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DESIGNA Impulse December 2019, Ed.1: Trends in parking 2020 and the new DESIGNA Manual Pay Station System

December 13, 2019

DESIGNA Impulse December 2019, Ed.1: Trends in parking 2020 and the new DESIGNA Manual Pay Station System









Kiel, 2019-12-13: Shortly before the end of the year, in our DESIGNA December Impulse we asked Prof.Norbert Gronau from University of Potsdam, Germany, for an outlook in parking management for the coming year(s). Now is the time to set the right course for the future.



As a further step into this direction, we are proud to introduce the new PAY manual touch station; an ideal supplement to the DESIGNA portfolio that many customers will be able to integrate into their parking management systems.


Functional and Smart: The new Manual Pay Station System from DESIGNA


Make your parking management simpler and more profitable. The new all-in-one PAY manual touch station offers modern payment convenience in a compact and innovative design. Multifunctional and easy to use, car park operators (e.g. in shopping malls and hotels) benefit from its touch screen functionality and hand scanner for bar codes and QR codes. The PAY manual touch station is the all- round solution in parking area management.


With its stylish and robust design and fanless heat dissipation and modular setup for use in various environments, the PAY manual touch station is flexibly adjustable for an optimal cost-benefit ratio. The efficient all-in-one PC with modern touchscreen technology, together with the user-friendly DESIGNA software, ensures reliable, secure paying convenience. From the automatic calculation of parking fees for various types of barcode tickets to the processing ofdiscount codes and special fees, all the way to the generation of reports: the PAY manual touch station provides justthe right range of functions as needed.


Equipped with a 15″ TFT color display with LED backlight, as well as a 2D barcode scanner for processing tickets and promotion codes with linear and QR codes, the PAY manual touch station can always be equipped with optional add-ons such as an easy-to-read, two-line customer display, a cash drawer, or an RFID reader.


The PAY manual touch station is a full package offering flexibility and modern operation all in an innovative design.





New IT technologies such as Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things have a tight grip on companies and humans alike. Numerous changes will form a new landscape of products and services. It is in the free will of each organization to choose between a role as the victim or the driver of this digital transformation.



What is going to change? Almost everything which represented stable ground for business models in the past. Forinstance, ownership of goods will give way to the model of instant and temporary use of a product. The demand forindividualization will increase enormously. Hierarchical structures will be supplemented by semi-autonomous systems. The need for a specialized workforce to serve customers may be replaced by employee and customerself-service functions, available globally 24/7. For many millennials, it is no longer an aspiration to reach the top in achosen career, yet they still strive to belong to a desired group of kindred spirits.


For companies, the greatest opportunities can be found in value generation across the value chain. Therefore,former system barriers separating the flow of data and information across the value chain need to be removed toachieve another advantage of the digital age: Optimizing the outcome of the companies’ own business processesthrough the reliable prediction of future events, using the newly won data.


What does this mean for parking? I see the most interesting development in successfully implementing newbusiness models. While maintaining a moderate level of innovation in the current business, completely newservices can be brought to market, for instance covering the whole travel experience from the apartment to the airplane door and back again or new rental models for underutilized space in parking garages. There arenumerous opportunities to explore so that my recommendation is to establish an innovation process in which many ofthese ideas can be tested simultaneously. To exploit them, I recommend starting with creative thinking, developingmultiple approaches to the topic, discovering relations between the most promising approaches and implementing them without fear of failure.






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