also completed.

Moreover, we always integrate with the existing payment gateway. We do this even if you decide to switch to our own recommended payment gateway which works perfectly on every device. The reason we do it is that it will mean that when you switch to AeroParker even customers who booked on your old system can amend and cancel their bookings for as long as is needed using AeroParker. This is just one example of how we go the extra mile to make sure the switch is completely hassle free.

Before and during go-live we also take multiple data imports to ensure the integrity of the booking data we are importing in that it is complete, validated and correct. This is an example of how we make sure the transition is completely risk free.

All resource, skills and expertise under one roof

It isn’t just technical expertise that is required to make the switch to AeroParker zero risk. AeroParker has every resource and skill required to switch pre booking systems in-house. At AeroParker we do not need to outsource anything. So nothing falls down the cracks and we do not have to rely on the availability of any 3rd parties that could lead to delays.

If its front end UX expertise or HTML that’s needed, we have it in house. If it is client services personnel required to liaise with barrier system vendors or all your 3rd party resellers and take the pain away for you, we have that in house too, together with multi-lingual capability as well. If it is CRM and email marketing expertise, we have it in house.

Happy airports and passengers

The results speak for themselves, with zero downtime every time and a very quick switch time, that can be as short as 6 weeks, then this makes for the reliable and painless switch from any pre book parking solution to AeroParker which ultimately means an uninterrupted pre book parking service availability from the airport’s point of view and a no interruption in revenue or data collection.

The story doesn’t end there

At AeroParker we know it isn’t just about switching you over to our system. Once you have switched our multi-lingual support team are available to talk to 24/7.   Also, our development team are always here working away on enhancing the AeroParker system and any updates to the platform will be automatically delivered to you at no extra cost.

Now you know how easy it is to switch what are you waiting for? Just email or call AeroParker on jon.keefe@aeroparker.com or tel: +44 161

AeroParker Risk Free