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Thirty per cent of Christmas CBD traffic comes from drivers looking for parking

December 21, 2015




CBD Christmas shoppers are being held up due to traffic congestion caused by frustrated motorists looking for parking, a recent study from online car parking marketplace Parkhound has found.

Not only are Australians spending more on Christmas shopping, they are also spending a longer amount of time getting to their retail destination. New research from Parkhound has found that Australians will spend on average 2 hours travelling to and from the CBD for their yearly Christmas shop. Around 20% of that time is being consumed by frustrated drivers looking for parking.

When comparing capital cities, Sydneysiders and Melbournians fare the worst in this area, spending an average of almost 30 minutes looking for parking.

According to the study done by Parkhound, Christmas parking difficulty reflects a consistent trend for Australian commuters. On average, Australians spend 60 minutes driving per day over the course of their lifetime. That totals to a whopping 22,630 hours driving a car (assuming that someone starts driving at 18 and drives until they are 80 years old).

With nearly two in three Australians driving to work, study or leisure in a private car Parkhound has found that by using the car park marketplace, motorists can reduce the time they spent looking for parking. “Looking for parking is an enormous source of congestion and unnecessary traffic in Australian CBD’s especially around Christmas time. It is wasting people’s valuable time, causing additional pollution and also hampering business” concluded Parkhound co-founder Michael Nuciforo.

The study also found that there had an increase in the number of commuters driving to work compared with two years ago. Of all adult Australians in full-time work or study, more than seven in 10 (71 per cent) primarily use a passenger vehicle to commute, and nearly nine in 10 adults (88 per cent) use a car to get to places other than work.

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