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CivicSmart Supports Multiple Parking Payment Apps for the City of Atlanta and ATL Plus

January 12, 2020





CivicSmart Supports Multiple Parking Payment Apps for the City of Atlanta and ATL Plus



MILWAUKEE, WI.  – Duncan Parking Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of CivicSmart, Inc., (“CivicSmart”) is pleased to announce the enhancement of its AutoISSUE handheld enforcement software to support the City of Atlanta’s acceptance of multiple parking payment apps for on-street parking.



The City of Atlanta recently joined a small but growing number of progressive cities that recognize the desirability of allowing motorists to pay for on-street parking using the app of their choice.


In addition to the City’s long-time acceptance of ParkMobile, the City and its operator, ATL Plus, continue to build on the success and innovation of the City’s “Smart Parking” program by expanding to accept payments from the PayByPhone and Passport apps.


To seamlessly accept these payments, parking enforcement officers need to see real-time payment information in their enforcement handheld software.  For years, CivicSmart’s AutoISSUE software has incorporated payments from Atlanta’s Flowbird paystations and the ParkMobile app.  The most recent release of AutoISSUE software for the City adds payments from PayByPhone and Passport, with work underway to integrate SpotAngels mobile payments in the first quarter of 2020.


The AutoISSUE handheld devices contain a License Plate Recognition engine that instantly checks the paid status of each plate across any payment platform.  If a plate is not paid, the officer can efficiently and accurately issue a citation by pre-populating most of the data.  Prior to finalizing the citation, the handheld software performs a final, “last second check” to prevent an incorrect citation from being issued if a payment was just made.  Officer location and vehicle images are also captured to further document citation details.


The City’s and ATL Plus’ parking system is designed with the highest standards to ensure that every citation that is issued is valid.


In addition to integrating with multiple payment systems, the AutoISSUE software integrates with ATL Plus vehicles equipped with Mobile LPR systems so vehicles that overstay, don’t pay or don’t have permits can be automatically flagged on the officers’ handheld software.  This prevents MLPR vehicles from having to stop to issue citations themselves which can cause double-parking, congestion, and vehicle and pedestrian safety risks.


The AutoISSUE software is also integrated with GE’s CityIQ intelligent streetlights which are being piloted in the City and can show officers images of vehicles that block fire hydrants, crosswalks or create other safety hazards.


About CivicSmart

CivicSmart is a leader in citywide, on-street parking solutions with an 83-year track record providing enforcement, sensors, smart meters, housings and software products for over a million parking spaces.  Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, CivicSmart’s patented “Smart Parking” solutions have been deployed globally on five continents and serve over 1,500 clients.  More information about CivicSmart is available at CivicSmart.com.