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VIMOC Technologies: California State University, Sacramento is Eliminating Near Misses at a Dangerous Cross Walk and Enhancing Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety

August 28, 2018



California State University, Sacramento is Eliminating Near Misses at a Dangerous Cross Walk and Enhancing Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety.




Mountain View, CA, August 28, 2018  – VIMOC Technologies, a leader in Vision-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions at the edge of the network, has deployed their popular Crosswalk Safety solution at Sacramento State (California State University, Sacramento) to increase pedestrian and bicycle safety.  VIMOC’s Rosella™ Platform has helped the University reduce near misses involving pedestrian and bicycles at a campus crosswalk historically challenged by nighttime lighting conditions and speeding drivers.



Each year in the US, pedestrian and bicyclist fatalities comprise about 16 percent of all traffic fatalities with approximately 5,000 pedestrian deaths and 800 bicyclist deaths. Another 65,000 pedestrians and 48,000 bicyclists are injured in roadway crashes annually. The advent of intelligent, vision-based platforms that inform the infrastructure about the presence and status of vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists will be one of the core foundations of traffic safety in the future. Public acceptance of automated and autonomous vehicles on a large scale basis will not happen until pedestrian and bicycle safety issues are adequately addressed.

Sacramento State has been at the forefront of providing safe paths to pedestrians and bicycles. As a large campus with a daily population of 35,000 people, pedestrian and bicycle safety is critical to the day-to-day transportation management in the campus. “The Hornet cross walk has been an area of concern for pedestrians and bicycles with several near misses reported,” said Tony Lucas, Senior Director of Sacramento State’s Transportation and Parking services. “Identifying the right technology solution to increase safety was critical for us.

In partnership with VIMOC Technologies, Sacramento State has implemented a real-time, highly accurate AI-enabled Crosswalk Safety solution with traffic signage and lighting provided by xWalk.  VIMOC’s Crosswalk Safety solution detects and classifies pedestrian and/or bicycles approaching the crosswalk, automatically triggering flashing lights (from xWalk) on a traffic sign and pavement warning vehicles to slow down or stop.  Additionally, the system is constantly sending data to the VIMOC cloud, enabling University transportation operators to visually analyze crosswalk usage, pedestrian and bicycle numbers and traffic patterns to better understand their environment.

VIMOC’s Artificial Intelligence enabled cross walk safety solution helped us eliminate near misses and created a safer cross walk and dynamic situation awareness for drivers,” said Tony Lucas.

Working with Sacramento State has given us the opportunity to demonstrate and validate a new and effective approach for pedestrian and bicycle safety,” said Tarik Hammadou, CEO of VIMOC.  “We are working to enable the future of intelligent transportation in which vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians can safely coexist.

VIMOC will continue to work with Sacramento State by providing its AI-based solutions in pursuit of a Smart Campus environment.

CSU, Chico Set to Launch Mobile App for Parking: PassportParking to debut in February

January 25, 2017



CSU, Chico Set to Launch Mobile App for Parking


PassportParking to debut in February




Chico, CA – Students at California State University, Chico will soon be able to pay for parking from their smartphone. No more standing in line at the parking dispenser before class because PassportParking, a pay by app leader, will be available to make parking easier and faster. The University announced it has chosen Passport to provide the parking app to students because of its versatile technology platform and its proven success on university campuses with students.


With PassportParking, students can download and pay for metered parking securely by simply adding a debit or credit card. The parking app comes with great benefits that students will immediately be able to take advantage of, such as:


  • Pay securely through the app or mobile web
  • Monitor parking sessions
  • Receive alerts
  • Extend parking from the app (up to the maximum allotted time)
  • View parking history


Starting in February, students can download PassportParking for free from the iPhone App Store and Android Google Play. Mobile web services are also available by visiting ppprk.com.


The launch will support mobile payments initially at two locations: the Stadium and the Student Health Center Lots.


“We’re excited to launch PassportParking on campus. Chico State students will now have access to the best technology for parking available. We anticipate that our students will embrace the app and make parking easier and faster for everyone,” said James A. Hyatt, Vice President for Business and Finance.


CSU, Chico joins other universities that are embracing smartphone technology for their students. Passport already powers a growing number of universities, including some of the largest schools in North America such as North Carolina State, Michigan State University, University of Michigan, The University of Nebraska, The University of Central Florida, and The University of Florida.


After the pilot program, PassportParking may be expanded to other parking areas on campus.



About Passport


Passport is North America’s leading mobile technology company specializing in enterprise business applications and payments for the public and private sector. Passport’s product lines–parking payments, transit payments, enforcement and permit management–collectively serve to deliver dynamic tools for agencies to better connect with their communities. Its services have been adopted by over 20 of the top 50 cities in North America and over 2,000 locations including Chicago, Toronto, Boston, Portland, and Miami. Passport’s mission is to reduce operational complexity and deliver intelligent data to improve decision making for its clients.


Passport is backed by a group of investors, including Grotech Ventures, Relevance Capital, and MK Capital. For more information, please visit www.passportinc.com.