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Portland International Jetport award Cincinnati Time of Maine and Amano McGann upgrade contract

May 04, 2017



Portland International Jetport award Cincinnati Time of Maine and Amano McGann upgrade contract




May 4th, 2017 – Portland, Maine – Cincinnati Time of Maine in collaboration with Amano McGann have been contracted to upgrade the Parking Access and Revenue Control System (PARCS) at Portland International Jetport.



Tom Kane, chief technical officer at Cincinnati Time of Maine, commented, “The Jetport’s current Amano McGann machines have handled over 15 years of heavy use. Their continued operation is a testament to the longevity of Amano McGann products paired with the first-rate level of long-term care provided by Cincinnati Time of Maine. We look forward to keeping the Portland International Jetport as a customer and upgrading them to OPUSeries®.” The project will incorporate 23 new gates, and all existing pay-in-lane stations, POS terminals and ticket dispensers will be replaced.


The Jetport will also take advantage of Amano McGann’s eFlexPrint® and eParcVal® validation systems. Businesses located inside Portland International Jetport will have the opportunity to provide parking validations for their customers. Until now, validations were only available through the Jetport’s offices.


“Amano Corporation is proud to be a part of the Portland International Jetport’s parking system since the early 1990’s,” said Mike Hanney, Amano McGann’s vice president of Eastern Region dealer sales, “We look forward to continuing to provide patron-oriented technology that simplifies parking operations.” To further enhance convenience for the patron and operator, a new mobile license plate recognition system will be incorporated. Where the current system requires manual key entry of license plates, this new system uses cameras mounted to the sides of a vehicle. License plate inventory is then accomplished by driving through the facility, allowing the plates to be captured by the cameras and saving the operator a considerable amount of time.


“The Portland International Jetport has been a longstanding customer of Cincinnati Time of Maine and Amano McGann, and is pleased to continue this relationship with these significant upgrades to our Parking Access and Revenue Control System”, said Paul Bradbury, Airport Director.  “I know these upgrades will provide significant customer service enhancements and improve the efficiency of our parking management operations.”


About Amano McGann

Amano McGann is a parking and security technology company headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The next-generation products Amano McGann offers allow their clients to effectively manage on and off-street parking operations as well as monitor and secure their facilities.

As a member of the Amano Group, a worldwide organization with annual revenues in excess of $900 million, they are global leaders in the manufacturing and distribution of hardware and software solutions for the parking industry. Amano McGann produces and distributes equipment and software in their United States-based manufacturing facility. With an extensive branch and authorized dealer network, they offer a high level of service and experience to cater to all of your parking needs. For more information about Amano McGann’s integrated solutions visit www.amanomcgann.com.

Cincinnati Time of Maine

In addition to selling and installing comprehensive, state-of-the-art systems, Cincinnati Time of Maine provides customers with thorough training and ongoing support. They provide on-site support for their parking systems in addition to online customer care. Cincinnati Time of Maine’s core belief is a system will only provide a positive and effective solution through a long-term support relationship. For more information about Cincinnati Time of Maine visit www.ctrmaine.com.