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Construction Specialties (CS): New Undermount Fire Barrier Minimizes Smoke Passage While Accommodating Dynamic Movement

August 17, 2023


Construction Specialties (CS): New Undermount Fire Barrier Minimizes Smoke Passage While Accommodating Dynamic Movement



(LEBANON, NJ)  — Construction Specialties (CS), a leading manufacturer of high-performance architectural building products, introduces a new undermount model to its FB-17 series of expansion joint fire barriers. This line of products effectively minimizes smoke passage while accommodating dynamic movement, without degradation of the material.


The FB-17UM system installs from below the joint instead of from above, as is the normal installation for expansion joints. This makes it ideally suited for applications where access above thejoint opening is not possible, including:

  • Renovations when a wall cannot be demolished and going under is the only option
  • Parking garages or under stadiums, where aesthetics may not primary objectives
  • Pre-cast slabs that can’t be cut
  • Other areas where an emergency solution is needed


“Construction Specialties developed the industry’s first UL-approved expansion joint fire barrier in 1983, then innovated models as new projects and applications came along,” said Gabriel Blasi, CDT, Director of Engineered Product Solutions for Construction Specialties. “Our new undermount fire barrier emerged directly from a customerneed. They encountered a situation where they had a fire-rated joint and couldn’t install fire barrier in the traditional way. We had to find a solution where they could install from below the floor joint.”


The FB-17UM Undermount Expansion Joint Fire Barrier is designed for 5″–20″ nominal and 9″–30″ maximum floor expansion joints where there are seismic, thermal, or wind-sway design requirements. It has been third-party tested and listed for 2-hour floor endurance rating, meeting UL 2079, ASTM E1966, and ASTM E1399 performance standards. It is available in 10′ (304.8cm) stock lengths and engineered for simple splicing. A lateral slide option accommodates multidirectional movement.


To learn more about the FB-17 series of expansion joint fire barriers, please visit https://www.c-sgroup.com/expansion-joint-solutions/barrier-solutions/fb-17.

About Construction Specialties

Founded in 1948, Construction Specialties (CS) is a family-owned building products manufacturer that provides solutions to challenges that architects, designers, contractors, building owners, and facility managers face every day. Since inventing the first extruded louver, CS has become a global leader in Acr7ovyn® interior wall protection, impact-resistant doors, entrance flooring including GridLine®, expansion joint covers, architectural louvers and grilles, sun controls, explosion and pressure relief vents, and cubicle curtains and tracks. Drawing upon our decades ofexperience, CS provides extensive services resulting in standard and custom, high-quality products which can be found in some of the world’s most significant architecture. For more information about CS products and solutions, please visit www.c-sgroup.com