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Aspen Airport Chooses TagMaster NA and FlashParking to deploy solid PARCS solution

January 05, 2018



TagMaster NA Flies High in the Rockies At Aspen Airport


Aspen Airport Chooses TagMaster NA and FlashParking to deploy solid PARCS solution




Tacoma WA, January 2018 – TagMaster North America, Inc the leading provider of identification solutions recently installed high performing TagMaster NA LR-Series 2.45GHz readers in conjunction with FlashParkings‘ parking access and revenue control equipment for the Aspen Airport in Colorado.

Efficient and secure parking controls and access proved to be a challenge for the Aspen airport previously. Due to the extreme weather conditions present in Aspen, the airport needed a durable and reliable system capable of providing consistent performance regardless of adverse and inclement weather often present.

The Aspen airport deployed FlashParkings Entry/Exit smart stations, cash machines and pay on foot stations in conjunction with TagMasters’
IP66 rated LR-Series long range RFID proven for harsh environments. The new FlashParking touch screen kiosks with cloud technology and TagMasters’ premier microwave RFID technology improved the throughput speeds and effectively eliminated vehicle congestion and queues.

Streamlining parking controls increases security and vehicle throughput is now improved at a critical traffic point, allowing airport parkers to conveniently gain access without the need to stop or roll down a window to present a badge. By choosing TagMaster NA and FlashParking the Aspen Airport maintains reliable oversight while streamlining parking operations and maximizing revenue control.

TagMaster is always looking to see how we can provide and partner with reliable solutions that reflect the integrity and design of the products we put forward for Airport applications,” said Ali Khaksar, President of TagMaster North America, Inc. “Partnering with FlashParking ensures a highly successful project.”

“FlashParking is proud to partner with best-of-breed industry technology providers, like TagMaster,” said Eliseo Diaz, FlashParking Co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer. “With our PARCS solution coupled with the TagMaster AVI technology, we are confident that Aspen Airport will provide an elevated experience for their guests, while maximizing their operations for years to come.”

FlashParking -The FlashParking mission is simple: to perfect the parking experience. Whether it’s garage, lot, or valet operations, FlashParking provides a simple, innovative approach to managing parking. Our touch-screen, smart stations, coupled with cloud-run software, enable parking operators and asset owners to increase revenue, while giving guests a better parking experience. For support and services visit www.flashparking.com or contact at sales@flashparking.com P: (800) 213-3706

TagMaster North America,Inc is the leading provider of Identification Solutions for Automated Vehicle Identification (AVI) and rail bound transportation. Collective technologies provide convenient and reliable platforms for applications throughout the Americas. TagMaster North America’s breadth of Identification Solutions are able to increase security, decrease environmental impact and add value to actualize and simplify vehicle access control for a wide array of projects. For more information on TagMaster products, support and services, visit www.TagMasterNA.com or contact us at info@TagMasterNA.com | P: (253) 238-1421

#PIEshow2017: BIG DATA and SMALL CITY – By Mitch Osur, Parking Director, City of Aspen

February 06, 2017


By Mitch Osur



I first really learned about Big Data at the PIE show 2016 in Las Vegas, It was talked about in a lot of the seminars I participated in. Then I was lucky enough in the exhibitor area of the show to connect with a company called Smarking. They said they could turn my parking data into useful and presentable information. WOW have they done a great job for the city of Aspen.



The big data has given me the ability to measure and graphically display, with data the exact results of the programs and initiatives I have worked on in Aspen. It has become significantly easier to communicate and prove our results to the public, city council, and the media on what Aspen’s goals are and why we made the changes that have been instituted.


The big data has helped the city of Aspen evaluate data and optimize price points and visually communicate goals and results to all interested stakeholders in the community. The data I review every day is hourly peak occupancy, peak occupancy, revenue by type, and duration.


I have been able to track real time results and compare those results against the stated goals I shared with city council.


Aspen has extreme seasonal demand for parking, with thousands of tourists driving in the summer season. In 2015 parking occupancy’s varied from around 50% occupied in the off-peak season and over 100% occupied in the busy summer months. With the help of big data I was able to convince City Council to try a 3 month test program in 2016 to manage the parking demand.

The policies put in place to help alleviate parking and traffic congestion included:

  • Increase parking prices 50% only during the peak summer season in the downtown core
  • Keep parking prices low in the parking garage and residential areas
  • Started a FREE Downtowner door-to-door, on demand electric shuttle service
  • Implement a Drive-Less campaign
  • Promoted the use of We-Cycle, Aspen’s shared bike program


The goal was to

  • Reduce car traffic coming into Aspen
  • Cut down on congestion of cars in town
  • Have no more than 90% parking occupancy in the Downtown core
  • Increase transit, carpool, pedestrian and bicycle trips
  • Encourage parking in the parking garage, Brush Creek Intercept lot and the residential zones


The 3 month test was carefully measured and results showed that the program went above expectations. Parking occupancy decreased during peak periods, making it easier for visitors to find a place to park. Parking turnover increased, revenue increased and more vehicles parking in the parking garage and in the residential area rather than the congested downtown core. In addition the number that really matters is that Aspen had one of its best retail and restaurant summers ever with sales tax revenue up over 20% for the summer months.


With the help of big data we were able to prove to City Council and the citizens that the plan worked exactly as laid out, we achieved all of the goals as rolled out.  Because I was able to show City Council the data in real time is was easy to get City Council to adopt the new Parking prices for the future. We will now have 7 months of higher parking prices and 5 months of lower parking prices.


The next step for Aspen is to use the big data to go to real dynamic pricing and change the parking prices by day of the week and month of the year, with Smarking’s help I believe we can get the planned approved in the next 6 months.


For more information or details reach out to:

Mitch Osur

Parking Director, City of Aspen