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AppyWay invites the public to invest in the parking revolution through Crowdcude

March 04, 2024




AppyWay invites the public to invest in the parking revolution through Crowdcude




  • AppyWay, European leader in digital kerbside management, is inviting the public to become a shareholder and join the burgeoning parking revolution
  • The public have a unique opportunity to shape the parking landscape in the UK and beyond, contributing to cities’ decarbonisation efforts
  • AppyWay, led by Founder & CEO Dan Hubert, integrates cashless payments, detailed parking and loading maps, and occupancy data, is already transforming cities with their platform

London, UK, Monday 4th March 2024 – AppyWay, the European leader in digital kerbside management, is excited to announce the launch of its fundraise on Crowdcube. This exclusive opportunity allows the public to play a pivotal role in transforming the parking landscape in the UK and beyond, and will help cities access the tools they need to unlock decarbonisation.

A decade ago, AppyWay Founder & CEO Dan Hubert experienced a frustrating parking experience, shared by millions across the UK, sparking his mission to Make Parking Forgettable™ via market-leading driver app, AppyParking+. With unwavering determination, he assembled a dynamic team of 40 passionate individuals dedicated to reshaping the parking landscape.

Recent government legislation on Digital Roads mandates that all authorities embrace the digital kerbside. Fortunately, AppyWay has spent the past decade building their technology precisely for this moment. Today, this unique platform is strategically positioned to capitalise on this digital revolution and scale across the UK and beyond.

AppyWay now stands as the European leading digital kerbside management platform, helping cities and fleets to optimise their operations and transition to net zero by unting parking and loading maps, occupancy data, and cashless payments. The platform is currently aiding local authorities and businesses across the UK and beyond in digitally from Dublin and Edinburgh to Lambeth and Cornwall, plus insurance giants Direct Line and disabled motoring innovators Motability Operations.

“With parking deeply effecting us all on a daily basis now is the perfect opportunity for the crowd to invest in a parking revolution made by the people for the people.” says Dan Hubert, Founder & CEO of AppyWay. “Our Crowdcube campaign is an invitation to ithe public who share our vision of smarter, more sustainable cities through the digitisation of much undervalued council asset. Your support can help accelerate the development and expansion of our solutions, making a tangible impact on the way we live and move around our towns and cities.”

The public are encouraged to act swiftly to take advantage of this opportunity, which closes on the 27th of March. To learn more about the campaign and become an investor in AppyWay, please visit the Crowdcube page at: https://www.crowdcube.com/companies/appyway/pitches/b3jv5Z

Passport and Automotus partner to streamline curb management

November 08, 2023







Passport and Automotus partner to streamline curb management


Charlotte, N.C.  — Automotus, an emerging innovator in curb management technology, and Passport, the leader in unified parking and curb management, are partnering to transform how cities manage their curbspace. By combining Passport’s industry-leading platform and Automotus’ first-of-its-kind computer vision technology, the companies are providing customers with a more holistic view of their curb and unlocking seamless workflows to support safer, more livable communities.


More than 800 cities and private operators across North America trust Passport’s platform to power and operate mobile pay parking, parking enforcement, digital permitting, payments and more. This collaboration will provide Passport clients with access to Automotus’ cutting-edge computer vision technology and Automotus clients with access to Passport’s comprehensive suite of parking and mobility solutions.


“In addition to our technology, Passport’s end-to-end parking and mobility management solutions provides our clientbase with a cohesive view of how vehicles are moving throughout their city streets,” says Jordan Justus, Automotus Co-Founder and CEO. “We are excited to partner with Passport and hundreds of cities across the U.S. to connect the dots on curb activity, reduce congestion and support safer streets.”


Additionally, multimodal curb and traffic activity data collected through Automotus’ computer vision technology as well as curbside automations are now offered to Passport’s clientbase. The technology, which blurs faces and anonymizes data, can help facilitate numerous goals depending on a city’s needs, including managing loading zones, incentivizing EV adoption, improving parking compliance, generating and analyzing parking and traffic data, and more.


“There is very little knowledge of what is happening in loading zones or other places where commercial vehicles park, making it difficult for city leaders to create policy that is impactful and effective,” says Jason Sutton, Passport SVP of Curbside Solutions. “By joining forces with Automotus, we can provide even more insight into curb activity, empowering cities with the data needed to evaluate patterns, identify opportunities and implement policies.”


Automotus and Passport already share a portfolio of municipal clients who are in the early stages of implementing the joint Passport and Automotus technologies. This partnership will open up a wide range of opportunities for cities and organizations across the country to implement a comprehensive approach to their curb management needs, obtain valuable data to optimize their operations, and support the evolving parking and curb demand and expectations of the communities they serve.


About Automotus

Automotus is the leader in automated curb management, working with cities to make our communities safer, healthier and more accessible by addressing the unprecedented rise in commercial vehicle congestion and emissions. Automotus has developed a first-of-its-kind computer vision technology that’s deployed at the curb to enable automated Smart Loading Zones, which help cities, airports, fleets and small businesses manage curb activity, make data-driven policy decisions and incentivize electric vehicle adoption—all without the need for a parking app or kiosk.


About Passport

Passport is the leader in unified parking and curb management. By integrating parking, enforcement and payments into one software solution, Passport is the only platform that brings together the complexities of mobility operations into one view to help cities improve decision-making and efficiencies. From mobile payments to citation issuance, permitting technology and more, Passport is empowering cities of all sizes with better insights to improve parking turnover, expand revenue opportunities, and create more livable communities. Passport is trusted by more than 800 clients across North America.


AppyWay puts parking superpowers in the pockets of Londoners with their next generation driver app, AppyParking+

March 31, 2022



AppyWay puts parking superpowers in the pockets of Londoners with their next generation driver app, AppyParking+


  • AppyWay have launched their powerful new driver app, AppyParking+, to alleviate the pain of navigating to any parking or loading location across London’s 14,000km of restricted kerbside
  • Londoners spend on average 12 minutes searching for parking, wasting precious time and fuel, and at a cost to the London’s economy of £4.3 billion
  • With fuel prices reaching record highs, now more drivers than ever need a solution that helps reduce miles driven and in doing so helps reduce congestion and carbon emissions
  • AppyParking+ helps drivers by unlocking the detailed parking and loading restriction information they need to quickly find the nearest and cheapest parking


London, UK, Thursday 17th March 2022, digital kerbside management and intelligent parking firm, AppyWay, has today announced the launch of their new parking app, AppyParking+. Building on the success of the UK’s most awarded parking app, AppyParking+ is the copilot every driver needs and comes packed with new features and insights designed to help drivers find the cheapest and nearest parking to their destination.


Leveraging AppyWay’s comprehensive 5 million miles of digitised, standardised, and centralised kerbside data across the UK, AppyParking+ will target London and aim to slash up to 12 minutes off the 4.6 million trips that happen every day. This waste of time, money, fuel, and emissions costs the London economy a staggering £4.3 billion every year, according to research conducted by Inrix.


An essential app for any type of driver struggling with the lottery of endless kerbside restrictions, AppyParking+ is available for free or via a subscription that unlocks even more time and money saving features.


Premium subscribers can access exclusive parking insights such as intel on when paid bays will become free, or whether the next street over has cheaper parking.


AppyWay kerbside data has shown that the difference in cost between parallel streets can be over £5 per hour and with PCNs averaging at £60 across London, the savings for AppyParking+ users are significant.


Additional features new to AppyParking+ include turn-by-turn navigation to the nearest 5 parking locations to your destination along with a clear view of walking times. Through AppyParking+, drivers can shave 12 minutes off their journeys, enabling them to park like a local no matter where they are in the capital.


Dan Hubert, Founder & CEO AppyWay comments, “I am thrilled to have finally launched AppyParking+ which is the complementary product to our award-winning GovTech digital traffic management platform. Since our inception I have been championing the need to put quality parking data into the hands of every driver so citizens can make informed decisions about their destination and choose what mode of transport to take. Our growing customer base of Local Authorities and AppyParking+ users mean that we can all collectively help reduce the unnecessary miles driven and do our bit to help achieve carbon zero targets.”


AppyParking+ is available now via the  App Store or Google Play.


10 – 12 minute search time in London is a £4.3 billion loss to UK economy – https://inrix.com/press-releases/parking-pain-uk/,https://inrix.com/scorecard/

For interviews and requests please contact:

Georgia Tomkins, georgia.tomkins@appyway.com +44 7787 951199

For images and brand assets please visit https://appyway.com/press



AppyWay exists to help cities thrive from the kerb up. We see the kerb as a catalyst – the key to powering progress with the most pressing urban mobility challenges.

Our platform of data, APIs and tools provide digital kerbside management solutions that enable intelligent mobility, better connecting cities with people and businesses.

Through close collaboration and industry leading partnerships, the AppyWay platform effectively acts as a ‘future mobility’ conduit between the public and private sector:

Kerbside Management | B2G

Our Traffic Suite is a better way to manage traffic orders. The all-in-one award-winning platform is designed to manage, centralise and make traffic orders easy. Transition from manual, text-based orders to automated, highly accurate map-based orders – with the only platform built for traffic teams.

Traffic Suite >

Intelligent Mobility | B2B

AppyWay business solutions keep people, goods and cities flowing. A full eco-system of comprehensive kerbside data APIs, payment solutions and CAV integrations improves kerb interactions for local enterprises, customers, deliveries, and fleets alike.

AppyParking+ mobile app >

Parking API >

Curb and HQ Announce Partnership Providing Streamlined Taxi Solutions to HQ’s Corporate Clients

November 16, 2021


Curb and HQ Announce Partnership Providing Streamlined Taxi Solutions to HQ’s Corporate Clients



HQ clients can now choose Curb taxis as part of their mobility solutions for business rides across major cities in the U.S.



NEW YORK, NY — Curb, the leading ride-hailing app for licensed taxi and for-hire rides in North America and HQ, the largest company for corporate mobility, announce their partnership. Fueled by customer demand, the integration allows HQ to add Curb on-demand taxis to its aggregated supply of mobility solutions to corporate customers, which also includes shuttles and private cars.

HQ, the leading innovator in corporate mobility, provides mobility solutions to many of the world’s leading heavyweight companies including global investment banks and financial institutions, law firms, advertising and marketing firms, consulting companies, insurance companies and more. HQ’s solution is automating the entire process from bookings to payments, allowing companies to efficiently outsource all their mobility needs. The company was recently formed from a merger between shuttle solutions company Hip Mobility and corporate mobility software provider SummitQwest Ground to combine the two companies’ collective experience in transforming the way enterprises, and their employees travel.

As pandemic restrictions ease and employees return to the office, businesses and their employees are looking for safe riding options. Whether they are commuting to or back from the office, driving to clients, or to or from the airport – HQ gives clients access to a list of safe and vetted riding providers who are part of the Summit Ground platform. Through the new partnership with Curb, HQ expands its Summit Ground Connect platform to include managed taxi solutions. HQ helps corporate clients transition back into work through Curb’s expansive network of taxis and other licensed vehicles in major U.S. cities.

The integration leverages Curb’s suite of taxi mobility solutions with HQ’s platform to improve the employees’ riding experience by offering on-demand and scheduled cab rides for many of the world’s top blue-chip companies. With operations in over 65 cities nationwide, including New York City, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and more, Curb provides quick, cost-effective taxi-hailing services as business travel and in-person work continue to regain their strength.

“We’re excited to be launching this integration with HQ to give companies the ability to navigate the return to regular business travel efficiently and intuitively,” said Jason Gross, Vice President, Mobile, at Curb. “By working with HQ, we can collectively provide a modernized corporate mobility platform that connects riders with taxi services and we’re looking forward to collaborating closely to address important business travel issues”

HQ clients will now have access to upfront pricing for taxi rides, a cost-effective option compared to major ridesharing apps without the added risk of surge pricing. They also have access to Curb’s Pair and Pay feature which allows users to pay for taxi rides hailed on the street or at taxi stands, as well as Curb’s ability to track travel metrics to offer transparency and help manage travel options. Combined with HQ’s advanced booking, management, and payment tools, business travelers now have even more options to choose from, making their trips easier to manage.

“At HQ, we provide employees with the best riding experience by always ensuring that there is a ride for them when they need it. Our partnership with Curb Mobility has been instrumental for us to do just that,” says Jeff LaFave, Managing Director of HQ. “We have had a great experience working with Curb Mobility and are excited to expand our joint service to more clients of ours – we look forward to growing together as we continue to serve some of the leading companies in the world.”

To learn more about Curb, please visit gocurb.com.

To learn more about HQ, please visit hqtravel.com.

About Curb Mobility

Curb is reimagining urban mobility with a driver-first approach to ride-hailing. Bringing upfront pricing to the largest nationwide network of taxis and licensed for-hire vehicles, Curb provides unparalleled transparency to riders and drivers alike. Curb is connected to over 100,000 drivers in dozens of cities across the US and UK, powering millions of taxi rides worldwide and facilitating billions of dollars in payment transactions annually through its open mobility platform.

Curb has built an innovative suite of products that provide a unified supply of taxis and licensed for-hire vehicles – the first of its kind to bring solutions for passengers, drivers, and fleet management. Their B2B services power millions of rides for transit agencies, healthcare providers, and businesses while also providing effortless payments and advertising that reaches captive audiences of millions on Taxi TV.

About HQ

HQ, the largest mobility company for corporate travel in the United States offers next-generation corporate mobility solutions and commuter shuttle options for corporations. HQ services corporate clients in the industry sectors of finance, marketing, technology including dozens of Fortune 500 companies and has one of the largest networks of car providers across the US. HQ is backed by top tier venture capitalists such as NFX Capital, Magenta Venture Partners, AltaIR Capital, and BoxGroup.

Contact Details

North 6th Agency for Curb

Kevin Pryor

+1 212-334-9753


Company Website


ParkHub Acquires CurbTrac to Further Optimize Parking Payments

July 19, 2021



ParkHub Acquires CurbTrac to Further Optimize Parking Payments



Parking technology companies join forces to advance CurbTrac’s centralized mobile app solution and bolster ParkHub’s leading payment ecosystem




DALLAS  — ParkHub, the leading B2B parking technology provider, today announced its acquisition of CurbTrac, a parking payment management platform. As a result of the agreement, ParkHub will adapt CurbTrac’s software into its suite of services, and CurbTrac’s CEO, Charley DeBow, has joined ParkHub’s team to help direct the platform’s growth.

“ParkHub is dedicated to the notion that our industry’s advancement relies on collaboration,” said George Baker, Sr., ParkHub’s founder and CEO. “We are delighted to have reached a position where we can nurture innovative solutions that support our company’s aim and work with forward-thinking partners like Charley to deliver them to the public.”

ParkHub’s subscription-based service helps businesses increase revenue and customer satisfaction with flexible payment options, streamlined operations, and real-time data insights. The company’s technology is used by hundreds of event venues, universities, and recreation sites across the United States to drive efficient and profitable parking operations. The acquisition of CurbTrac’s payment management solution will extend ParkHub’s offering to a broader market segment.

CurbTrac’s software centralizes payment data from parking applications into a single platform, allowing cities, universities, and parking operators to offer multiple consumer payment options. The solution complements ParkHub’s platform in its ability to increase operational efficiency, promote secure, contactless payments, and drive revenue.

“Today marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for CurbTrac, and I am thrilled to be joining the ParkHub team,” said Charley DeBow, CEO of CurbTrac. “Our collaboration will allow CurbTrac to leverage ParkHub’s first-class resources to refine our service, accelerate our growth, and enhance our clients’ experience.”

Both led by longtime, celebrated parking industry leaders, the companies plan to harness their combined perspectives and technology to continue providing exceptional service to their respective client bases.

About ParkHub
ParkHub is optimizing the world’s journeys by providing cutting-edge enterprise technology to support the destination industry. The company’s products offer contactless payment options, real-time operational data, robust performance analytics, and leading integrations with ticketing and parking reservation providers. For more information, visit parkhub.com.

About CurbTrac
CurbTrac provides enterprise mobility solutions that promote mobile payment adoption and enhance curb space management. The company’s software platform centralizes parking applications, allowing clients to improve efficiency, increase revenue, and reduce capital expenditures on traditional parking payment hardware.  Find out more at curbtrac.com.

Home delivery specialists BJS innovate kerbside experiences for drivers with Parking API from AppyWay

June 29, 2021




Home delivery specialists BJS innovate kerbside experiences for drivers with Parking API from AppyWay




  • Innovative home delivery firm BJS is now powering easier journeys for its drivers through AppyWay’s Parking API
  • Through the API, BJS is ensuring journeys are optimised and efficient, improving driver wellbeing and the overall customer experience
  • The company was able to quickly integrate the API into their driver app, providing drivers with kerbside intelligence almost instantly
  • The two firms intend to better understand how the integration can reduce miles driven per day and unlock broader sustainability benefits



London, UK, 29th June 2021, kerbside management, and intelligent parking company AppyWay has today announced that forward-thinking home delivery firm BJS have integrated with the AppyWay Parking API. BJS, the family run delivery business that works on behalf of companies such as Made to deliver bulky items to customers’ homes, sought to improve the wellbeing for their 180 strong fleet and improve customer satisfaction through innovation.


BJS launched during the 2009 recession, has continued to thrive, grow, and adapt in challenging economic climates via its adoption of tools and solutions that enable their teams to continue delivering a high quality of service even as the UK’s roads and kerbsides face changing demands in the wake of the covid-19 pandemic. By integrating with the AppyWay API, BJS’ drivers can plan ahead, find parking options near their delivery location, in turn improving their wellbeing and improving the overall customer experience.


Designed for easy integration, the tech team at BJS were able to incorporate the AppyWay Parking API within their own driver app quickly and with ease. Drivers were then able to view their runsheet and plan their journey right down to the last metre, including the distance they will walk from a particular parking location to their customers’ front door.


“As a fast-growing group of delivery businesses, BJS needs a smooth road to run on, which is why we invest in IT to ensure we are driven by excellence from the inside out”, explains BJS Head of IT Rana Ramnik Singh.


‘We’ve partnered with AppyWay to reduce some of the frustration our delivery service teams may feel in city centres, the service allows our teams to plan ahead and locate parking near to the customer’s property.


Reducing such frustrations (no matter how small they may be) helps our teams arrive with a smile at the customer’s doorstep!”


AppyWay’s Founder & CEO Dan Hubert commented, “We’re thrilled to have BJS onboard and using our Parking API. Drivers spend on average 6 minutes searching for parking in towns and cities across the UK. For BJS drivers who make on average 26 drop offs a day, this adds up to over 2 hours of precious time wasted when they could be seeing more customers and delivering their excellent standard of customer service.


The ease with which the BJS IT team were able to integrate with our API is testament to the obsession of our product team to enable customers to realise benefits as quickly as possible with an intuitive and powerful set of APIs.


BJS Managing Director Harinder Singh adds, “Who we are as people, our values and emotional needs, should not be ignored within the world of work. There is no division in our hearts before you start work and after you sit at your desk or the cab of a truck or van.


By respecting our team and treating them with compassion and kindness they are better able to continue that conduct to the benefit of everyone they encounter, including my customers. It is what has set us apart as a business.”




AppyWay exists to help cities thrive from the kerb up. We see the kerb as a catalyst – the key to powering progress with the most pressing urban mobility challenges.

Our platform of data, APIs and tools provide digital kerbside management solutions that enable intelligent mobility, better connecting cities with people and businesses.

Through close collaboration and industry leading partnerships, the AppyWay platform effectively acts as a ‘future mobility’ conduit between the public and private sector:

Kerbside Management | B2G

Our GovTech stack is a complete kerbside management platform. With AppyWay’s platform, Local Authorities are empowered to commoditise and open their assets. This enables rich data-driven insights and digital access solutions for everyone using our kerbs.

Traffic suite >

Intelligent Mobility | B2B

AppyWay business solutions keep people, goods and cities flowing. A full eco-system of kerbside data APIs, payment solutions and CAV integrations improves kerb interactions for local enterprises, customers, deliveries, and fleets alike.

AppyWay mobile app >

Parking API >



BJS is a family run delivery business based in the Midlands. Launched during the 2009 recession, the two-man service has yet again shown its ability to thrive and grow in challenging economic climates and this year ranked 22 in the Sunday Times International Fast Track 200.


From its very inception spiritual guidance was sought for the venture from Baba Jaswant Singh Ji– whom the company is named after. Based in Punjab, Baba Jaswant Singh Ji was the founder of a trust that runs projects for the welfare of humanity; provision of health care facilities, higher medical education and to show ‘the path of spiritual righteousness’, to ‘foster human values and welfare with esteemed devotion indeed’.


While not an obvious fit to most Western business values this outlook has proved beneficial to both people and profit.


Learn more >

Separating Privilege from Entitlement – ParkNews.biz May 11th – 17th, 2021

May 17, 2021



Separating Privilege from Entitlement – ParkNews.biz May 11th – 17th, 2021



“What separates privilege from entitlement is gratitude.” ― Brené Brown



Life lessons from the humble, undervalued curb: This week on ParkNews.biz the featured story has to do with the curb: May 17, 2021 – Poor Curb Management is Costing Cities Billions.


“we’ve undervalued our curbs for decades. Most are designed and managed only for parking, or what we call the “analog curb.” And even then, we often fail to get it right. Most cities don’t price on-street parking based on the true value of demand or cost recovery, and they inadequately enforce regulations like parking time limits and loading zones.”

“Curb space has become an undervalued free-for-all, and cities are leaving billions in revenue on the table — revenue that could not only fund parking operations, mobility infrastructure and improvements, and even general services.

Now is the time to change that. Coupled with increasing digitalization, growing curb demand trends, and the convergence of pandemic-related parking revenue loss, cities should be motivated to rethink and improve their approach for the dynamic future of the “digital curb.””

“Free for all” comes to mind when most of us think about the curb.  However, as the article shows, nothing in life is free except perhaps Grace.  Low priced on street parking in the cities, cheaper parking than off street, can create traffic jams, pollution and more.  Beverly Hills, CA is perfect example.  There are some meter spaces on Rodeo Drive or Beverly Drive or cross streets.  Parking at these meters is inexpensive but always occupied.  If you are just going to pick something up from one of the boutiques, especially these days with the call and collect services available, it is impossible to find a space for just 15 min for this pick up.  However, Beverly Hills has numerous off street garages and most of them offer 2 hour free parking.  Yet, a stroll or the walk is involved.  Are the on street spots always taken because of perceptions?  As that the garage prices are higher than on street spots?  At least in Beverly Hills if you can manage getting in and out in two hours, parking in one of those city parking structures costs you nothing and you earn a bit of lovely, much needed exercise and self reflection.  So it is a win win for everyone in involved.


What Brene Brown says about gratitude being the key factor taking us from entitlement to privilege resonates high especially today.  I am privileged.  Privilege is beautiful.  It is God’s Grace.  It is a privilege to be alive.  To take each breath.  It is a privilege to be, to have faith, to work, to love, to honor and to create.  Grace is given to us freely. “But if it is by grace, it is no longer on the basis of works; otherwise grace would no longer be grace.” – Romans 11:6.  Thus, we appreciate the value of This Grace and this privilege and we don’t take it for granted.  We work harder, do better and don’t expect anything for free including parking.  Yes, I was born privileged and so were you.  He loved us first.


Which brings me to this story: May 17, 2021 – Trader Joe’s drops mask rules, but many customers keep them on: It’s ‘too soon.  I was in my local Trader Joe’s on Sunday.  I entered with a mask.  A friend who works in the store knowing I am fully vaccinated asked, do you know Astrid that if you are fully vaccinated you no longer have to wear a mask inside of Trader Joe’s?  My answer was a question: In Los Angeles, CA?  He said yes.  Thank you Trader Joe’s!  I ripped up my mask said thank you to the Lord and danced.  For too long before pandemic I took facial expressions for granted.  For too long I was not fully present.  From now on, I want to drink in every grin, every smile, every wrinkle of anyone I see.  However, I respect everyone’s individual choice to wear a mask or not.  To me what separates privilege from entitlement, is appreciation indeed, which stems from our humanity.  Humanity that can only be palpable and relatable when it is unmasked and at its full, glorious, open display.


I am grateful to be able to see your smiles and frowns at PIE 2021 in Dallas, TX.



Thank you.


Astrid Ambroziak

Editor, ParkNews.biz

Creative Director

Parking Today

310 390 5277 ext 9




March 24, 2021







  • The Alpha project explored how a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) data publication and distribution system could transform how traffic order data is accessed and published
  • AppyWay played a vital role in the project, leveraging extensive TRO data innovation experience garnered via previous DfT and Innovate UK projects and the development of their Traffic Order Management Suite
  • Valtech led and managed the project as DfT’s appointed digital partner, building upon their previous work transforming the Blue Badge Digital Service. The Valtech team brings together capabilities including data modelling, service design and user research to deliver an Alpha that passes Service Assessment.
  • The Alpha project explored the need for standardised TRO data to help cities tackle their most pressing mobility challenges and unlock future transport innovation



London, UK, Wednesday 24th March 2021, Kerbside management and intelligent parking firm AppyWay has today announced their involvement in the DfT’s Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) Data Model Alpha Project as an SME partner to the global Digital Agency, Valtech, who led the project. The Data Model Alpha Project explored how a data publication and distribution system could transform how the data is accessed and published. The work builds on the previous DfT project in 2018 and 2019 that consisted of a Discovery, draft standardised data model development and a Policy Alpha.


At present most local authorities are unable to publish standardised and open TRO data for anyone to access, use and share. The current legal procedures for making traffic orders are paper based, process heavy, costly and the data is inconsistent and non-standardised. Standardised TRO data would enable local authorities and other TRO stakeholders to support new services, digital mapping, and enable the digital infrastructure for connected and autonomous vehicles, which is another industry Valtech has hands-on experience with.


AppyWay’s role in supporting the project drew upon their in-depth knowledge of local authority and private sector traffic order challenges, and the experience gained from the development of their digital, end-to-end, traffic order management suite that enables councils to share traffic order data via API. AppyWay works with clients that span touchpoints across the entire TRO data spectrum, ranging from local authorities who manage and maintain the data, to fleet operators and consumers who need this data in human and machine-readable formats.


Valtech, the global Digital Agency leading the project, has considerable experience and success in the delivery of Alpha and Beta projects using agile methodologies and leveraging the entire range of digital experts from UX experts to some of the best digital developers in the industry. Perhaps more importantly, the projects they have delivered have secured many Government Digital Standard (GDS) Assessment passes, a fundamental requirement for this project.


AppyWay Founder & CEO, Dan Hubert comments, “The centralised data model that the Alpha project worked towards will deliver huge benefits across the board and we’re excited to be supporting Valtech. We want to ensure all consumers of TRO data have their specific requirements represented in the development process and that the DfT TRO Model works for every traffic order stakeholder.”


“At AppyWay we have been championing open, standardised, and accessible traffic order data, and we are proud to be taking an active role in helping Valtech and the DfT transform TRO data through the Alpha project. It is through open and standard data that cities can tackle their most pressing mobility challenges and unlock future transport innovation.”



Valtech comments, “Valtech are delighted to be working on this exciting project with so much potential to deliver an improved user experience together with cost and efficiency savings, and to be working with AppyWay with their extensive expertise in this domain. “



AppyWay exists to help cities thrive from the kerb up. We see the kerb as a catalyst – the key to powering progress with the most pressing urban mobility challenges.

Our platform of data, APIs and tools provide digital kerbside management solutions that enable intelligent mobility, better connecting cities with people and businesses.

Through close collaboration and industry leading partnerships, the AppyWay platform effectively acts as a ‘future mobility’ conduit between the public and private sector:

Learn more about our Traffic Order Management Suite here https://appyway.com/traffic/



Valtech is a global digital agency focusing on business transformation and working for clients including Department for Transport, Department for Work & Pensions, NHS, Ofgem, LNER, EasyJet, L’Oréal, Audi, BMW, Sanofi, Carnegie, Lufthansa, Dolby, Toyota, Phillips, Danone, Levi’s, and Forex. Founded in 1993, Valtech has established itself as one of the largest independent global agency groups with more than 3.000 exceptional individuals operating out of 45+ offices in 15 countries (USA, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Brazil, China, India, Singapore, Argentina, and Ukraine).



City of Las Vegas Launches Smart Curbside Management Corridor with Cox

March 04, 2021



City of Las Vegas Launches
Smart Curbside Management Corridor with Cox




IoT Business Line of Cox Begins Pilot Traffic Management Solutions for a Safer Downtown



LAS VEGAS and ATLANTA, March 4, 2021 – Today, Cox Communications announced it has initiated a pilot partnership with the city of Las Vegas to trial its smart curbside management solution from Cox2M, aimed at reducing downtown traffic congestion.

The goal of the Las Vegas pilot is to reduce traffic congestion in downtown Las Vegas. Covering six parking spots along the sidewalk adjacent to the 100 block of Main Street are two digital kiosks that utilize video analytics and smart parking technology to better manage active curb loading zones for taxis and rideshares, making conditions safer for visitors and pedestrians.

“The city is working on a variety of smart and innovative public-private partnerships, just like this one,” said Mayor Carolyn G. Goodman. “We appreciate Cox for their out-of-the-box thinking and assistance as we work together to ease traffic congestion in our downtown. It’s ideas like this one that will move our city into the future.”

“Our relationship with the communities of Southern Nevada runs deep and developing the pilot program with the city of Las Vegas has been a huge step forward in exploring what we can do with smart community technology,” said Derrick Hill, vice president, Cox Business Las Vegas. “We are absolutely committed to improving the way of life for Southern Nevadans, and we’re proud to be partnering with the city to utilize strategic technology to enhance the overall visitor experience.”

“Installing the curbside management kiosks demonstrates the innovation that Las Vegas is pursuing to create a smarter ecosystem for visitors and residents”, said Barak Weinisman, vice president, Cox2M and smart communities. “We look forward to working with the city to help ease traffic flow and showcase how kiosks can enable visitor engagement.”

Video analytics from devices along the curb will capture vehicle and license plate information and send utilization data to the kiosks to kick off a countdown timer. If a vehicle remains in the loading zone after the countdown ends, the system reports the incident directly to the city, ensuring a constant flow of traffic.

On the backend, the Cox platform provides cloud processing of traffic flow information, an on- screen interface to display vehicle information, and an online portal to report traffic flows and pedestrian counts.

Additionally, Cox Media explores the placement of advertisements on the kiosks and how that can provide local businesses with brand presence in vibrant downtown Las Vegas.

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“We are excited to be part of the technology that moves Las Vegas forward as a Smart City,” said Tonya Ruby, vice president, Cox Media Las Vegas. “Cox Media is all about finding solutions for local businesses and these kiosks are another way we can deliver relevant messages to residents and visitors.”

After weeks of successful testing, installation is completed. The six-month pilot began recently in early March, with the potential to resume upon successful operation. For more information on Cox2M, visit www.cox2m.com.

About Cox Communications:

Cox Communications is committed to creating meaningful moments of human connection through broadband applications and services. The largest private telecom company in America, we proudly serve six million homes and businesses across 18 states. We’re dedicated to empowering others to build a better future and celebrate diverse products, people, suppliers, communities and the characteristics that makes each one unique. Cox Communications is the largest division of Cox Enterprises, a family-owned business founded in1898 by Governor James M. Cox.

About Cox Business:

The commercial division of Cox Communications, Cox Business provides voice, data and video services for more than 355,000 small and regional businesses nationwide, including health care providers; K−12 and higher education; financial institutions; and federal, state and local government organizations. The organization also serves most of the top-tier wireless and wireline telecommunications carriers in the U.S. through its wholesale division. For more information, please visit www.coxbusiness.com.

About Cox2M:

A new Cox Communications business line, Cox2M is committed to enabling truly connected environments by providing commercial Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to businesses and communities. Cox2M delivers the ability to monitor and track commercial assets, powering operational efficiencies and improved experiences for its customers. Cox2M’s end-to-end solutions seamlessly integrate connectivity, hardware, software and analytics to solve customer problems. Cox2M currently serves the automotive sector and is broadening its focus to other business sectors, cities, and communities. from cars to power business and operational decisions and provide massive return-on-investment.

About Cox Media:

Cox Media is the advertising sales division of Cox Communications, the third largest cable entertainment and broadband services provider in the country. With nearly 30 offices in 18 different states, Cox Media covers six million households across our footprint, connecting advertisers of all sizes to audiences across multiple screens. Anyone, anywhere, any screen is at the center of our core offerings, with a focus on innovative digital media and TV advertising solutions to match individual client needs.

Coord: Metro Nashville Launches Smart Zone Pilot To Better Manage Curb Space in Downtown

February 01, 2021

Metro Nashville Launches Smart Zone Pilot To Better Manage Curb Space in Downtown



In partnership with curb management platform, Coord, Metro Nashville is piloting an innovative Smart Zone program to streamline curbside loading, reduce congestion, and support local economic activity.


Nashville, TN, February 1, 2021 – Metro Nashville, in partnership with Coord, a leading curb management company, today launched its first-ever Smart Zone program to better manage the city’s curbs. This follows Nashville’s selection by Coord as one of four U.S. cities to participate in the company’s inaugural Digital Curb Challenge to undertake a brand new curb management program.

The demand for curb space for commercial on-demand delivery, e-commerce, and freight continues to grow in cities. Smart Zones, powered by Coord’s technology, enable commercial drivers to use their mobile devices they already use every day to locate, hold, book, and pay for time at nearby, available loading zones. As a result, Smart Zones promote the economic vitality of commercial areas by making it easier for businesses to receive supplies and fulfill customer requests for deliveries, improving the experience for people who visit the area. While offering a more streamlined experience for drivers, Smart Zones can improve mobility for everyone visiting the downtown neighborhood by managing safety and congestion challenges, such as double-parking and blocked pedestrian access.

Known for its vibrant music and entertainment industry, Nashville will use the Smart Zones to provide enhanced efficiency for commercial deliveries that serve businesses in the central business district that cater to locals and tourists alike. The pilot program is part of Metro Nashville’s Transportation Plan to provide a holistic multimodal system that better connects neighborhoods, residents, and businesses to places they need and want to go safely.

Nashville Mayor John Cooper said, “I’m pleased Nashville has been selected for a Coord pilot to demonstrate the benefits of digital curbside management as our downtown conditions make for a great fit for this program. It’s also a strong complement to the Metro Nashville Transportation Plan and our Vision Zero effort to significantly increase safety on our roads. Our musicians, performers and hospitality providers need to be able to load in and out safely. Downtown employees and residents must be able to travel smoothly and safely. This is another step in our effort to make transportation safer and easier in Nashville.”

“Public and private partners are currently working together to improve the city’s real and perceived mobility challenges, some of which relate to traffic into, around, or through downtown. With commercial deliveries being a necessary component of the neighborhood that generates 25 percent of Davidson County’s sales tax revenue, we’re optimistic that Smart Zones will make a positive, measurable impact on the downtown experience for businesses, employees, residents and visitors alike,” said Tom Turner, President and CEO of the Nashville Downtown Partnership.

Metro Nashville has deployed eight Smart Zones located in downtown Nashville:

  • 2nd Ave between Broadway and Commerce (NE side)

  • Church St between 4th Ave and Printer’s Alley (SE side)

  • Church St between 3rd Ave and Printer’s Alley (SE side)

  • Union St between 2nd Ave and 3rd Ave (S side)

  • Union St between 4th Ave and Printer’s Alley (S side)

  • Union St between Rep. John Lewis Way and Arcade Alley (S side)

  • Rep. John Lewis Way between Union and north of the Arcade (SW side)

  • Rep. John Lewis Way between Church and south of the Arcade (SW side)

Coord’s Smart Zones will also provide Metro Nashville with information that is essential in empowering the city to make data-driven operational changes. For example, program data can be used to understand when and where loading space is most needed and to help manage demand for it through pricing and time limits. Because Smart Zone availability, rules and prices are digitally communicated to drivers, Coord’s platform allows a city to make rules adjustments for zones in response to policy changes, special events or emergencies without the hassle and expense of modifying signage on the street.

“With restaurants, music and culture, there’s no place in America quite like Downtown Nashville. As the world is discovering what locals have long known, Metro Nashville is putting forth a variety of mobility initiatives to ensure its vibrant downtown is safe, pleasant and easy to access for residents, businesses, and visitors alike,” said Dawn Miller, Coord’s VP of Policy and Partnerships. “Smart Zones and curb management are an important piece of Nashville’s investment in its transportation future. They enable the downtown to optimize curbs to support increasing demand from a variety of users. We are delighted to launch this pilot program and look forward to sharing best practices developed in Nashville with other cities across North America.”

Coord launched their second annual Digital Curb Challenge last month. Applications can be submitted at coord.com/digital-curb-challenge and are open until February 15, 2021.

About Metro Nashville

Metro Nashville, with a population of over 692,000 includes one of the most visited downtowns in America spotlighting a vibrant business, travel and tourism and music industry. With more than 180 recording studios, and 5,000 working musicians, Nashville is clearly “Music City.” Music is the reason that many people come to Nashville, but its two major sports teams, extensive park system, and endless arts and cultural opportunities offer people plenty of reasons to stay; over 16 million out of town visitors came to Nashville in 2019.

About Nashville Downtown Partnership

The Nashville Downtown Partnership is a private sector nonprofit corporation whose core purpose is “to make Downtown Nashville the compelling urban center in the Southeast in which to LIVE, WORK, PLAY and INVEST.” Organized in 1994, the Partnership has transitioned into a downtown leadership organization that focuses on business recruitment and retention, residential and retail development, public space management, access and transportation, communications and marketing.

About Coord

Coord is transforming city streets, starting with the curb. Coord is the only comprehensive curb management platform, empowering cities with technology to digitally operate and price the curb at scale, creating more efficient, safe and equitable streets. Recognized by CNBC Upstart 100 and Fast Company’s Innovation by Design, Coord partners include cities like Seattle, Boston, Pittsburgh, Omaha, Nashville, Aspen, Boulder and West Palm Beach. Coord is based in New York City and backed by Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs, Alliance Ventures, Trucks, Urban us and DB Digital Ventures. For more information, visit coord.com.

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