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No Need for LPR or privacy concerns with INDECT’s ‘Car Locator’ software v2.0

June 17, 2019





No Need for LPR or privacy concerns with INDECT’s ‘Car Locator’ software v2.0




Boston, MA (June 17, 2019) INDECT USA today announces the newest version of their popular Car Locator software, version 2.0. This software allows customers to quickly and easily find their car using on-site kiosks or the INDECT Car Locator App.




The latest release features the unique ability to quickly and easily locate customers’ vehicles in any parking garage or open-air lot, while maintaining complete owner privacy and complying with all applicable state laws.


“Previously, some garages were prevented from offering our original Car Locator feature as it uses license plate recognition technology and this conflicts with their local state laws concerning privacy,” said Dale Fowler, President of INDECT USA.


“The latest version of Car Locator uses the unique time and date stamp on each parking ticket to locate the customer’s vehicle and does not require the installation of LPR at all.” said Fowler.


According to Fowler, customers enter the unique time and date stamp from their parking ticket into the onsite INDECT kiosk. The system then displays all vehicles that parked in the garage within 5-10 minutes of this time. The customer is able to select their car and follow the onscreen directions to their vehicle.


“This new version is not just great for protecting people’s privacy, it’s also perfect for states that don’t require vehicles to display front plates and for people who simply do not know their license plate details.” he said.


INDECT also offers garage owners the option of integrating a barcode scanner, or coder from the parking system, into the Car Locator kiosk.  Customers would simply scan their parking ticket barcode and select their car from the vehicles displayed.


“INDECT is constantly researching and developing new technologies to ensure our system continually meets the needs of our customers. We work hard to be the best parking guidance system on the market and that means listening to feedback and using it to generate new ideas and new products.” said Fowler.




INDECT is the leading provider of parking guidance systems. INDECT’s systems combine the most advanced parking space sensors with industry-leading data management technology to offer drivers a safer, more convenient parking experience while helping parking owners operate their parking assets more efficiently and profitably.

INDECT USA can be found online at www.indectusa.com