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CampusParc Selects Propark Mobility as New Operator of The Ohio State University Parking System

April 21, 2022





CampusParc Selects Propark Mobility as New Operator of

The Ohio State University Parking System



COLUMBUS, Ohio – CampusParc, the concessionaire for the Long-Term Parking Lease at The Ohio State University, announced today that it has selected Propark Mobility to operate The Ohio State University Parking System effective January 1, 2023. Over the past nine years, CampusParc has focused on partnering with the university to provide efficient delivery of parking services and products, while exploring new approaches that move towards a more seamless and simple parking experience for customers.

“Propark brings expert parking and mobility operations and premium service to our partnership, while offering a fresh perspective and new approach that will continue to enhance the services we provide to Ohio State, as well as the students, faculty, staff and visitors who travel to and around campus each day,” said Sarah Blouch, CampusParc president and CEO. “We are proud of what we’ve accomplished with LAZ Parking and are pleased that LAZ will remain a partner to us through the provision of select specialty services.”

CampusParc manages one of the largest parking systems in the nation at Ohio State and is responsible for overseeing all parking assets, including maintenance and operation of the parking facilities. CampusParc has made significant investments in staff and technology to gather and analyze university parking data, informing current and future demand and challenges. With Propark’s deep understanding and experience operating complex parking systems, CampusParc will continue advancing smart solutions to parking and mobility across the university campus.

“We are excited to begin a partnership with CampusParc, in support of The Ohio State University, to bring sustainable parking solutions and guest services to this incredible campus,” said John Schmid, CEO and chairman for Propark, which offers its services to more than 600 hospitality, healthcare, commercial and off-airport locations in more than 100 cities in the United States. “Smart and innovative parking solutions require collaboration, and we look forward to working with CampusParc to meet the needs of customers visiting this growing campus environment.”

CampusParc provides oversite and management of the Ohio State parking system, ensuring compliance with all terms of its long-term lease with the university, and contracts with an operator to address the day-to-day responsibilities of parking, maintenance, and customer service. The official transition to Propark will begin in Q3 2022with Propark assuming full-service responsibility on January 1, 2023.