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Amano Group: CVPS Introduces Aria

November 09, 2018




Amano Group: CVPS Introduces Aria




November 09, 2018 – Las Vegas, Nevada – CVPS – Computerized Valet Parking Systems – began as a valet parking technology solutions provider in 1996 when the notion of using technology to manage valet parking was amusing at best, and plain crazy at worst. Fast forward 22 years, and it turns out that they weren’t crazy.




CVPS is recognized as a pioneer, having led the way to the market, understanding that valet parking is an asset to be managed and that deploying technology generates return on investment. The recent emergence of many valet parking software products in the market bears that out. In 2018, CVPS is entering a new market, CreatingVision in Parking Systems with the launch of Aria, a flexible, dependable, and low-cost PARCS solution.


The company is known for doing things a little differently, their customer service department is known as the Client Happiness Team and their employees don’t have traditional titles, favoring employee-specific and descriptive monikers like The Hacker Extraordinaire and The Rainmaker.


Heading up CVPS, The Brain Surgeon, Andy Preas, said “We are extremely excited for the Aria launch, as combining the strengths of CVPS and Amano McGann will provide real value for our clients.”


Amano McGann’s CEO Tom Benton said “I’m thrilled to see this new product line released so quickly from the joint effort of the CVPS and Amano teams. Stay tuned for even more in the future.”


Combining over 22 years of CVPS’ nimble software success and “get it done” attitude with over 40 years of Amano McGann’s U.S.-based hardware manufacturing expertise, Aria utilizes off-the-shelf IP and USB hardware components and the CVPS software back end to deliver a robust PARCS solution suitable for a wide range of clients’ self and valet parking needs.


Simple to install, simple to support, feature-rich, and low-cost, Aria is ready to streamline client operations and generate ROI for them and their clients.


Aria. Stay tuned.


About CVPS

CVPS is a member of the Amano Group, a worldwide organization with annual revenues in excess of $1 billion. Providing solutions for valet and PARCS applications, with over 800 clients worldwide and over 20 years of experience, CVPS provides 24/7 phone and internet-based support with outstanding onsite service provided through their own technicians as well as third-party alliances. For more information about CVPS visit: www.CVPS.solutions