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National Parking Association Heads First Study to Identify the Complete Picture of Urban Congestion

September 26, 2018


National Parking Association Heads First Study to Identify the Complete Picture of Urban Congestion




Washington, DC  — The National Parking Association (NPA) has commissioned PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) to conduct nationwide research to identify trends and investigate the causes, economic impact, and potential solutions for urban congestion. This first of its kind study investigates the intersection of parking and transportation to form a holistic picture of the urban transportation landscape.




  • Congestion cost all US cities in total an estimated $305 billion in 2017. (US DOT – Bureau of Transportation Statistics)
  • Congestion costs commuters $1,000 per person per year. (2018 INRIX traffic score card)
  • The U.S. population of 327 million today will increase to 348 million by 2027 with more than 84% of the population concentrated in urban areas.

NPA’s research will identify how planning and infrastructure in urban areas can support the transportation needs of the population, while managing congestion and reducing economic impacts.

“This research into reducing congestion will provide insights into real-world approaches for mitigating congestion, managing roadway throughput and halting unchecked congestion costs to citizens, cities and employers,” said Christine Banning, NPA president.  “The parking industry is making a significant multi-year commitment to dedicate itself to research related to meaningful transportation, congestion and mobility issues that impact commuters, communities and the economy.”

Banning leads NPA and its 2,500 members in representing all facets of the parking industry. She serves on the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Transportation Committee.  Principals and consultants from PwC’s Strategy, Global Automotive Practice, and U.S. Mobility Practice, comprise the core research team producing the report.

“PwC’s expertise and insights into the Internet of Things (IoT), automotive industry and mobility innovations will strengthen the foundation of the study. The analysis of macro-economic trends cross-referenced to automotive and congestion information will form a wide angle viewing lens for exploring real-world solutions for possible solutions for reducing congestion.” adds Banning.

Private vehicles, public transportation, parking and infrastructure form the urban transportation ecosystem. Parking is the beginning and end-point of the first and last mile. Understanding how communities are served by this ecosystem can provide new insights into the city of the future and transportation solutions to meet the needs of a growing population.



About NPA
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