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APCOA PARKING Group: Project start in the Braunschweig research car park

December 03, 2018




APCOA PARKING Group: Project start in the Braunschweig research car park




Full-coverage autonomous parking soon to be a reality



Braunschweig, 28 November 2018Under the auspices of the newly launched SynCoPark project (synergies from cooperation and standardisation in manufacturer-independent automated parking), researchers from the Technische UniversitätBraunschweig have joined forces with parking industry representatives to ensure that standardisation of parking processes will soon make autonomous parking (more) widely available.


To achieve this aim, the newly-built, multi-storey research car park at Braunschweig Airport has been equipped with digital infrastructure, turning it into a test area for parking processes at various levels of automation and using specially-equipped research vehicles for real-time demonstrations.


The tests carried out so far have involved standardised hardware and specific vehicle/infrastructure combinations, which have been carefully developed through close cooperation between OEMs, suppliers and infrastructure service providers.


The joint project SynCoPark wants to go the extra mile and develop standardised solutions for the qualification and certification of digital infrastructure in multi-storey car parks and vehicles. This will enable parking processes to be performed at different levels of automation, irrespective of the vehicle manufacturer, infrastructure service provider and car park operator.


This makes it possible not only to design technical equipment for new multi-storey car parks, but also to retrofit existing multi-storey car parks so that they too can also offer automated parking processes.


The project is also focussing on other aspects: The future use of multi-storey car parks as mobility hubs for transporting people and goods will open up new economic opportunities, which will be examined in terms of business field and business model development. The researchers are also considering legal questions, such as requirements for contractual relationships, liability and road user behaviour.


In order to highlight how intermodal transportation hubs can benefit from standardised and advanced infrastructures, the Elbphilharmonie multi-storey car park in Hamburg is to be equipped with this new infrastructure in the run-up to the 2021 ITS World Congress and the project’s achievements are to be on full display to capture the public’s imagination.


The SynCoPark project has received EUR 2.5 million in funding from the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure’s research programme “Automation and Networking in Road Traffic”.


The consortium is being led by the Automotive Research Centre of Lower Saxony (Niedersächsisches Forschungszentrum Fahrzeugtechnik) (NFF) at the TU Braunschweig, the Institut für Fahrzeugtechnik (IfF), the Institut für Automobilwirtschaft und Industrielle Produktion (AIP) and the Forschungsstelle Mobilitätsrecht. The project’s partners also include APCOA PARKING Deutschland GmbH, EDAG Engineering GmbH, GOLDBECK GmbH, NavCert GmbH and PRETHERM GmbH. The project’s associate partners are Allianz für die Region GmbH, ITS Deutschland GmbH, Leica Geosystems GmbH, Volkswagen AG and the BMW Group.


Find out more at: https://www.its-mobility.de



________________________________________________________________________________________                                                                                         Contact: APCOA PARKING Holdings GmbH, Sebastian Merkle, Flughafenstr. 34, 70624 Stuttgart-Airport, T: +49 711-94791-0



APCOA PARKING Group is Europe’s leading parking operator with more than 45 years of industry expertise. With its 5,000 employees, the company manages approximately 1.4 million individual parking spaces at over 9,000 locations in 13 European countries. These include parking spaces at 1,800 city and shopping center locations, 400 hotels, 150 hospitals and 58 European airports. With its consistent “asset light” business model, APCOA is the trusted partner who maximizes value for private and public real estate owners.

Via its open digital platform APCOA FLOW, the company connects on-street and off-street car parks with clients, partners, customers and their vehicles. Based on this technology, APCOA is transforming its car parks into mobility hubs, offering innovative services that enable a more convenient mobility experience. The environment also benefits: with its digital services and intelligent Traffic Management System, the company actively contributes to the reduction of emissions in cities by decreasing the volume of traffic searching for parking. By connecting parking and mobility, APCOA is positioned to become an integral part of the Smart City.





August 21, 2018





Highly detailed planet Earth at night with embossed continents, illuminated by light of cities, translucent and reflective ocean. Earth is surrounded by a luminous network, representing the major air routes based on real data



European online parking reservation leader, ParkCloud, has continued its impressive global expansion with the announcement of key 2018 successes to date.




Following a strong start to its 10th year in the industry, ParkCloud has added 100 car parks across 12 countries to its parking portfolio, further bolstering its online network for over 3 million users.


As the European leader in its field, key wins for the online aggregator hail from Germany – which include new locations Hannover and Bremen, Spain – with new activations across major airport sites Barcelona, Alicante and Ibiza, and the U.K – with new car parks from Edinburgh to Exeter.


Italy has also seen an impressive rate of growth, with activations across all parking products. Most notably, a recent renewal with Italy’s primary rail operator, Trenitalia (Gruppo FS Italiane) and a significant partnership with Italy’s 4th largest airport – Venice Marco Polo. Following this win, ParkCloud now boasts on-site parking partnerships with all the top six Italian airports1.


Away from its key market successes, ParkCloud has also strengthened its presence across Finland, Austria, Turkey and South Africa, as well as adding the official airport car parks at Greece’s Thessaloniki Airport and Kavala Airport.


As its ancillary service offering continues to grow, customers reserving their parking through ParkCloud can now also book their FastTrack and lounge passes at an additional number of popular airport locations – including Nice, Frankfurt and Belfast International.


ParkCloud’s Managing Director, Mark Pegler, said: “As a leader in our respective industry, it’s vital that we’re continuously driving innovation through new technologies and ultimately providing our customers with more freedom to choose the travel options that are right for them.

Mark Pegler CEO of ParkCloud


“As the travel market continues to flourish, with more and more people embracing digital booking channels, we’re well positioned to continue our rate of growth and anticipate the addition of several new markets.”


ParkCloud is currently nominated for Best Airport Parking Operator in the British Travel Awards. To vote, please click  here.


To find out more about ParkCloud, please visit www.parkcloud.com.




Source: https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aeroporti_d%27Italia_per_traffico_passeggeri


About ParkCloud


ParkCloud, simply put, lets drivers book a parking space in advance, in the same way as it’s possible to do with hotel rooms, restaurant tables…and even a coffee these days.


When travelling, parking is usually the last thing on anybody’s mind, but research shows that as much as 20 minutes is wasted when searching for a parking space. ParkCloud aims to solve that problem by letting customers make a parking booking, whether they are getting on a plane, taking a cruise, catching a train, or visiting a city or event.


ParkCloud was founded in 2008 as an online parking reservation service and within the 10 years we’ve been operating our success and growth has been rapid.


Today we are an award-winning, global provider, working with car park operators across 42 countries to include them on our comparison search engine, which aims to give consumers the most user friendly, efficient service possible when they need it most.


This bookable parking network is also made available to travel industry partners to help complete the itineraries of passengers worldwide.


Winner of Queen’s Award for International Trade


Car park Houtwal awarded with ESPA Gold Award

November 08, 2016

Car park Houtwal awarded with ESPA Gold Award


Car park Houtwal in Harderwijk (The Netherlands) received the award for car park of exceptional quality: the European Standard Parking Award, or the ESPA Gold Award. The ESPA Gold Award, given by the European Parking Association (EPA), has been created to distinguish from the standard car parks through excellence, which every garage should meet.

Car park Houtwal
The underground car park is round and can accommodate 450 vehicles. In the middle of the car park there is a large glass roof that creates daylight up to the bottom, more than 21 meters below the surface. The parking layers have the shape of a spiral and lie around the light shaft, which has a diameter of 12 meters. A separate lane has been made for leaving the car park around the light shaft that leads vehicles without obstacles to the exit.



During the excavation work, remains of an ancient city have been discovered. These have been restored and are on display on the lower level of the parking garage. The garage is equipped with energy-efficient, dimmable LED lighting from RentaLite. In total there are 650 LED fixtures that have four different types of light strengths: 30, 25, 20 and 15 watts with an optimized lifespan and C02 reduction. Furthermore, the garage is equipped with a sprinkler system.

Record Breaking Car Park Lease Agreement Signed

December 18, 2015




Australia’s Number 1 Car Parking marketplace has announced a new record car park booking. A new parking lease was signed this week for a 12 month booking, totalling $8,580 or $165 a week for the exclusive 24/7 secure parking space on York Street in Sydney.

Parkhound co-founder Michael Nuciforo said that this was a record deal in a record breaking year. “We have conducted over $1.5 million worth of car park bookings this year alone, and this particular deal was a new record for an individual lease”.

With the parking space located inside an apartment block opposite Wynyard Train Station, Mr Nuciforo said there was plenty of demand even at the $165 weekly asking price. “We had over 3 drivers bidding at the same time for this parking space within 24 hours of it coming onto the market”.

Mr Nuciforo added that some drivers were purely motivated by convenience, “When you look at the price of other parking options nearby and then factor in the risk of getting a parking fine or not finding a space at all, booking your own parking space is a very convenient option”.

Sydney resident, Amy, the owner of the parking space was obviously pleased with the deal. “I have received plenty of shorter-term bookings before but I was not expecting a 12 month lease for a car park of this value. It just goes to show how keen motorists are to lock in a parking space of their own”.

Mr Nuciforo said a lot of drivers were looking to lock in longer term parking when they returned to work in the New Year, “December, January and February are especially busy months for us with many workers looking to lock in their parking arrangements for next year. It’s a great time to lease your parking space if you have a spare car park with your apartment, house or business”.

Parkhound, which operates a marketplace where members can easily exchange and lease parking spaces with other drivers, has over 5,000 parking spaces across the country for drivers to select from. The average booking value is $55 a week.

About Parkhound
Parkhound is an online community where members can easily exchange and lease parking spaces with other drivers. Local residents make money from leasing a parking space and drivers get a cost effective and hassle free parking experience.

For further information
Michael Nuciforo, Co-founder
+61 466 910 446