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Cammax Limited unveil new Parking Payment solution at BPA Parkex 2019

April 09, 2019




Cammax Limited unveil new Parking Payment solution at BPA Parkex 2019



  • Cammax Limited publicly unveil new Outdoor Wall Mounted Payment Kiosk

  • UK-based kiosk manufacturer showcases range of parking payment solutions at BPA Parkex 2019

  • New kiosk machine joins range of existing Cammax parking payment solutions as company strives to deliver innovative solutions to the European parking market



UK-based kiosk manufacturers Cammax Limited have unveiled an impressive new edition to their range of parking payment machines as part of a sustained effort to deliver innovative technological solutions to the European parking market.

The new Outdoor Wall Mounted Payment Kiosk has today publicly been unveiled at BPA (British Parking Association) Parkex 2019 in a move the company hopes will cement their status as leading innovators in the industry.

Parkex is Europe’s largest dedicated parking event and the best place to discover first-hand the most innovative parking technologies available on the market today. The BPA exhibition is where the sector comes together to find solutions to the latest parking issues, exchange best practice knowledge and hear from the key stakeholders in this rapidly-evolving sector.

Over the last few year’s Cammax have worked closely with a number of car park operators, local councils and transport authorities to provide a range of parking and transport solutions to their customers. The firm offers highly customisable parking payment solutions with a wide range of indoor and outdoor payment machines, from card only to full card and cash payment, with a complete back end management tool to enable full estate and tariff management in real time.

Joining already-popular parking payment models like the Cammax Free standing Blade Payment Kiosk, which accepts payment via Chip & PIN Card or contactless card, the brand-new Outdoor Wall Mounted Payment Kiosk is unique in that it has no visible locks; instead the kiosk is opened electronically via bespoke Cammax software. The new model can also be fitted with peripherals including a receipt printer, barcode scanner and contactless payment device.

Following the public unveiling of the new kiosk, Cammax MD Julian Rooney said: “The parking industry needs to offer car drivers many alternative ways to pay for their parking, which is dictated by the marketplace and also by the physical and infrastructure requirements within different car parks. The new Cammax Outdoor Wall Mounted Payment Kiosk was developed to give our parking customers more choice as they seek to find a kiosk solution that’s right for them”.

He added: “Cammax are now providing multiple self- service platforms which cater for the new digital age and we endeavour to ensure that our suite of products can be tailored to as many client requirements as possible. This approach allows our clients to benefit from reduced development costs whilst obtaining a system that meets their exact needs, rather than being shoehorned into purchasing a massively expensive system that only achieves 80% of functional requirements”.

You can view the full range of Cammax parking payment kiosks here: https://www.cammaxlimited.co.uk/solution/parking-payment-kiosk/


About Cammax Limited:

Cammax limited are a leading providers of self-service payment solutions in the UK. With the use of self- service technology, the company has been successfully guiding customers through ticketing troubles, payment problems and queuing qualms for the past 20 years.

Whether it’s processing payments faster, getting tickets in the hands of customers, or reaching new markets, Cammax are experts in helping organisations realise the benefits that self- service systems deliver.

For more information you can visit the Cammax Limited website at www.cammaxlimited.co.uk




Cammax Limited: How Kiosks and New Technology are Transforming the UK Parking Industry

October 23, 2017



Cammax Limited: How Kiosks and New Technology are Transforming the UK Parking Industry



The adoption of new technology within the UK parking industry has become omnipresent in recent years as stakeholders attempt to improve operational efficiency and cut costs in view of the current political and economic landscape.



Recent research suggests that embracing new technologies, such as providing alternative payment options for customers, has led to big savings for operators and as such more and more are now turning to cashless parking schemes.

Feedback from the parking workforce has also been extremely positive in cases when new equipment has been mobilised; for example, civil parking officers demonstrate increased levels of aptitude when they are equipped with wireless hand-held devises, automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) and real-time incident reporting, boosting morale and freeing up staff to focus on other tasks.

As the industry moves towards a more automated future, more technological change is expected to contribute to the development of more agile, responsive and convenient parking services, increasing public perceptions and expectations of the industry.

As parking businesses grapple with the concept of improving efficiency and lowering costs, we take a look at some of the new technologies that are making things easier for customers and bosses.

Payment Kiosks

The parking industry needs to be flexible and offer service users many different ways to pay for their parking, (this is dictated by the marketplace and also by the physical and infrastructure requirements within different car parks)That’s why over the last couple of years industry leaders have been working tirelessly with suppliers to develop cutting-edge solutions.

One established UK kiosk manufacturer, Cammax Limited, have worked tirelessly to develop an extensive range of parking payment machines that enable customers to make transactions quickly and conveniently, removing the need for physical staff and improving customer satisfaction. Self-service kiosks can now be configured to offer a range of chip and pin, coins, notes, and receipt printing options, providing an all-in-one-solution that is easy to manage and helps to reduce overheads.

Utilizing Big Data

Breakthroughs in the utilization of big data have also excited those in charge of parking facilities. The purpose of Big Data is to garner information from numerous sources in an attempt to extract patterns and trends associated with human behaviour. This data is then organised and manipulated and can be used to help develop engaging digital signage.

With length-of-stay info, occupancy statistics and payment processing, the parking sector is very data-rich so cleverly exploiting Big Data opportunities allows businesses to set optimal prices based on availability and other variables relevant to the situation, (i.e. weather events or even flight schedules for airport parking).

Processing information from the received data then enables leaders to establish dynamic pricing strategies, as successfully adopted by companies like Uber.

Improving Customer Experience

Poor parking facilities can ruin the whole experience for drivers but despite this bosses frequently overlook parking when evaluating their customer service offering.

In a move to address customer concerns, touch screens are being deployed to display safety and journey information but also provide timely and targeted promotional messages from retailers and local businesses.

It’s not just in the car park that parking companies can utilise new technology to improve the customer experience either. Online reservation systems are commonly being adopted to allow for a more quick and convenient experience and some systems even incorporate license-place recognition technology that allows quick entry for those who have booked online and reserved a space.